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The Best Dog Shampoos of 2024

It’s time for a self-care day.

by April Long and Rebecca Caplan
May 30, 2024
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Keeping up with your pup’s grooming is one of the most underrated ways to keep them happy and healthy. Think about it: A dog’s coat is their first line of defense against allergens and other environmental irritants. Without proper and consistent grooming, their coat holds onto all that gunk causing irritation, itchiness, and general discomfort. That’s why it’s important to choose a shampoo that helps rid them of that nastiness, while also addressing the issues specific to their skin and coat.

Before choosing a shampoo, pet parents should evaluate the needs and lifestyle of their pet, along with their general stink factor. Pets parents should also consult with their vet or groomer, especially if they are unsure of the cause of some of their pets’ skin and coat issues. From there, this guide can help pet parents find the right shampoo to keep their pup clean and comfy. 

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

Sensitive-skin formulas

Just like humans, dogs with sensitive skin can struggle with finding the right products. Therefore, pet parents should look for formulas with low sulfates, soothing ingredients, and pH-balancing formulas.

There are ton of these on the market, but we think these rise above the rest.

Top Pick

Other great options

Itchy, dry skin relief

Itchy skin is a common problem for pups, with some breeds and coats being especially predisposed to the issue. To best help soothe your pup’s itchy skin- it’s best to try and figure out the cause. Common causes include allergies, fungal issues and dryness, which is why we’ve selected our top picks with these issues in mind.

Top pick

Other great options

Dog shampoo for smelly dogs

There’s no sugar-coating it: some dogs just stink. For whatever reason, whether it be their lifestyle or simply their natural musk, these smelly dogs require a shampoo that is up to the task. We think these will get the job done.

Top pick

Other great options

Specialty uses

These days, dog shampoos can do more than keep your pup clean. Cutting edge formulas can help with tons of issues that are more than just skin deep, with these three shampoos tackling some of the more common speciality concerns.

Top pick

Other great options

High-quality ingredients 

Turn a bath day into a spa day with fancy-shmancy shampoos that don’t trade efficacy for luxury. And obviously they smell incredible, too.

Top pick

Other great options

Dog shampoo reviews

Our list above has a lot of good choices that can work for you and your pup come spa time. Our top picks are: John Paul Pet Sensitive Skin Formula, Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo, Dedcool Pet Shampoo 01 “Taunt,” Pride and Groom “The Shedder” Shampoo, and Aesop Animal Shampoo.

Each of these options targets a specific need and is unique as your dog’s body. Whether you’re looking for the best-smelling dog shampoo (Aesop is our pick there), or a vet-recommended option (the gentle and all-natural Earthbath is likely on your vet’s list if you ask them), we’ve got you covered.

FAQs (People also ask)

What is the best flea shampoo for dogs?

Always talk to your vet before starting any kind of flea treatment on your pet. For a product that repels fleas before they arrive, we like kin+kind’s Flea & Tick shampoo. 

What is the best oatmeal shampoo for dogs? 

A lot of shampoos designed for sensitive skin will list oatmeal as a main ingredient. But our top choice remains John Paul Pet’s Oatmeal Shampoo

What is the best waterless dog shampoo? 

In between baths, dry or waterless shampoo can keep dogs smelling fresh. There are tons of great options out there, but for a quick deodorizing, we find nothing beats good old-fashioned baking soda

What is the best people shampoo for dogs?

Human shampoo is not well formulated for dogs and some might even contain fragrances or essential oils that can be harmful. Always opt for a shampoo made for dogs.

April Long

April Long is a writer and editor who has contributed to Town & Country, ELLE, Marie Claire, Vogue, Well & Good, and many more publications both print and online. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband Will, dogs Gimlet and Pixie, and a semi-feral cat named Watson.  

rebecca caplan

Rebecca Caplan

Rebecca Caplan is a writer based in Brooklyn whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, Reductress, and Vulture. She lives in Brooklyn with her perfect, toothless dog Moose.

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