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Photos: Felisha Tolentino

Best in Show 2023

Meet the 187 pet products that won The Wildest’s stamp of approval in 2023: spiffy sweaters, crash-tested carriers, brain games, superfood treats, smoothing shampoos, and more.

When show dogs and their zany parents come together…wait, that’s the plot of Best in Show, the movie. This  is The Wildest’s annual roundup of the very best there is in pet care. Competition was fierce, but just like Jennifer Coolidge and Parker Posey, we have come prepared to impress — and with adoptable dog and cat models that are sure to make you swoon. In this ultimate guide, our editors and experts (read: obsessive pet parents) curated 187 products that will truly enhance your pet’s life as they eat, play, walk, travel, and lounge with the best of them.

We’re talking interactive puzzle toys to keep your pet entertained, nutritious training treats to set your new pup up for success, crash-tested carriers for your copilot, vet-formulated supplements to combat everything from stress to skin issues, and more innovative award winners to help you navigate the pet parenthood journey. So hang up the leash, sweep up the litter, and settle in for a cozy afternoon of holiday shopping for your favorite family member. By the time you’re done, your pet will be so well-outfitted they’ll deserve their own “best in show” ribbon.

How we chose our award winners

Photography: Felisha Tolentino | Styling: Lindsey Hartman | Hair: Phoebe Seligman | Makeup: Jessie Bishop
Special thanks to Wags and Walks Rescue & Stray Cat Alliance

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