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Hey, people with pets. You’ve come to the right place. We’re The Wildest: the destination that helps you keep your cool in the wild world of pet parenting. Think of this as your own, personal animal kingdom. Maybe you’ve got three Great Danes. Maybe you’re about to adopt your first kitten. Maybe reading this is a reminder that you forgot to feed your goldfish again. We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to help you and your pet at every step.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to ace it for your animal.

We’re talking new pet parent to-dos. Product reviews. Tailored recommendations. Training tips. Life stage advice. Nutrition calculators. 24/7 vet access. Q&As with pet world people. And the latest expertise, insights, and musings from our Expert Collective. But you’ll also find astrology content for cat lovers and guides to dog-friendly happy hours. Because, frankly, those are important too.

We’re around because we’re real people with pets.

We’ve spent our fair share of hours spiraling down the dark corners of the internet, searching for answers to all our pet-related questions. We do not recommend it. So, we thought, let’s just make it easy? With The Wildest, we’ll walk you through this whole pet parenting thing, using what we’ve learned and continue to find out.

We come from a family of pet people.

We’re the brainchild of Kinship. Which makes Mars our...grandma? No, we don’t get free candy. But we do get to tap into all their knowledge, research, and pet care connections. Still, we don’t play favorites. We’ll offer recs from all across the pet care world. Even if they’re from our grandma’s sworn enemies. Because pets don’t care about brand names. And when we do recommend a product that has some family ties, we’ll let you know. (Side note: Snickers is a pretty cute cat name.)

That’s us. Now, meet the crew that keeps our content on point.

Our Collective

Your guides in the wild world of pet care.

Robert Haussmann smiling with a yellow dog resting on his shoulder.

Robert Haussmann, CPDT-KA

Certified Dog Trainer & Founder of Dogboy NYC

Certified dog trainer and behavior consultant. Co-founder of Dogboy NYC. Possible secret Dr. Dolittle? (Our words, not his.) Robert helps pets and their parents navigate city life with creative, practical, and humane training methods. He’s especially good at helping pups feel safe and overcome their fears, anxieties, and subway-grate phobias.

Jess Rona

Jess Rona

Celebrity Groomer & Owner of Jess Rona Grooming

Katy Perry’s dog groomer. Dog mom to Chupie and Meemu. Director of notable canine actors in Tegan and Sara music videos. Jess Rona does it all. She’s an author, actress, Haute Dog judge, and (of course) groomer to the stars with a cult following in LA. Want to know more? Get a glimpse into her life with her new book, Groomed.

Cristin Tamburo smiling with a black-and-white cat.

Cristin Tamburo, CFTBS, CAFTP

Certified Feline Behavior Consultant & Founder of The Cat Counselor

Known as “The Cat Counselor.” Certified Feline Behavior Consultant. LA cat rescuer. Cristin is on a mission to reduce the number of cats sent to shelters for behavior issues. And she’s got plenty of expertise to help make a difference. Plus she’s the fearless leader of a seven-cat brood. So, yea, we trust her feline judgment. 

dr lindsey wendt

Dr. Lindsey Wendt, DVM, CVA

Licensed Veterinarian and Founder of Crystal Lotus Veterinary Care

Lifelong animal lover. SoCal native. Former vet to elephants and naked mole-rats alike. These days, Dr. Wendt is a little less zoo, a little more pet. Her journey with her dog Nala’s health inspired her to open Crystal Lotus vet, where she provides well-rounded, customized care that gets creative and goes outside the mainstream.

Dr. John Iovino smiling with a small dog.

Dr. John Iovino, DVM

Licensed Veterinarian and Digital Health Associate Veterinarian at Kinship

Brooklyn born and raised. Botany enthusiast. Six-year vet pro, with six pets to match: a bearded dragon, a ball python, two tortoises, a turtle, and a 10-year-old terrier. When he’s not hanging, Dr. Iovino is focusing on his many areas of interest, including education, preventative care, and sharing his expertise on our Ask a Vet tool.

Brian Taylor, AKA The Dogfather, smiling with a dog mid-grooming.

Brian Taylor

Owner of Harlem Doggie Day Spa & Creator of The Pup Relief Tour

Banker turned pet groomer. Former child Pit Bull rescuer. The Dogfather of Harlem—and the founder of Harlem Doggie Day Spa. Brian is all about providing cage-free boarding, daycare, and grooming. And during the pandemic, he took his skills on the road with the Pup Relief Tour to offer free services to pet parents in need.

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