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Let’s talk about life as a pet parent. We’ve got travel tips, dating advice, adoption info, and so much more.

Woman holding her beagle outside in the grass.

Do You Have Dog-Park Drama With Another Pet Parent? Here’s How to Handle It

In the end, some jerks are just better to avoid. But it’s worth trying to resolve things first.

life with pets

Let’s talk about both the little things and big moments of life with pets. Like exercise routines, pet-sitter checklists, pet-safe plants…and how much it all costs.

Shropshire Cat Rescue Retirement Village.

When cats’ people can’t care for them anymore, the loving staffs at these facilities step in.

Woman talking to her vet while holding her small dachshund dog.

And how to let them down easy.

Chris Hemsworth; Dua Lipa; Jennifer Lopez with their dogs behind an orange and red background with a lion

Leos are lion-hearted, bold, and they are incredibly devoted to those they love—including the furry ones.

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pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (e.g. your ex.) And get more tips for the people stuff.

This is Peggy. She was cast as @Dogpool in the pupcoming Marvel Studios movie Deadpool & Wolverine. She was selected as the perfect sidekick to Wade Wilson after winning the title of Britain’s Ugliest Dog in 2023.

Peggy was the runt of her litter—now, she’s a Marvel VIP.

Bea Koch and Leah Hodge with small dog.

The sisters talk romance, pets, and their obsession with both.

Suni Lee with Beacon, the USA Gymnastics' therapy dog

The pup is a credentialed staff member of USA Gymnastics.

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adoption & fostering

New pet parent (or still thinking about fostering or adopting a pet)? Get all the advice you need: how to find the right pet for you, how to introduce them to other pets and kids, and how to bond with your new family member.

Stray dog sleeping on the street

Fall in love abroad? Follow these simple steps to bring your new family member home.

Sad white dog alone in an animal shelter.

“No kill? It just means slow kill,” one volunteer says of the unprecedented shelter crisis.

anonymous woman pampering and taking care about a small ginger kitten

Adoption isn’t for everyone—here are other ways you can be there for animals in need.

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Go green with your pet. Read up on eco-friendly pet care trends to help minimize your pet’s carbon pawprint.

Black dog laying on its back on the floor with a world map formed out of his fur next to him

The eco-enthusiasts at Matter of Trust want to use it to clean up oil spills.

A man brushing his cat outside.

Turns out, it’s not an annoyance— it’s an opportunity to get creative.

A dog laying under a table outside while a woman cares for her plants.

You need to be extra careful if your dog or cat is your gardening assistant.

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Ask a Vet

Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 48 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.


From pet travel tips to pet-friendly city guides, we’ve got all your flying, hiking, and biking needs covered.

Woman at a dog park outside with a bunch of dogs.

For social pups, these are the places to be.

Stray dog sleeping on the street

Fall in love abroad? Follow these simple steps to bring your new family member home.

Woman camping with her dog outside.

Everyone is welcome in the tent, but you’ll need these items on your packing list if your pup is tagging along.

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animal advocacy

Learn about the people making a difference for animals and what you can do to lend a hand, too.

Saving Jones is a biographical social commentary about the abuse and discrimination of dogs as it directly relates to human abuse.

Get tickets to the September NYC screening now, and tell your favorite streamers to pick up this film.

Svalinn's canine companions transcend the realm of pets; they seamlessly integrate into the very essence of your daily life.

There are plenty of trainable dogs at shelters.

Spencer, who runs SB Mowing, was making a video when he stumbled on a cat with an injured leg.

How his viral video led to critical help for Edgar and Ivy’s Cat Sanctuary in Texas.

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