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The treats, food, bowls, and delivery services that will make your pets’ nutritional health the envy of all the other patients at the vet’s office.

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Justin Yi & Russel
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Some days, it seems your pet eats better than you — and, well, that might be true. Your cat or dog’s diet doesn’t need to consist of kibble that has additives you wouldn’t put in your own body. You are a well-meaning pet parent who wants to upgrade your pet’s nutrition with healthy products from innovative brands (many of which are offering discounts) — and this is a great place to start.

Below, we have gathered the food, treats, lick mats, bowls, and more that will make your pet feel like Superman or Wonder Woman (that Halloween costume might have been a good purchase after all). Get out their cape 24/7, 365 — because your well-fed pet is going to be able to access all their super powers (beyond cuteness) after they try these products.

Russel has been adopted but you can meet more adorable pups like him on Adopt a Pet.

Best Pet Supplement Powder

migos all in one dog supplement

Making your dog home-cooked meals is a great way to monitor what ingredients go into their food, and show them how much you care. But to make sure your dog is getting all of the vitamins and minerals they need for a complete and balanced diet, adding a supplement can go a long way. 

Malibu-based fresh dog food brand Migos has an all-in-one dog supplement that was created by vets and nutritionists to ensure your dog is getting the right nutrients, healthy fats, and proteins. “My goal is to make real food for dogs accessible for everyone, which is why I decided to make our supplement powder available for anyone who wants to make their own dog food at home,” Migos founder Caroline Artiss tells The Wildest. “I wanted to use my chef background for 25 years to help create easy and complete and balanced free recipes.” The supplement contains vitamins found in leafy greens, including A and E, as well as folic acid, potassium, and a whole host of other essential nutrients. —Kelly Conaboy

Best Dog Lick Mat

Dogs and cats are nothing if not huge fans of licking. So, it should come as no surprise that a lick mat would be a simple solution for health and behavioral issues like anxiety, boredom, and speed-eating. “Lick mats engage your [pet’s] mouth and are especially helpful in giving vigorous chewers and nippers something else to do besides eat your rug,” says certified trainer and The Wildest Collective member Robert Haussmann. “You can smear soft foods, such as peanut butter or canned pumpkin, on the textured surface for your dog to lick clean...It’s highly enjoyable, engaging, and — most importantly — delicious!”

Of all the lick mats on the market, SodaPup is our pick for its durability and design. Whether flowers, jigsaw puzzles, or zombies are more your style, your pet will enjoy working for their food. And you can feel good about your purchase: SodaPup donates to animal rescues, partners with CarbonClick to reduce their carbon emissions, and manufactures ethically in the U.S. —Sio Hornbuckle

Best Cat Treats

bocce's bakery treats

It’s no secret that dogs have been spoiled in the treat department, while cats have suffered supermarket-brand cat cookies for too long. No longer! Inspired by a scruffy mutt named Bocce, Andrea Tovar started baking treats in a tiny New York City kitchen in 2010. Tovar’s kitchen is much bigger these days, but she’s still cooking up treats with ingredients from local farms like nitrate-free bacon, peanut butter from Teddies, a family-owned farm in Massachusetts, and antibiotic-free chicken from Bell & Evans in Pennsylvania.

Bocce’s soft chews for cats boast protein-first, by-product-free, and limited-ingredient formulas sourced locally. And great news for cats who are watching their weight: These treats are only one calorie each. “Generally speaking, treats should make up no more than 10 percent of your cat’s daily calories,” says veterinarian Dr. Annette Louviere. —Avery Felman

Best Dog Jerky Treats

migos jerky

Nothing is like giving your dog a treat they really love — their little tails wagging in excitement, their eyes wide in anticipation, their drool getting all over the floor. And it feels even better when the treat is actually good for them. These beef liver jerky treats from Malibu-based fresh dog food brand Migos are rich in the vitamins and essential fatty acids your dog needs. No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and no feeling worried that you’re not quite sure what you’re feeding to your best friend.

