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clothes & accessories

Dress your dog or cat in the latest pet fashion trends, street style, and designer lewks. At the very least, they need a cute sweater. At the very most, you need one (five) to match.

Woman in a sweater standing and holding the two front legs of a Husky dog wearing a matching sweater on a red background

As Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph say, it’s “sweata weatha” — for your pup, too.

Happy Chihuahua dog running outdoors wearing blue jacket in winter snow

Ski-club balaclavas, waterproof wellies, all-natural nose balm, and more gear to help outdoorsy pet parents get the most out of the season.

A dog laying on a dog bed surrounded by designer dog toys and colorful artwork.

MiaCara is the minimalist pet brand hygge design dreams are made of.

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We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

A woman in all white wearing a orange white and yellow striped scarf with a photo of a dark brown Pug dog wearing a sweater that matches the design of the woman's scarf

A cozy sweater for your pup and a matching scarf for you.

A dog wearing a Christmas santa sweater standing on its hind legs with a snowy background.

Inspired by everything from It’s a Wonderful Life to The Big Lebowski, these are the best of the worst holiday sweaters.

A calico cat wearing a collar with a gold tag with an "M" on it.

With Mejuri’s new collection of pet IG tags, your dog or cat can join the likes of Billie Eilish and Bella Hadid in the brand’s fan club.

A man's legs in black pants and fashionable black sneakers with a Greyhound dog standing between his legs wearing a matching monochrome black coat

This European brand is made-to-measure and totally badass.

dog with maxbone sweater, whistle limited edition tool, interactive dog toys, mr. dog bowls, and rope toys

From smart toys to spa treatments, these are just a few ideas to help spoil your favorite family member this December.

A white Poodle mix dog wearing a jean jacket with fur trim and Maxbone x Fred Segal written on the back with a surprised looking model sitting behind the dog against a medium brown background

Dogs and denim. What’s not to love?

Ask a Vet

Having a dog is way easier with a pack by your side. Wanna join ours? Get the subscription designed just for dog parents. (It’s pretty much the best thing to happen since poop bags.)

Backview of a man in a dark grey suit with a leash and an attached poop bad holder that is attached to a greyhound dog in a grey sweater

When sh*t happens, you don’t have to be the one standing on the sidewalk without a plan.

black friday cyber monday 2022 pet deals

All the best savings for you and your pet to cash in on Black Friday.

The organic catnip, faux dryer balls, and patchwork jacket endorsed by the eco-influencer and her kitties, Chanel and Chai.

A fluffy gray dog wearing a green fluffy sweater designed by Christian Cowan and Maxbone jumping up on the legs of a high-heeled stylish model

It’s the perfect fit for your annual holiday card...if you can get your paws on it.

A still life photo of Edie Parker cat coasters, plates with small deserts, and a champagne glass.

As Portlandia taught us, everything’s better with a bird on it. Or a cat. Or a dog.

Arisa, a woman with long curly hair wearing bright blue pants and a pink short-sleeve t-shirt sitting in a wicker chair holding her Dachshund dog, Lola, and her cat, Nipsey, laying on top of the chair cage

The mega-stylish dog groomer’s top picks for autumn and winter dog products.