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13 Women-Owned Pet Brands to Shop This Women’s History Month—and All Year

You’re probably already supporting these beloved stores, but March is as good a time as any to spoil your pet.

by Sio Hornbuckle
March 22, 2024
Susan Alexandra and a small brown dog.
Photo: Kelsey Cherry

If you’re looking for a way to support some hardworking, talented women this Women’s History Month, we have great news: You can do so while spoiling your dog or cat at the same time. Some of our favorite pet care brands — making everything from custom hoodies to powdered health supplements — are founded and led by women entrepreneurs.

A former Nike design director, the chef of a renowned London restaurant, and a fashion marketing pro are just a few of the accomplished women who are making their mark in the pet care industry. Below are some of our favorite women-owned pet care brands to shop this — and every — month.

Little Beast strawberry sweater

A first purchase from Little Beast is pretty much a rite of passage for stylish pet parents. The Gen-Z/millennial favorite brand makes adorable sweaters, fleeces, onesies, and parkas for trendsetting dogs and cats. And they don’t sacrifice ethics in the name of fashion, either. “I’m super conscious of where the products I purchase are coming from,” founder Jisu Kim told us. “I try to only buy from small and local businesses since I know there is more care, and that personal touch goes into each product they make.”

wild one walk kit

Wild One is a trusted go-to for all things dog walking, from leashes to treat pouches to adorable collar charms. The brand is committed to animal rescue and frequently partners with organizations like Badass Animal Rescue to help pups in need.

You can’t go wrong ordering from Wild One, but we personally recommend their famous Walk Kit. “I love that you get so much choice with our Walk Kit, without it being overwhelming,” founder Minali Chatani told The Wildest. “We offer eight signature colors, which come in the classic matching set, or you can shake things up with a mix-and-match option.” Check out their newest Walk Kit limited edition color, Lunar, a head-turning holographic chrome.

found my animal rope leash

Found My Animal created their signature walking leash to start conversations around animal rescue and encourage others to adopt pets. “We wanted to show how adopting a dog is life-changing and the shelter system needed an avenue for promotion,” founder Bethany Obrecht told The Wildest. “It was meant to be worn multiple ways so that people could literally walk around the streets of New York City and show off their accessory with their rescue dogs.”

The brand has since exploded in popularity; it has been featured on The Martha Stewart Show and The Kelly Clarkson Show and collaborated with Justin Theroux and Anthropologie. Found My Animal continues to give back to animal welfare organizations and promote adoptable dogs. In addition to leashes, they now sell a variety of other products, including beds and hoodies.

house dogge wool binky

Founded by a former Nike designer, House Dogge is bringing athletic wear to pups with products like their iconic hoodies, which were featured on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list. That’s not all they have up their sleeves, either; House Dogge also sells bowls, toys, and walking gear.

The Portland-based brand is partnered with the Northwest Dog Project, an Oregon non-profit that rescues abused and homeless dogs. They’re also deeply committed to sustainability. “In general, there’s a perception that eco-conscious and eco-friendly products are bland,” founder Angela Medlin told The Wildest. “So I wanted to show that eco-friendly products can be colorful and have texture — their quality can be elevated.”

Just Fred puffy weekend tote in black

Have a pup who loves to travel? You need Just Fred on your radar. Their legendary carrier is as sturdy as it is stylish — and they also sell harnesses, collars, and super cute sweaters to keep your pet looking good while they’re out and about. The brand spotlights senior dogs for adoption and regularly partners with nonprofits.

Just Fred is also proud to be entirely vegan. “I really believe that our fellow creatures should be our friends, not our bags,” founder Tennille Teague told The Wildest. “So, when I started designing the collection, the idea of using animal products felt misaligned with that philosophy and with the company’s mission of ensuring kindness in every choice we make.”

migos all in one dog supplement

Caroline Artiss began training as a chef at 15 years old. After major career success starting a renowned restaurant and popular cooking show, she started Migos, a fresh dog food company. The company offers nutrient-dense food delivery, supplement powder, and free recipes.

“We’re all living beings,” Artiss told The Wildest. “So, things like hydration, having protein, having carbs, having all the right things for even cognitive development. Animals need real food.”

merci collective bottle

If you’ve been using crystals to help your own anxiety and energy, it might be time to let your pet in on the habit. Merci Collective sells a variety of pet products that feature healing crystals, including a travel water bottle, catnip toys, and collars. Chani Ronez, the founder of Merci Collective, created the brand to help her own anxious pup. “I was looking for other solutions such as CBD, but then I thought, crystal healing makes people feel pretty good — no matter how it works or whether people believe in it,” she told The Wildest.

modernbeast wool bone

Modernbeast founders Hope Reiners and Lona Williams started their pet brand for dogs and cats with a “refined sense of adventure.” They offer goodies from beautifully printed bandanas to felt dog toys and and cat accessories. They even make “ pawty hats” out of the extra fabric they use for their other items. And yes, everything is eco-friendly.

”We’re constantly trying to improve on becoming more sustainable and not creating more waste,” Reiners told The Wildest. ”Our toy bones are cut out of wool and we use the excess from that for our felt hats. Same with our bandanas — they’re cut out of a yard of fabric and we use that excess to make our little modern mice. If you open up one of our beds, it’s kind of like a greenish stuffing because most of that recycled stuffing comes from 7-Up bottles.”

jax & bones top tugger

Jax & Bones is behind some of the most eye-catching products you’ve probably every seen at a pet store. You might know them for their rope toys, like the one above, which won Best Dog Tug Toy in The Wildest’s 2023 Best in Show gift guide. This sustainable brand carries dog beds, toys, and accessories that are all made from waste materials like plastic bottles and fabric scraps. For example, eight to 12 recycled soda bottles make up the material for one dog bed.

Founder Tina Nguyen started Jax & Bones in 2004, inspired by her adopted Beagle, Jax. When she couldn’t find anything on the pet market that she actually felt good about buying, she decided to create her own eco-friendly pet products.

“Jax was basically my first son,” she told The Wildest. “I’m fairly healthy, and I wanted to give him that same type of quality, so I started to identify safe raw materials and design basic, simple products for him.”

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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