“After seeing what was available on the market, we wanted to create a very simple and healthy treat to complement our fresh food line,” Migos founder Caroline Artiss tells The Wildest. “So, we literally oven roasted some nutritious cuts of meat, beef heart, liver, and angus grass fed beef, plus our lower-fat turkey breast jerky.” —KC

Best Cat Food Topper

yummers digestive supplement

Any cat parent knows that cats are notoriously picky eaters. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to ensure your cat is getting the nutrition that they need without having to spoon-feed them every meal. One of the most convenient ways to do this is by providing them with tasty cat food toppers that create a sense of intrigue and give them some much-needed mealtime variety. 

Enter Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) and their new pet food venture, Yummers. With Yummers, pet parents can pick up “gourmet mix-ins,” to elevate their pet’s meal, as well as “functional mix-ins” intended to target specific issues, including heart, digestive health, and allergies. “Our recipes are simple and don’t use any fillers,” JVN tells The Wildest. “In fact, many of our formulas consist of just one ingredient that’s freeze-dried to keep all the nutrients pets need, as well as the flavor they want.” They also add that Yummers source and manufacture all of their ingredients in the U.S. and use PCR (post-consumer recycled) packaging. —AF

Best Dog Food Topper

Jinx beef crumbles food topper

Chris Evans and his biceps could probably sell anything. Truthfully, one glance in a well-fitted tee and you might be willing to give up your social security number. Fortunately, he’s decided to use his influence to promote dog food rather than identify fraud. Along with other celebrities such as Halsey and Trevor Noah, Evans invested in Jinx, a pet food brand specializing in clean and nutrient-rich pup grub. 

Jinxs food topper, the ultimate defense against picky dogs, has quickly became one of the brand’s signature items. Toppers can provide additional vitamins dogs might not be getting enough of with their standard meals. Just remember: Go slow when it comes to adding extras to your dog’s meals. “I don’t recommend offering special toppers or regularly switching up their food right out of the gate,” veterinarian Dr. Lindsay Bullen says. So, give it some time, but if your pup needs some encouragement to eat their food or could just use a little extra nutritional boost, Jinx is the way to go. —Sean Zucker

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Best Elevated Dog Bowl

pets so good oreo bowl

Joint pain and aging go together like olive oil and ice cream. Similar to that strange food combo, the pair seems much more daunting before you dig in. In actuality, there are many small adjustments that’ll help your pup handle their aging joints. To avoid them bending over too much, try an elevated bowl, like this one from Pets So Good.

The Wildest Collective member Dr. John Iovino shares: “I think elevated food bowls are a good idea for any dog, especially if they’re larger, or they have, for example, a chronic neck issue that may make it more difficult to put their head downwards.” All you (and your pup) need are a few useful adjustments and helpful tools to ease the transition into their golden years. —SZ

Best Elevated Cat Bowl

happy & polly pet bowl elevated

Your cat already rules your house like a small furry god, so why not give them a food dish commensurate with their divine status? This bowl looks like a YASS-ified Greek column and comes in five Insta-worthy colors, while the elevated base promotes better posture and smoother digestion. The shallowness of the bowl is also helpful for fighting whisker fatigue. “Each time a cat’s whiskers encounter an object or detect movement, a signal is sent to the brain. In the case of too many signals or messages coming in all at once, the brain could experience information overload which could be stressful for a cat,” says Dr. Gary Weitzman, CEO of the San Diego Humane Society. 

If your cat is avoiding their food bowl, pacing in front of it, pawing at it, taking food out of it to eat from the floor, and or not finishing their food, whisker fatigue could be the cause. This lovely elevated food bowl could very well be the solution — and a stylish one at that! —Charles Manning

Best Pet Dental Treats

greenies dental treats

You probably know it’s important to brush your dog’s teeth but you’re also probably not doing it every single day. Enter these vet-approved treats that help fight plaque and tartar.  Greenies chewy bones come in a range of sizes and flavors, from peanut butter to sweet potato, and are accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council for at-home dental care for dogs. Just be sure to always supervise your dog when they’re eating them because if a small chunk breaks off, they could accidentally choke. 

