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Training a dog? Deciphering a cat tail twitch? We’ve got expert tips for the wackiest of behaviors.

basic obedience & training

Learn how to teach your pet basic obedience from the pros: potty training, crate training, even litter box training. Plus, how to find a professional trainer.

girl with blue hair starting puppy training with white dog

You gotta start somewhere.

a photo of the Dog Daddy with a dog, there is a tear down the middle of the photo

Why the TikTok personality’s harmful tactics are just plain abuse, according to certified trainers.


Celebrity dog groomer Jess Rona’s puppy grooming pro tips.

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behavioral issues

Dog barking? Cat scratching? Our experts have tips to help all sorts of behavior and aggression issues so your pet can earn that “good boy!” (or girl).

2 dogs playing

If you adopted puppy siblings — and they fight nonstop — you could be dealing with littermate syndrome. Here’s everything you need to know.

German Shepherd puppy pulling at a branch

What to expect when your perfect puppy hits that unruly stage.

A calico tabby kitten chewing and tearing a roll of toilet tissue.

How to decode your cat’s chewing habits when they’re nibbling on all the things.

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behavior & body language

Tail wagging? Ear pinning? It all means something. We’ll show you how to understand your pet (and communicate with them) with guides to decode the weirdest body language and behavior.

A dog looking closely into the thick of a forest.

When they’re “ghost-walking” outside of Halloween, they could have trance-like syndrome, or TLS.

dark-haired woman hugging cat that has imprinted on her

Feeling like you have a little shadow these days? Here’s why that’s happening.

a red cat stretching on a bed

Why do they do it? Here are the top three reasons your cat twitches in their sleep — from sweet dreams to scary spasms.

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anxiety & separation anxiety

Learn how to deal with separation anxiety (and other forms of pet anxiety) so they keep calm when you’re not together.

Side view of a cute hungry dog standing next to a red bowl with food in a studio with white background

You can’t appease a picky dog with dino nuggets like you can with your toddler. Here are some things you can do.

Dog lying on blanket, chewing on a bone

New research shows that chewing (toys, not shoes) reduces stress in dogs left home alone.

Three dogs on leashes meeting and sniffing each other on a walk on the summer grass with owners

The Wildest Collective dog trainer Robert Haussmann’s tips for getting a shy pup to go from wallflower to social butterfly.

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