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22 Best Amazon Products for Pets—According to Reviewers

Reviewers (aka real pet parents) picked these best-selling, highest-rated toys, probiotics, poop bags, and more.

by Avery Felman
Updated January 24, 2024
person holding their dog with interactive toy, mouse toy, pet cam, and probiotic chews collaged in the background
Collage: Amanda Gomez

Browsing Amazon, with its endless pages of possibilities, can be an amazing way to procrastinate chores, work, or just life in general. But when you’re actually on a mission to find just the right product that’ll make your life a little easier (no impulse buys here!), all that searching and scrolling can be pretty daunting. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive list of Amazon’s top-rated products for savvy, busy, decisive pet parents. Below, the top 22 products Amazon reviewers recommend most.

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

pet camera in white with black lens

Does your heart sink when you when you head out for the 9-to-5 work day and have to leave your pet — and not just because you’ll be missing their adorable face? If you’re worried about the mischief they’ll get into while you’re away and what piece of furniture they’ll take it out on, this is the perfect purchase to achieve peace of mind.

“It’s very simple, fast to set up and install!” one reviewer says. “We will use this to keep an eye on our dogs while away. Very pleased with this little product! We appreciate the peace of mind that [comes when] we can keep an eye on our dogs when we have to go somewhere.”

greenies dental treats

OK, maybe your dog isn’t sitting still for teeth cleanings, but there are other ways to incorporate dental hygiene into their routine without causing any trauma. One Greenies testimonial from Amazon says it best: “Greenies have been my saving grace. At 5 a.m., when it’s cold and rainy, my dog still feels the need to explore and sniff the perimeter of my backyard and the only thing that lures her inside is my promise of a Greenie! They are the perfect treat. It keeps my dog’s breath fresh and her teeth clean.”

Potaroma Cat Toys Flapping Bird

Even the pickiest cats are obsessed with this rechargeable, catnip-stuffed cat toy, which chirps and flops around like a real bird. “My kitty can be rather indifferent to the ‘usual’ cat toys and I wasn’t sure if she would even care about this toy,” one reviewer says. “When I gave her her new toy and it began chirping and flapping its wings she was immediately obsessed. The toy is very solid and durable. If your cat has a strong hunting instinct and enjoys toys that move or which they can chase, such as lasers, I strongly recommend this toy.” 

mendota slip lead

For the parents of pups who love to yank on their leash, the Mendota slip leash is the stuff of dreams. It’s durable, waterproof, and helps prevent pulling. “My dog is highly reactive and will go absolutely crazy if he saw or heard another dog, but this time he did nothing,” one reviewer says. “I’ve tried normal collars, harnesses, head halter and nothing worked for my stubborn Aussie. This is the first walk we’ve been on where I wasn’t being dragged everywhere and finally have control on our walks.”

musher's dog paw balm in white tub with blue label

There’s a reason Musher’s is so renowned. Originally created to resist the Canadian winter subzero temperatures, the dog paw balm has become a saving grace for pups from all regions — especially those living in climates with both hot and cold extremes.

Need a rave review to drive home the purchase? “I purchased this because my dog was obsessively licking her right front paw,” one reviewer says. “When examined, it was very rough and with small cracks. I put this on all of her paws every other day for about five to six days, and it seems to have almost completely healed the bad paw.”

chuckit ultra ball

You may think your dog can destroy anything they sink their teeth into, but maybe they just haven’t met the ChuckIt ball yet. One reviewer recommends the toy before all others for dogs who like to use those teeth (even when they shouldn’t): “My Doberman chews through balls like you wouldn’t believe! He’s even pulled pieces of ‘indestructible’ balls and swallowed them. Just awful! But these balls are the best we’ve tried. They bounce high, and they’re amazingly tough. He can play with the same ball for weeks without damaging it.”

oxyfresh water additive for pets

This water additive is a lifesaver for the guardians of pets with stinky breath. It also fights tartar and plaque, keeping your pet happy and pain-free. One reviewer attests: “The vet recommended my Basenji undergo a dental cleaning when she saw a little tartar build up over a year ago. Quinn is a nervous little Basenji, and I thought I would try this before traumatizing her with sedation. I’ve used it consistently in her water ever since. The vet said it stopped the build up. Now, her teeth appear clear and strong. Quinn is eight years old and still active and adorable. Her breath is sweet, not heart-stopping.”

rocco & roxie stain odor eliminator

Maybe the greatest in a long line of cat parent woes is the issue of cats peeing indoors — on rugs, bedspreads, furniture, and literally anything expensive. That’s why we encourage anyone who is acclimating a new kitty to their home or potty training to invest in a good odor remover. And they don’t come much more effective than Rocco & Roxie.