But don’t just think Greenies are for the dogs; cats can benefit from them, too. “Cats are very prone to gingivitis and periodontitis, which can be caused by a build-up of plaque and tartar and a sensitivity to the bacteria that grows on it,” says veterinarian Dr. Lori M. Teller. —Casey Gueren and AF

Best Dog Chews

ziwi peak chews

New Zealand has produced many treasures: Peter Jackson, Taika Waititi, and Lorde, to name a few. But our pets are bigger fans of Ziwi Peak. These precious treats were created by Peter Mitchell, a former free-range deer farmer. They naturally promote mobility, vitality, and overall well-being through low-calorie, grain-free rewards made with no added carbohydrates or artificial ingredients. 

These air-dried, protein-focused bites feature 96 percent meat, organs, and New Zealand green mussels. They’re as close as your wild animal will get to feeling like they’re eating in the wild. Ziwi also offers air-dried and wet dog and cat food. These healthy, bite-size treats are great for training. As Karen Pryor Academy certified training partner Tressa Fessenden-McKenzie says, “Treats are your most valuable currency” when teaching your dog new tricks. —Dr. Lindsey Wendt

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Best Dog Peanut Butter

west paw peanut butter

If you’ve ever used peanut butter to bake treats, make pills more enticing, or stuffed a Kong, you’re well aware of how much dogs love the stuff. The only problem is many commercial peanut butters contain ingredients that are unnecessary for dogs (like sugar) or downright toxic (such as xylitol). “Ideally, a natural peanut butter is the best product for dogs to eat, as these do not have added salt and sugars, which are not healthy for dogs in large amounts,” veterinarian Dr. Amy Fox says.

When it comes to all-natural, healthy, pup-friendly options, West Paw fits the bill. West Paw’s creamy dog treat is packed with fiber that you can serve to your dog directly in the mess-free dispenser or in one of the brand’s geometric toys. Made responsibly without any additives, the blueberry-flavored peanut butter treat is gluten and grain free, making it a perfect choice for picky pups. —AF and SH

Best Dog Slow Feeder Bowl

outward hound slo feeder bowl

Your dog might have an impressive personal record when it comes to how fast they can scarf down their food, but it’s not a pastime you want to encourage. Speed-eating can cause a dog to choke, gag, vomit, and develop an even more serious condition called Gastric Dilation (colloquially known as bloat). Thankfully, there is a way to put a stop to this behavior. Karen B. London, certified applied animal behaviorist and professional dog trainer, tells The Wildest: “My favorite way to keep dogs from scarfing down their food too quickly is to use a dog food puzzle or slow feeder dog bowl. Not only does this slow their eating, but it also provides mental exercise and gives dogs valuable experience being persistent and handling a bit of frustration.” Never a bad thing, right? 

This Outward Hound Fun Feeder can help your pup chew 10 times slower. It’s made in three different sizes and can safely hold wet or dry food, so you can easily cater to your dog’s individual dietary needs. The ridges will keep your pup engaged with their meal while ensuring it all goes down — and stays there. —AF

Best Cat Slow Feeder Bowl

catit senses slow feeder

Is your cat a gorger? A binger? Do they wolf down their food faster than you can say “bon appetit”? It may be time to consider a slow feeder. “Slow feeders are designed to help cats that tend to overindulge, eat competitively, or feast just for funsies,” says veterinarian Dr. Alycia Washington. “They can also help decrease the incidence of vomiting and regurgitation, which can be an issue in cats with less-than-ideal eating habits.”

While there are lots of slow feeders on the market, this one from Catit has a lot of great features that put it paws and tails above the rest. It has two tube shapes and various difficulty levels to keep your cat engaged and it is easy to disassemble and clean. It also comes with a wide, sturdy silicone base to keep it from moving around. “I have a cat that likes to eat his food very fast,” writes one satisfied Amazon reviewer. “He’s also overweight by two pounds. This has been a life saver for him and me. He loves to dig for his food and it slows down his eating.”—CM

Best Dog Bone

mind body bully sticks

For years, dogs and bones have been as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly. But the reality is, unlike the classic sandwich, it’s not that simple. “As the bone aisle gets more crowded, it’s become harder and harder for people to identify safe ones from not-so-safe ones,” says Dr. Daniel Carmichael, a board-certified veterinary dentist at the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island in New York. From a dental-health perspective, a safe bone is one that helps cleanse the teeth via chewing, but isn’t so hard that it causes a dental fracture (aka, a cracked tooth).

