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Pet grooming? Not always glamorous. Get DIY nail-clipping tutorials, bath-time tricks, and celeb groomer tips to keep your pet looking (and feeling) good.

A festive shot of the Pupwell fancy dog grooming kit including a Travel bag, a Slicker Brush, a De-matting comb, a Fine tooth comb, a Metal tooth comb and three metal Christmas tree decorations in front of a burgundy background

More grooming, less fight (as long as you use the provided lick mat).

Jess Rona laying on a green couch in a vintage style living room, playfully pinching the ear of a dog sitting beside her while another white dog sitting in front of her

No matter their star status, all of Rona’s clients are classified as “cozy bears.”

a large fluffy white Poodle dog being groomed

Data collected by The Pet Insight Project proves our kitchen sink salons aren’t quite cutting it.

Ask a Vet

Having a dog is way easier with a pack by your side. Wanna join ours? Get the subscription designed just for dog parents. (It’s pretty much the best thing to happen since poop bags.)

Jess Rona with her dog, eye wipes in green packaging, grooming spray in clear bottle, half a coconut, and toothpaste for dogs in green tube

Because spa day can happen at home, too.

Black Labrador dog sitting on a white fur blanket on a gray couch that has a purple rectangular ScratchPad leaning on the front

ScratchPad is a less stressful solution to claw care for DIY pups.

camamu ichy dog cleaner

The sustainable dog shampoo is made of diluted vinegar, herbs, and 100 percent compostable materials.

Dog gets lathered up for a bath

Besides immediately plugging up your nose.

A black dog sitting in a sink with soap bubbles on his head posing with grooming products from the brand, "Skout's Honor."

The sustainable brand’s science-backed grooming products boast an unexpected ingredient: probiotics.

Smiling woman wiping ears of dog

Heed all those cautionary tales about Q-Tips.

Get your fix of The Wildest

We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

A happy woman brushing her husky dog outside.

Bugs don’t stand a chance against a well-groomed pup.

Three bottles of Modern Herb Pet products lined up on a porch next to a pair of yellow rain boots.

Modern Herb: Pet’s Sweet Sassy Lavender set offers an all-natural and eco-friendly dog pampering process. 

A black dog with a shiny long coat of fur sitting outside.

Camelina oil can help give your pup a shiny coat, reduce shedding, and treat hot spots.

A white dog getting a bath with suds and bubbles everywhere.

A new East Village self-serve grooming salon features high-tech automated wash pods that are designed to get your dog in and out of the bath without drama.

Woman sitting on the floor laughing while spraying DOG by Dr. Lisa product on her golden retriever dog laying on its back on the floor next to her

Probably, according to Dr. Lisa, a celebrity vet who just launched a line of eco-conscious dog grooming products.

Portrait of siberian cat with green eyes by the window.

How to prevent an ear infection (and treat one if it’s too late).