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products for pet people

Everything pet parents need (pet hair vacuums, air purifiers) and want (dog ceramics, cat slippers).

Uni The Teacup Poodle happily sitting in the Signature Carry All Tote by Maxbone under a tarp outside

The perfect tote for carrying your phone, keys, wallet — oh, and dog — around town.

A Terracotta kit with planters.

If your loved ones with cats can’t keep a plant alive, this is the gift for them.

A stylish young woman wearing a white jumpsuit walking her Dalmatian dog with a light blue hands-free leash made by the Fable brand

Remember to stay alert!

Get your fix of The Wildest

We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

A tan and white at in a white litter box placed beneath a white, rectangular Petkit Air Purifier affixed to the wall

The Petkit Pura Air uses an advanced filtration system to keep pet-friendly homes odorless.

Black cat sitting on top of a leather sofa staring up at an abstract painting in a modern living room

Talking to Vogue Living photographer Paul Barbera about his new feline-focused interior design book, Where They Purr.

Femme-presenting pet parent feeding their dog a treat in the kitchen

Support these LGBTQ+ animal lovers by shopping their design-forward pet beds, carriers, supplements, and more.

A pet parent holding their Cavapoo tan and white dog named Milo wearing a rainbow hairbow.

17 festive accessories — from bandanas to sneakers to shades — many of which are donating to LGBTQ+ charities.

From matching Barbour jackets to rugged hiking packs to denim bandanas that announce he’s ready to mingle, there’s something special for every dog dad this year.

kinship creative collage

From a custom cat portrait vase to a gorgeous coffee table tome to a trio of pet-friendly plants, there’s something for every cat dad in this gift guide.

Ask a Vet

Sudden scratching? Finicky food eater? Loose poop? Whatever pet health question is on your mind, our veterinary pros are here to help.

A woman making a kiss face next to a dog.

Spend your hard-earned cash on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands that support worthy causes.

the olympia le-tan pink clutch next to a cup of coffee

The designer’s customizable “Love Cats” clutch is limited edition so act meow.

Brown haired woman hugging cute cat, sitting together at home

Custom ceramics, whimsical puzzles, plus feline-themed kicks, clutches, and more.

Custom pet portraits, matching designer cardigans, self care essentials for both mom and pup, and more.

Dog crossing road on a leash with pet parent carrying a bouquet of flowers

For as long as people have been arranging flowers, pets have been chewing on them. These stems are sure to make mom smile (and not make her pet sick).

Leah Goren

Talking to the creator of Catlady, a collection of essays by inspiring women from Mara Altman to Emma Straub (plus honorary dog lover Aidy Bryant).