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6 Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Options Your Pup Can Lick Up This Summer

Van Leeuwen just announced a new dog-friendly ice cream—and it’s not the only option for a pup with a sweet tooth.

by Sio Hornbuckle
June 7, 2024
Dog with ice cream in a cup.
Courtesy of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Winter is officially behind us, and summer is in full swing — or, in sweet tooth terms, hot chocolate season has ended and ice cream season has begun. If you’re a dessert-lover whose dog is enviously watching them spoon out bowls of ice cream, rest assured: There’s plenty of frozen goodness to go around. 

The sad fact is that dogs shouldn’t eat human ice cream, because they can’t properly digest dairy products, and they shouldn’t regularly eat foods that are too high in sugar. Plus, some ice cream flavors contain ingredients that are toxic for pups, like chocolate and raisins. But the good news? Some ice creams are made especially for dogs with pet-safe ingredients, so your pup can still get in on the fun. (Keep in mind, though, that even pup-safe ice-cream is still a sweet treat, and it shouldn’t make up a substantial portion of a pup’s food intake. In general, treats should make up less than 10 percent of your pup’s daily diet.)

Recently, Van Leeuwen — the iconic ice cream shop known for selling unique flavors like buttermilk berry cornbread and peanut butter brownie honeycomb — announced their collaboration with the pup meal subscription service Ollie. Together, the brands created a peanut butter-and-banana-flavored ice cream that dogs can safely enjoy.

Even better: Van Leeuwen’s not the only brand allowing dogs to get in on the summer snack. Below are the six best pup-safe ice creams your canine BFF can get their paws on this summer.

Puppy Scoops ice cream

Puppy Cakes’ Puppy Scoops offer a variety of flavor options — maple bacon, peanut butter, birthday cake, vanilla, Christmas cookie, and carob — that are sure to make any dog salivate. Puppy Scoops pints arrive as a shelf-stable powder mix, which you can add water to and freeze. Each Puppy Cakes product is taste-tested by humans, so you know these flavors are the best of the best. And if the offerings aren’t enough for your pup, Puppy Cakes also provides recipes for using natural ingredients, such as strawberries, to create new flavor combinations. 

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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