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Pet Deals to Score on Amazon Prime Day ’22

Save the date! On July 11-12 you can finally buy smart home devices, travel essentials, interactive toys, and more stuff majorly on sale.

by Avery Felman
June 27, 2022
collage with amazon products
The Wildest

Amazon Prime Day is back and coming in hot on July 11 and 12. Arguably one of the best shopping days of the year, it’s a time for purchases both essential and frivolous — ones that will last years and others that won’t likely make it past the weekend (looking at you, bulk ice cream). Don’t forget to think of your pet when your shopping spree kicks off. The Wildest got a sneak peak at what will be up to 66% off for Prime members — thanks, Amazon! — and picked out the coolest pet products, from pet cams and automatic feeders to airline-approved travel carriers and interactive puzzle toys. And remember, new sales pop up throughout the event, so keep checking back.

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

the feeder in white

Coming in chic matte black, white, and gray colors, the Petlibro feeder will look great with any bedroom or kitchen aesthetic. But, to your cat’s dismay, this cat feeder also comes with a cat-proof twisty lock lid. On the bright side, their dry food will remain fresh and you can even record a 10-second message to call your cat to the feeder. It’ll bring peace of mind to the overbooked and forgetful cat mom, because let’s face it, we’ve all been there. —AF

rocco & roxie stain odor eliminator

Maybe the greatest in a long line of cat parent woes is the issue of cats peeing indoors — on rugs, bedspreads, furniture, and literally anything expensive. That’s why we encourage anyone who is acclimating a new kitty to their home or potty training to invest in a good odor remover. And they don’t come much more effective than Rocco & Roxie.

One reviewer wrote: “Almost instantly, the smell of pee and cat spray went away! All of my hours upon hours of cleaning over the last months hadn’t even touched these spots from a smell standpoint and with one spray of this cleaner the smell in each part of my house — was gone — it was that easy!”

petsafe martingale collar

The PetSafe Martingale collar is a pet-parent favorite. Designed to fit loosely while your pup is resting and tighten when they’re pulling, it keeps your pup cozy and you in control. According to one reviewer, this is “the best collar hands down. The martingale feature and easy-snap release are both safe and effective, and [for] a city dog who frequently attends daycares and boarding, it’s the only option accepted. I love these collars and have a purchased an extra just to have a spare handy.” —SH

PAW BRANDS Puprug Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Human-grade memory foam meets faux fur rug for a joint-supporting, pain-easing, orthopedic bed for your dog (and a luxe design for you). The faux fur cover is easily removable for machine washing, and the core’s water-resistant lining ensures an easy clean-up in case of accidents. Plus, the bottom is made from anti-slip rubber, so your pup can stay safely in place while they chase squirrels in their dreams. And just in case you’re tempted to join your dog for a supportive nap, yes, it is available in “giant” size. —Cory and Jane Turner

chom chom hair roller in white and red

The ChomChom has amassed a loyal following of pet parents and has been a go-to solution to the ever-persistent hair problem many of them are faced with on a daily basis. But, for those who are new to the wonders of the hair roller extraordinaire, it’s a bit of a financial commitment.

As one Amazon reviewer writes, “I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth the $ when I could just use a vacuum on the furniture, but I was wrong. It was definitely worth it. This is way easier and more realistic for consistent cleaning than hauling the vacuum out!” These things last forever, are [sturdier] than your drug store lint roller, and are way more convenient than reaching for the hand-vac every time your cat curls up on your favorite sweater.

pee training pads

Got a puppy on your hands, or planning on bringing one home soon? It’s a great time to stock up on training pads. As one reviewer said, “I have tried numerous other puppy pads and none can compare to these. They do not leak through, and the fragrance is wonderful after our dog does her deed. I never have to worry about urine smell getting into the carpet. It has five layers, and when your pet urinates it turns to a gel so it doesn’t go through. I highly recommend these ‘Wee Wee’ pads! Best product out there for potty training or if you need to leave your pet alone for a few hours when you are out of the house!” —SH

cat carrier backpack

You can thank Taylor Swift for singlehandedly starting the cat backpack trend. Of all the memorable scenes in Miss Americana (2020), cat parents will never forget watching Tay board a private jet with her Scottish Fold Olivia Benson ensconced in a leather backpack, glaring at the cameraman from a spacesuit-style bubble porthole.

Not only are cat backpacks safe (as long as you zip them up), most cats are actually cool with them because squishing themselves into small spaces is kind of their thing. Just make sure it’s well-ventilated. And get them used to it at home — by leaving it out for them to crawl into on their own volition — before packing them up.

Our favorite of the backpacks out there is this adorable bubble by Lollimeow. This large backpack provides plenty of room for your kitty — no matter their size — and features a rounded window for your cat’s viewing pleasure, plus mesh sides for ventilation. The straps are extra padded to support your back from the added weight if your kitty is carrying a few extra pounds. —Caitlin Stall-Paquet

ChuckIt! Ultra Ball

When it comes to aggressive chewers, this ball is the gold standard. It’s practically indestructible. Says one reviewer: “First of all, this ball is super bouncy. My dog absolutely loves chasing after it and trying to catch it mid-air. It brings so much joy to our playtime together. The bright colors make it easy to spot, even in tall grass or at the park. What’s really cool about this ball is its durability.” The reviewer adds that the ball “can withstand some serious chewing and rough play.” —SH

orange interactive dog toy in the shape of a bone

Featuring three tiers with 12 compartments for dog snacks or kibble, the white blocks lock into this toy, making it a harder nut to crack for most dogs, and therefore, a level two in difficulty. “I realized from the beginning, especially after having tested these games on different dogs, that my games must have different levels of difficulty to fit as many dogs as possible,” Ottosson says. “Some dogs are happy with games that are simple and easy, while others need increasingly difficult ones.”

If your pup falls into the latter camp, they’ll benefit from this engaging intermediate level puzzle toy that ups the ante when it comes to uncovering treats. Ottosson advises adding a string to the blocks to help your dog lift up the blocks and realize the treat is the goal here. Please monitor your dog while playing with this toy, especially, if you attach a string to it, because string is a choking hazard that can also cause a GI obstruction. —AF

Big Barker Orthopedic Bed

Big Barker’s founder was inspired to launch the brand when he was told that his dog may need hip surgery at age seven. He decided to try a supportive, rehabilitating bed before putting his pup under the knife. The memory foam top and bottom pads perfectly mold around your dog’s shape, and the high-density core guarantees that their joints will never press against the floor. Sound too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself — the company promises a replacement for any bed that sinks or sags within 10 years of purchasing. —CT and JT

Avery, editor at The Wildest, and her cat, Chicken

Avery Felman

Avery is a writer and producer. She has written for numerous publications, including Refinery29, BuzzFeed, and V Magazine. When she’s not at her computer, you can find her reading, practicing her Greek on Duolingo, and delving into the Sex and the City discourse. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and their cat, Chicken, who rules with an iron fist.

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