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clothes & accessories

Dress your dog or cat in the latest pet fashion trends, street style, and designer lewks. At the very least, they need a cute sweater. At the very most, you need one (five) to match.

dog using diy paw wax to protect paws in snow standing next to fence

We all have to up our moisturizing game in the fall and winter.

Side profile of a reddish-brown dog wearing seven stacked collars some braided and some with buckles of different colors with a dark blue-gray background.

Former fashion designer Petra Jungebluth on making eco-friendly, exquisite coats and cozy beds for her dogs — and yours.

dog Valentine's Day gifts

Pup-friendly champagne, heart-printed sweaters, and heartthrob-red walking gear to show your dog how much you love them.

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A dog with a cloud sweater from Little Beast dog clothing staring at the clouds

Founder Jisu Kim on designing sweaters you’ll wanna steal from your dog.

Sandy Liang wearing a matching cream colored fleece with a cheetah print accent looking down at two dogs wearing matching sweaters

The designer’s “Lil Fleece” is a bite-sized version of her signature winter layer.

A glamour shot of a woman holding a dog while wearing matching colors.

Shelby Eastman’s pup accessory line is anything but dull.

An Afghan hound mixed breed dog wearing a stripe sweater sitting on a matching stripes sherpa dog bed in a living room with the doors open to outside

The Detroit brand’s debut collection is understated, sustainable, and very, very cozy.

henry friedman and finn

The best sling carrier, cave bed, and petite puffer for smol boys and girls, according to a dog dad in the know.

nicole ellis with two dogs

Everything you need to keep your pup safe and engaged (so you can focus on that Zoom meeting).

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Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 24 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.

collage of NYC dog friendly places

Whether you’re brunching, barhopping, or looking for a place to crash in NYC, your dog deserves to come with you. Here are all the spots ready with bowls of water, treats, ear scratches, and open-door policies for your best pal.

Taylor Swift holding two small kittens in each hand and smiling down at them

Use the occasion of T.S.’s 33rd birthday to treat your pet like royalty (a.k.a. Meredith, Olivia, and Benjamin Swift).

Woman in a sweater standing and holding the two front legs of a Husky dog wearing a matching sweater on a red background

As Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph say, it’s “sweata weatha” — for your pup, too.

Happy Chihuahua dog running outdoors wearing blue jacket in winter snow

Ski-club balaclavas, waterproof wellies, all-natural nose balm, and more gear to help outdoorsy pet parents get the most out of the season.

A dog laying on a dog bed surrounded by designer dog toys and colorful artwork.

MiaCara is the minimalist pet brand hygge design dreams are made of.

A woman in all white wearing a orange white and yellow striped scarf with a photo of a dark brown Pug dog wearing a sweater that matches the design of the woman's scarf

A cozy sweater for your pup and a matching scarf for you.