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Meet Our Expert Collective

Marvel had the Avengers. Ocean had his Eleven. And 90s kids had the Spice Girls. We figured we’d create our own dream team. So, we searched across the many different areas of pet care to form a supergroup of experts: The Wildest Collective. They are here to offer advice, review content, and help make sure we always stay on point. 

Nicole Ellis

Nicole Ellis, CPDT-KA

Celebrity Dog Trainer & Author

Certified professional dog trainer. Horse mom. World traveler. Nicole Ellis can teach an old dog — or bear, or tiger, or leopard — new tricks. She has crossed the globe to train exotic animals. Nicole also works as a celebrity dog trainer on The Pack (Amazon Prime) and travels to hospitals and nonprofit orgs with her rescue dog, Maggie, to perform and educate. 

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dr lindsey wendt

Dr. Lindsey Wendt, DVM, CVA, CVFT, CCRT

Licensed Veterinarian and Founder of Crystal Lotus Veterinary Care

Lifelong animal lover. SoCal native. Certified in acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, and Chinese food therapy. When it comes to healing animals, Dr. Wendt is thinking beyond convention. Her journey with her dog Nala’s health inspired her to open Crystal Lotus Veterinary Care, where she provides well-rounded, customized care that gets creative and goes outside the mainstream.

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Hannah Shaw plays with cats

Hannah Shaw

Activist & Author

Educator. ASPCA Cat Advocate of the Year. New York Times bestselling author. Hannah Shaw, a.k.a. @kittenxlady, has amassed her 1.2 million Instagram follows from providing her expert kitten-rescue tips. She travels the country teaching kitten-care classes and runs the nonprofit Orphan Kitten Club, which takes on challenging cases of kittens who would otherwise be euthanized.

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Lauren Singer with her dog

Lauren Singer

Entrepreneur & Environmental Activist

Blogger. Lifelong New Yorker. Founder of two companies designed to promote sustainable home living. Lauren Singer rose to fame for fitting all the waste she collected throughout a year into one 16 ounce mason jar. Ever since, she has dedicated herself to giving everyone else the tools to do the same. Her company The Simply Co. sells sustainable laundry products, and her later venture, Package Free sells zero-waste kits that make eco-friendly living easier.

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Henry Friedman with his dog

Henry Friedman

Nomad, rescue advocate, and #Vanlife aficionado Henry Friedman was living in a converted cargo van when he and his brother set off to bring Finn, an adopted stray, from New York to California. By the time Finn’s adoptive family changed their minds, Friedman had already fallen in love with him. Now, Friedman and Finn travel everywhere together and document their adventures on @KeepingFinn to raise awareness and funds for dog rescue.

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Cristin Tamburo smiling with a black-and-white cat.

Cristin Tamburo, CFTBS, CAFTP

Certified Feline Behavior Consultant & Founder of The Cat Counselor

Known as “The Cat Counselor.” Certified Feline Behavior Consultant. LA cat rescuer. Cristin is on a mission to reduce the number of cats sent to shelters for behavior issues. And she’s got plenty of expertise to help make a difference. Plus she’s the fearless leader of a seven-cat brood. So, yeah, we trust her feline judgment. 

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Dr. John Iovino smiling with a small dog.

Dr. John Iovino, DVM

Licensed Veterinarian and Digital Health Associate Veterinarian at Kinship

Brooklyn born and raised. Botany enthusiast. Six-year vet pro, with six pets to match: a bearded dragon, a ball python, two tortoises, a turtle, and a 10-year-old terrier. When he’s not hanging, Dr. Iovino is focusing on his many areas of interest, including education, preventative care, and sharing his expertise on our Ask a Vet tool.

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