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gift guide

Dog “gotcha day”? Cat dad birthday? Or just because? The Wildest crew (and some celebs) picked out the coolest gifts for both pets and their people.

A collage of Katie Kimmel holding two dogs with dog ceramics behind her.

What Pony, Muffin, and Boss can’t live without.

From matching Barbour jackets to rugged hiking packs to denim bandanas that announce he’s ready to mingle, there’s something special for every dog dad this year.

kinship creative collage

From a custom cat portrait vase to a gorgeous coffee table tome to a trio of pet-friendly plants, there’s something for every cat dad in this gift guide.

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Remy Park with her cat

The wellness influencer shares a few of her kitten Sesame’s favorite things, from an eco-friendly cat wand to a Scandi-style elevated bowl.

Brown haired woman hugging cute cat, sitting together at home

Custom ceramics, whimsical puzzles, plus feline-themed kicks, clutches, and more.

Custom pet portraits, matching designer cardigans, self care essentials for both mom and pup, and more.

Dog crossing road on a leash with pet parent carrying a bouquet of flowers

For as long as people have been arranging flowers, pets have been chewing on them. These stems are sure to make mom smile (and not make her pet sick).

French Bulldog Puppy Dog Wearing Heart Sunglasses for Valentine's Day

From pup-friendly champagne to heart-printed sweaters to chili-colored walking gear, these gifts will show your dog how much you love them this V-Day.

A cat looking up at mini paper hearts falling to the floor.

From catnip-stuffed chocolate kiss toys to rose-colored cat caves to crushed velvet collars, there’s no shortage of ways to show kitty some love this V-day.

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Sudden scratching? Finicky food eater? Loose poop? Whatever pet health question is on your mind, our veterinary pros are here to help.

cat with products

Candy cane-themed treats, Christmas light-inspired toys, catnip-infused “wine,” and more.

Collage of Kathryn Budig, Kate Fagan and Ashi with white outlines

What the power couple’s Puggle, Ashi, is getting for the holidays, from luxe knitwear to “sexy” diapers.

dog stocking stuffers with holiday background

Bichon-shaped candles, tiny holiday hats, cowboy Corgi ornaments, and more gifts guaranteed to squish into oversized decorative socks.

Catluminati with his cats

The TikTok star endorses everyone’s favorite floppy fish, a jungle-themed playhouse, and a heated bed as gifts cat parents can’t go wrong with.

collage of moshow

The cat rapper is wrapping up electric mice, laser pointers, and silvervine sticks this holiday season.

Sophie Gamand with artwork collage

A few of the artist and her rescue pup’s favorite things, from custom jewelry to DIY holiday ornaments.