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Meet Our Expert Collective

Marvel had the Avengers. Ocean had his Eleven. And 90s kids had the Spice Girls. We figured we’d create our own dream team. So, we searched across the many different areas of pet care to form a supergroup of experts: The Wildest Collective. They are here to offer advice, review content, and help make sure we always stay on point. 

Lauren Singer with her dog

Lauren Singer

Entrepreneur & Environmental Activist

Blogger. Lifelong New Yorker. Founder of two companies designed to promote sustainable home living. Lauren Singer rose to fame for fitting all the waste she collected throughout a year into one 16 ounce mason jar. Ever since, she has dedicated herself to giving everyone else the tools to do the same. Her company The Simply Co. sells sustainable laundry products, and her later venture, Package Free sells zero-waste kits that make eco-friendly living easier.

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