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DedCool’s Gender-Neutral Fragrances Are Now Dog-Inclusive

Because your pup deserves to disrupt the binary too — or at least smell really, really good. 

by Rebecca Caplan
September 18, 2023
a black and white dog poses with Dedcool products
Courtesy of Dedcool

For decades now, the beauty industry has played around with the concept of gender neutral fragrance. But pop into any Sephora or Ulta, and you’ll notice the gender binary is alive and well — with “men’s” and “women’s” fragrances separated on either side of the store where never the twain shall meet. Enter Carina Chaz’s DedCool, a gender-neutral fragrance line passionate about finally meeting the twain (which is definitely how you say that).

“We believe everyone should have a signature scent that extends beyond a glass bottle,” Chaz tells The Wildest. And by everyone Chaz does mean everyone, including your dog. Seven years after its 2016 launch, Dedcool is now introducing specially formulated dog products featuring their signature fragrance Taunt. 

“DedCool reimagines fragrance by intermingling scent across mediums into otherwise mundane products from laundry detergent to car fresheners, and even pets (yes, pets) so that scent is practically applied in your everyday life, Chaz says.

The fragrance, which is available as a spray and a shampoo, is described on their website as: “Creamy and alluring. Watching vanilla clouds in a citrus sky. Smells like daydreaming about your first perfume. Feels like a coming-of-age story.”

You’d think it would be hard for a smell to live up to such hype. But, upon my first encounter with the fragrance IRL, I can confirm it very much smells like vanilla ice cream and Confessions Of a Teenage Drama Queen gave birth to a really good smelling baby. A baby that my baby (my dog, Moose) was also very intrigued by — or at least tolerant of (which is probably the most you can ask of your dog, because, tbh, he smells like Fritos 24/7 and doesn’t seem to ever mind). After using both the fragrance and the shampoo which, in addition to smelling dreamy, was also really gentle and luxurious, I was like, “Do I kind of love my dog more now?”

Of course not. Well, maybe. Besides making you fall even deeper in love with your pet, this magical product was created by a passionate dog mom. Chaz tells The Wildest about what inspired her foray into pet fragrance and how she came up with such a good one.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind DedCool? 

DedCool was founded with generations of beauty expertise behind it. Fragrance has always been my passion from the very beginning. Growing up alongside my mother as a beauty formulator and a lab as my playground, it was natural for me to create DedCool. [My mom’s] love of scent and a general rejection of the way the fragrance industry operates lit a fire under me to create scents that were an extension of my personal aesthetic. 

Tell us about the pets in your life and how they inspired this new line. 

I got my first dog, Daisy, when I was 16 years old. Daisy is now 13 years old and doesn't seem to be slowing down! She’s been such an amazing addition to my family/everyday life (she now lives with me), and I cherish our bond. Daisy is my child and deserves nothing less than smelling amazing (and sharing a signature scent w/ her mum). DedCool is all about experiencing scents in new and unconventional ways and the pet products were the perfect addition to our growing curation. 

What challenges did you face when formulating fragrances for pets?

We worked with an amazing lab that specializes in pet products. Our internal team had to also undergo extensive testing (on humans) and certifications to ensure the products were safe for our furry friends. 

What’s one thing you want our readers to know about incorporating fragrance into their pet’s grooming routine? 

Sometimes, our pets stink, and that’s OK! We’re here to help keep your furry friends smelling fresh and feeling good.

Many people are nervous about fragrance because of allergies. How is DedCool making sure the products are safe for pups with skin allergies? 

This was an essential part of the conception of our pet products! Thankfully, we’re able to work with the experts in the pet space and ensure all products are safe for all kinds of dogs with different skin concerns. The pet products are certified clean and safe (plus, we’re verified in Australia and they don’t mess around with pet compliance)! 

It’s a “thing” for people to find their signature scent when they reach adulthood. Can a dog have a signature scent? 

It’s 100 percent a thing. And yes, we fully believe a dog should have a “signature scent” outside of your traditional pet shampoo smell. 

rebecca caplan

Rebecca Caplan

Rebecca Caplan is a writer based in Brooklyn whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, Reductress, and Vulture. She lives in Brooklyn with her perfect, toothless dog Moose.

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