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Here Are the 10 States With the Most Spoiled Dogs

How much did you get your dog for the holidays?

by Sio Hornbuckle
December 21, 2023
Stylish woman and adorable dog holding christmas gift under christmas tree with lights.
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With the holidays in full swing, one question is top of mind: Just how much puppy spoiling is normal? Tossing them a piece of ham during dinner is a given, sure, but what about their own plush bottle of squeaky peppermint schnapps? Or an advent calendar? Or, while we’re at it, why not a bonus trip to the groomer, complete with a puppy pedicure? 

As it turns out, when it comes to treating our pups, “normal” is relative. And while pet parents across the country are big fans of spoiling their dogs, especially around the holidays, some places are a little more extra than others. A survey by got to the bottom of which states have the most spoiled dogs. 

How do people spoil their dogs? 

The Forbes survey measured the percentage of at least 200 pet parents in each state who meet ten criteria: 

Although it wasn’t included as a metric in the final measurement of states with the most spoiled dogs, Forbes found that the most common way people show some extra appreciation to their pups doesn’t cost money at all: About 59 percent of pet parents include their dogs in their family photos.  

Forbes also found that, as you can probably guess, puppy spoiling goes way up during the holiday season. Sixty-seven percent of pet parents buy their dogs holiday gifts, 40.6 percent buy their dogs holiday outfits, 39.8 percent prepare a holiday meal for their dog, 36.2 percent include their pups in their holiday card, and 22.2 percent spend more money on gifts for their dogs than their friends and family. Hey, we get it

Which states have the most spoiled dogs?

So, where exactly are the luckiest pups living? And did your state make the list?

5. California

The state with the fifth most spoiled pups, coming in with an overall score of 77.96 out of 100, is California. California’s the state with the most people who are pushing their pups in strollers (47 percent of those surveyed) — they might just be trying to keep those puppy paws off the hot Cali concrete, but we’re jealous, anyway. Sixty-six percent of Californian pet parents make their pups homemade treats, 26 percent put perfume or cologne on their dogs, and 58.5 percent have ordered their pup a special treat at a restaurant.  California dreamin’ sounds about right.

4. Colorado

Traveling from the Cali beaches to way above sea level, Colorado is the state with the fourth most spoiled pups. Half of Colorado’s pet parents in the survey spend more on their dog’s grooming than their own, and Coloradans are the fourth most likely in the nation to throw their pup their own party. 

3. Washington

Washington state came in third, with 61 percent of Washingtonians bringing their pups on vacation — the highest percentage out of any state (dogs need to escape the rain, too!). Seventy-one percent of pups in Washington have had their own puppy birthday party, and 42 percent of Washington canines have been pushed in a stroller. 

2. Alaska

Alright, this one’s kind of a wild card (how did Forbes even find 200 people to survey in Alaska?) coming in at number two. Almost half of pet parents surveyed in Alaska throw their dogs parties, 62 percent purchase outfits for their dogs (some warm coats, we hope), 54 percent have ordered a treat for their dog at a restaurant, and 54 percent spend more money on their dog’s grooming than their own. 

1. Florida 

Taking the lead as the state with the most spoiled dogs is Florida — which may come as a bit of a surprise to those used to seeing those famously pampered city dogs on the New York streets (surprise: New York didn’t even make the top 10). Floridians are the most likely pet parents in any state to order a treat for their dog at a restaurant (63 percent) and spend more money on their dog’s health and grooming than their own (66.5 percent). Thirty-four percent of Florida pet parents put perfume or cologne on their dogs, 54 percent throw their dogs parties, and 69 percent make their dogs homemade treats. 

The least spoiled dogs live in Oklahoma, and rounding out the top ten are New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Delaware, and Virginia. To the residents of all ten states, we say: Never change. To everyone else: We get it; your pup’s the chilled-out, back-to-basics type. Keep recycling those Ikea bags as subway pet carriers — whatever works.

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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