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The Best Diaper Options for Kittens in 2024

Plus, all your kitten-diaper questions answered (we know you have them).

by Elizabeth Laura Nelson
Updated April 3, 2024
Large orange cat wearing a diaper.
Photo Courtesy of Mews Rhapsody

If you’re in the market for a kitten diaper, you may have encountered some quizzical looks when you ask around about it. While it sounds pretty freaking adorable (a tiny kitten diaper — what could be cuter?) it’s also not something most people are familiar with.

“It isn’t common practice to use diapers on kittens, and it certainly isn’t something we’d do unless there was a medical need,” says Dr. Linda Simon, a London-based veterinarian with over 10 years of experience. “Kittens generally get the hang of litter training very quickly.”

That said, if you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably here for a reason. Dr. Simon says kitten diapers may be needed for kittens who are paralyzed or incontinent, and that kittens with severe diarrhea can wear diapers “very short-term” to keep messes at bay. She warns, however, that kitten diapers will need to be changed frequently, and that pet parents should bathe the kitten’s rear end regularly as well.

“Diapers can lead to urine staining and dermatitis where the urine is in contact with the skin,” Dr. Simon says. “They can also lead to matted and soiled fur.” 

Other reasons you may want to put a diaper on your new kitten include incontinence due to illness or surgery, or as a temporary solution for traveling with your kitten. Keep reading to find out what kind of diapers are best for your sweet little friend, how to make a diaper for a kitten, and answers to frequently asked questions (like what to do about kitten diaper rash).

Best diaper for kittens

When you’re shopping for a diaper for a kitten, you’ll want to consider the diaper’s size, comfort, and functionality. Start by measuring the kitten’s waist to determine the appropriate size. Look for diapers specifically designed for kittens or small animals, ensuring they have adjustable straps to achieve a secure fit. Consider the material of the diaper; soft, breathable fabrics are ideal for a kitten’s sensitive skin. 

Below, you’ll find suggestions for reusable diapers for kittens, disposable diapers for kittens, cute diapers for kittens, and how to make a diaper for a kitten — plus, info on making a sock diaper for a kitten and where to find a kitten diaper pattern. Don’t have time to scroll through them all? Here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Best reusable diaper for kittens: SunGrow Reusable Female Cat & Dog Diapers are an affordable choice from Chewy and come in bright, cheerful colors.

  • Best disposable diaper for kittens: Pet Soft Disposable Cat Diapers are tiny, come in a cute pink pattern, and a pack of two dozen will only set you back $20 at Amazon.

  • Best cute diaper for kittens: Honestly, the cutest diaper for a kitten is probably a sock diaper — see below to find out how to make one. But you can also try these Mews Rhapsody cat diapers, which come in a couple varieties, including an ”ice cream collection” set.

  • Best DIY diaper for kittens: A sock diaper is easy to make, and you probably already have the materials around your house. Scroll down for instructions.

Reusable diapers for kittens

Whatever the reason is that your kitten needs a diaper, they likely won’t need it for very long. Kittens grow quickly — they can look bigger literally overnight — and hopefully whatever health issue is causing them to need a diaper will be short-lived. For that reason, you’ll want to consider reusable diapers that can be passed on to a shelter or kitten foster parent when you’re finished with them. (Or maybe you are a kitten foster parent, in which case, you are a saint — and you definitely need a stash of reusable kitten diapers.)

Best washable diapers for kittens

A reusable diaper is also going to be a washable diaper, so don’t be thrown off by labeling. If you’re looking for a washable kitten diaper, any reusable diaper (as well as most DIY kitten diapers) will work for your needs.

Disposable diapers for kittens 

Sometimes, you don’t want to deal with washing diapers. Luckily, you can pick up a pack of disposable diapers for your kitten — you just want to make sure they fit, as many disposable pet diapers are made for puppies and larger cats.

If they have to wear a diaper, it might as well be fashionable. Here are some suggestions for cute diapers that your kitten can wear while they are doing less-than-cute things inside them.

Cute diapers for kittens

How to make a DIY diaper for a kitten or cat 

Are you all about that do-it-yourself life? You can definitely make a kitten diaper yourself. If you want to follow a kitten diaper pattern, you’ll find a few different ones out there — a quick Google will give you an idea of the different options. However, depending how crafty you are, you may be able to whip one up on your own, sans pattern. Follow these steps to make a DIY diaper for a kitten:

  1. Measure your kitten around the waist and from the waist to the tail so you know what size to make the diaper. (Easier said than done, perhaps, but do it when they’re sleeping, and you may be in business. Kittens sleep a lot.)

  2. Gather your fabrics. You’ll want two layers in your DIY kitten diaper: an absorbent layer inside and a waterproof layer outside. For the absorbent layer, flannel works well, or if you have any old cloth diapers stashed away (the human baby kind), those are great, too. An old T-shirt is another good option. You’ll want a soft, breathable fabric — something that will be comfortable against your kitten’s sensitive skin. For the waterproof layer, try PUL (polyurethane laminate), or repurpose a waterproof garment you have around the house.

  3. Pick up some soft elastic to use around the leg openings. This ensures a snug fit without pinching or irritation. While you’re at the fabric store, get some Velcro or snaps to fasten the diaper as well.

  4. Cut your fabric according to the measurements you need, then sew the layers together. (Don’t forget to make a hole for your kitten’s tail!) Attach elastic to the leg openings (you want it tight, but not too tight) and sew the snaps or velcro to the waist.

If you want to know how to make a diaper for a kitten but this all sounds too complex, try making a simple sock diaper. All you need is a small ankle sock and a sanitary pad. Choose a sock that’s about the size of your kitten from neck to the base of their tail. Cut holes in the sock for their legs and tail, tuck the sanitary pad (that’s your absorbent layer) into the sock diaper, and voila! You’ve got a sock diaper for a kitten.

FAQs (People also ask):

Can I use diaper cream on a kitten?

Just like human babies, kittens can get diaper rash. If your diaper-wearing kitten’s rear end is looking raw and sore, you may be tempted to smear a little diaper cream on them to ease the discomfort. But Dr. Simon warns against this practice.

So, what should a concerned parent do about kitten diaper rash? “Clean the skin with a mild pet shampoo and warm water,” Dr. Simon says.

What should I do if my kitten won’t leave their diaper on?

Again, kittens and humans aren’t so different. (If you’ve never experienced a toddler repeatedly stripping their diaper off, laughing and running away, count yourself lucky.) In the case of kittens, however, Dr. Simon says taking their diaper off may signal one of two things: Either the diaper is a size too large, or the diaper is seriously upsetting them.

If you’ve sized down and are sure the diaper is fitting correctly, she says. “Consider that it may be distressing for them, and make sure it’s really needed. If so, you may need to use a buster collar [or cone] for a short amount of time.”

Can you use diapers for dogs on cats?

Fresh out of cat diapers, but have some spare dog diapers lying around and wondering if you can use them on your kitten? Dr. Simon says it’s fine to use a dog diaper on a kitten “as long as they’re small enough.” Remember, kittens will ditch their diapers if they’re too big — adorable in concept, but probably messy in the end.

Writer Elizabeth Nelson with her cat, Freddy

Elizabeth Laura Nelson

Elizabeth Laura Nelson is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, Elizabeth was scared of cats (claws and teeth, yikes) but she has since gotten over her fear and now shares her home with three sweet and gentle feline companions who make life better (and cuddlier) every day.

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