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What Should I Get My Cat For the Holidays?

Spoil your kitty with the best this holiday season.

by Rebecca Caplan and Charles Manning and Avery Felman
December 8, 2023
a white cat in front of a collage of products: peppermint toys, a mushroom scratcher, a bow, a catnip bed
Collage: Kinship Creative

The holiday season should be a magical time for all — even those who insist on taking their zoomies out on the gingerbread house. Because let’s be honest: No matter if your cat was naughty or nice this year, they were, in the end, incredibly adorable and perfect. To reward them, make your cat’s Christmas extra special by gifting them toys that stimulate their natural instincts, such as scratching posts, interactive wands, or puzzle feeders. Or, if your cat embodies more of a Garfield vibe, a cozy bed or a designated area for them to sleep and rest will provide comfort and security. 

Below, we’ve compiled our 2023 list of the best gifts for your cat.

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

Stocking stuffers

yeowww banana catnip

For many cats, nothing beats a good catnip toy. And this is a good catnip toy. It may be simple in design, but it has an abundance of well-earned five-star reviews on Amazon.

“My cat doesn't like most toys, but he does play with this one,” one reviewer wrote. “This is my [cat] Rico’s favorite toy,” another said. “He throws it up in the air, holds it close to himself, sometimes falls asleep on it...It’s adorable and entertaining to watch him. Rico is a nine-year-old rescue, and I wanted to get him a toy he would love to help him transition to his new home with me. Not only is Rico happy with this banana, but so am I.” —Charles Manning

meowyjane silvervine powder

“Silver vine is considered safe and non-toxic for cats,” veterinarian Dr. Amy  Fox tells The Wildest. You can add Meowy Jane’s freshly ground silver vine powder to your cat’s fave toy or scratching post — just a little pinch is more than enough.

“Meowy Janes makes my favorite silver vine product, a high-quality, fine silver vine powder that comes in a cute storage tin,” certified cat behaviorist Dr. Mikel Delgado tells The Wildest. “My cats go wild for this powder, and it’s a fun, safe way to tap into your cat’s olfactory abilities and jumpstart a play session!” —CM

Holiday-themed gifts

Physically and mentally engaging gifts

Gifts for relaxation time

tuft+paw cloud nine hammock

If there’s one thing cats love to do, it’s lounge by a window. That’s why this hammock is the perfect gift for the sleepy kitty in your life. Tuft + Paw’s Cloud Nine Hammock is easy to install and suitable for cats up to 30 pounds.

Pet behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennet says you can’t go wrong with a cat hammock: “Cats are natural heat-seekers. A perch at a sunny window is appealing to just about any cat. Plus, it offers the added benefit of visual enrichment in the form of watching birds, squirrels, and other wildlife activity.” —RC

k&h thermo kitty mat

For chilly, gray winter days when there is no option to bask in some rays, we recommend this K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat. It’s especially great for  senior or geriatric cats, whose arthritis might flare during the cooler months. 

One cat mom gushes: “My cat loved laying on my heating pad, but that’s a danger and a fire hazard. I bought this for her to lay on, and it helps her tremendously! I won't call it a miracle cure (it isn’t), but it does ease her pain significantly in the cold, whether the dead of winter or the AC is set too low...The only problem is getting her off of it!” —RC

FAQs (People also ask):

Are there any Christmas gifts suitable for all cat breeds?

Cats of all breeds can enjoy the gifts on this list, and we encourage you to choose a gift based on your individual cat’s personality, rather than by breed characteristic. 

How can I involve my cat in the holiday celebration apart from gifts?

The jolliest cat is a healthy cat, so make sure to take appropriate steps to keep your cat safe during the holiday season. Properly store non-safe holiday foods such as peppermint, nuts, alcohol, and chocolate in a place where your cat cannot get to (including the tops of fridges, open shelves, and any other open, high reaching place). In addition, when opening gifts immediately dispose of any choking hazards, such as bows and ribbons.

Should you consider your cat’s personality and interests when selecting a Christmas gift for them?

Of course! Personality and energy level is far more important than age or breed when selecting a gift. Your two-year-old cat might prefer a window hammock to snooze the day away, while your 15 year old cat might prefer a stimulating, interactive puzzle. You know them best, so trust your instinct before anything else when choosing the perfect holiday gift for your cat! 

rebecca caplan

Rebecca Caplan

Rebecca Caplan is a writer based in Brooklyn whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, Reductress, and Vulture. She lives in Brooklyn with her perfect, toothless dog Moose.

Charles Manning

Charles Manning is an actor, writer, and fashion/media consultant living in New York City with his two cats, Pumpkin and Bear. Follow him on Instagram @charlesemanning.

Avery, editor at The Wildest, and her cat, Chicken

Avery Felman

Avery is a writer and producer. She has written for numerous publications, including Refinery29, BuzzFeed, and V Magazine. When she’s not at her computer, you can find her reading, practicing her Greek on Duolingo, and delving into the Sex and the City discourse. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and their cat, Chicken, who rules with an iron fist.

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