One reviewer wrote: “Almost instantly, the smell of pee and cat spray went away! All of my hours upon hours of cleaning over the last months hadn’t even touched these spots from a smell standpoint and with one spray of this cleaner the smell in each part of my house — was gone — it was that easy!”

four colorful catnip toys

Is your cat unimpressed by every purchase you’ve ever made for them? These catnip toys are a safe bet that your latest present won’t totally flop with your cat. From one reviewer: “This is one of the very few toys my cat actually plays with. He does not like any wand toys or toys that make any noise, so you can see how difficult it is picking toys out for him! After trial and error we found these, and he loves them. He gets so excited when we give him a new one from the package. I would recommend it especially if your cat has specific toy preferences.”

Kin+Kind dog shampoo

This shampoo uses activated charcoal to clean your pup, remove odor, and brighten coats. The formula is gentle and includes aloe vera, so it’s great for pups with itchy or dry skin. Says one reviewer, “I bought this for the conditioner because I have a Mini Aussiedoodle with very soft hair that I was trying to help prevent knotting/mattes. I was thoroughly impressed with the longevity of the scent. Normally, shampoo scents last about a day at the most, we’re on day four and still going strong. Her hair is soft and easy to brush. So far it’s been wonderful!”

Vet's best toothpaste

We’re all actively trying to avoid showing up to the vet only to be handed a bill for $1,000-plus. One of the sneaky ways that pet care adds up is in dental-cleaning costs, which is why the internet touts tons of preventative measures to help avoid (or at the very least subsidize) these exorbitant fees.

One highly recommended product to combat plaque build up is a solid toothbrush/paste combo. “I’ve been using this on my 10-year-old dog (Brittany) for three weeks, and it’s already worked amazingly,” one reviewer says of the Vet’s Best combo. “I use it every morning on her and today, the black buildup under her gums literally just fell off/peeled away. I’m definitely going to continue using it and can’t wait to see how it looks in another three weeks!”

multipet lamb chop

The feeling of your new favorite purchase is unmatched. Whether it’s a new signature scent, the perfect sized tote bag, or a new snack discovery at the grocery store, finding your go-to, well, anything , is just the best. According to a reviewer, that’s how their pup feels about this Lamb Chop toy: “Gave Lamb chop to my greyhound yesterday, and he hasn’t wanted to give it up. He loves the squeakers in every paw, including the body of the toy. I’ve never seen him take to a toy so fast.”

orange spray bottle with black cap

If you’re a little too aware of how your house smells, buying this pet-odor eliminator will pay off in no time. Take it from this reviewer: “My cat has recently had issues with urinating around the house. I bought this to get the smell out of the carpet, and it worked amazing. Made the whole room smell like oranges, and after a few days the smell of pee in the area was gone. I reapplied once every 24 hours for three to four days, and it worked wonders.” We love a success story.

ear drops in white bottle

Whenever our pets are itchy, we instinctively start scratching — partially out of sympathy, partially out of fear: Do we both have ticks ? But, more often than not, the cause is a simple ear infection. What’s less simple — and significantly more costly, is treating the issue. Some products speak for themselves, and this is one of them.

According to one reviewer, “I wanted to wait a few days (three days exactly) of using this product to write a review, and this product has exceeded my expectations. It’s super easy to use, no need to pre-clean my dog’s ear! My girl had gotten this rash on only one of her ears about two weeks ago, and after researching, I found Zymox and gave it a try. The difference in three days says it all.”

gonicc nail clippers

A common pet parent stressor is the time-to-trim-the-nails dance. Once you get tired of following your pet from room to room as they try to hide under the furniture, there’s hardly any energy left to get the job done. Especially when your tools aren’t up to snuff.

One Amazon reviewer says it best: “I’d been having a hard time finding sturdy and easy-to-use nail clippers. I saw all the reviews on this one and figured I’d give it a try — my poor Boxer had Cardi B nails. Five minutes after we got the package, we opened it and cut all her nails. It took probably, at most, two minutes, and her nails were finally trimmed. I sing the praises of this product.”

The reviews for this article have been edited for length and clarity.

Avery, editor at The Wildest, and her cat, Chicken

Avery Felman

Avery is a writer and producer. She has written for numerous publications, including Refinery29, BuzzFeed, and V Magazine. When she’s not at her computer, you can find her reading, practicing her Greek on Duolingo, and delving into the Sex and the City discourse. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and their cat, Chicken, who rules with an iron fist.

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