Bully sticks — which are actually dried, cured bull penis, btw — are generally safe on the oral front, because they soften as they’re chewed, Dr. Carmichael says. It is worth noting, especially if you have an overweight pup on your hands, bully sticks aren’t the lowest-calorie option: One study revealed that the average six-inch stick packs 88 calories (for reference, that’s about nine percent of a 50-pound dog’s daily calories). But if weight is not a concern, and you’re looking for a sustainable option that’s relatively long-lasting, bully sticks are a great choice. —Marissa Gainsburg

Best Cat Grass

cat ladies organic cat grass kit

Cats may be strict carnivores that will stalk your bird feeder and pass up your vegetable garden, but there are some greens they do crave. This collection of three mini pots with planting supplies has 100 percent organic wheat, oats, rye, barley, and flax seeds to grow a variety of cat grasses that are sustainable and not treated with any chemicals.

All you need to do to get it growing is add water to the pre-planted pots, and the seeds will sprout in four to six days. It also helps your cat avoid munching on plants that could be toxic to them. “[Cat grass] has been known to provide digestive benefits thanks to its impressive vitamin content: vitamins A and D, folic acid, niacin, and chlorophyll,” says Dr. Teller. Fun fact: the wheatgrass in your smoothie? Cat grass! —AF

Best Sustainable Dog Treat

botanical bones flower power

In mid-2020, while many of us were coming up with bold takes on the “kitchen-sink meal” and nursing sourdough starters, Rachel Meyer was experimenting with homemade treats for her skittish new pandemic puppy. She came up with Botanical Bones, a superfood dog treat brand. Botanical Bones’ recipes use human-grade ingredients that promote immunity, calm, and overall wellbeing for dogs, no matter their needs.

Meyer was definitely on to something with this pandemic project. As veterinarian Dr. W. Jean Dodds tells The Wildest, superfoods are the key to dogs’ overall health: “Functional superfoods [have] the most beneficial effects on health. They reduce chronic inflammation and promote healing; are powerfully antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-tumor; and are even believed to delay aging.” That’s a lot of “anti” and “reduce” — words we like to hear when it comes to our dogs’ health risks. —Maia Welbel

Best Sustainable Cat Treat

shameless pets skin & coat supplement

Summer is behind us, as is the perennial summer tradition of the lobster picnic. Cracking open a lobster to dip in butter is a fun way to do dinner — but not always the most eco-friendly. Because of its lower meat yield compared to other seafood, most of the lobster results in food waste, which is one of the primary contributors to climate change.

Thankfully, our cats are here to save the day with a little help from Shameless Pets, a company that recycles food waste into pet treats. Since they launched in 2018, Shameless Pets has upcycled over a million pounds of food waste — lobster being their third-largest upcycled food waste product. The company uses a combination of misfit products (perfectly fine but not fit for stores) and surplus products (a.k.a. thrown-out shells) to create its treats. Knowing this, you don’t have to worry that your cat is chomping on the remnants of a Maine tourist’s once-buttery lobster roll. —Rebecca Caplan

Best Pet Supplement Bars

a dog eating maev food

Much like the cast of a Fast and Furious flick, dogs require high protein diets. “If dogs do not get enough protein containing essential amino acids in their diet, they may have problems,” veterinarian Dr. Bradley Quest explains to The Wildest. They can develop poor coats, skin issues, and weight problems. For adventurous pups, the need is even greater to compensate for their vigorous lifestyle — this is where supplement bars come in. “A benefit of a protein bar or supplement is that it may be convenient for pet parents to take with them on the go, especially for active pets,” Dr. Quest says. “They are even handy for the occasional long walk for the average pet that may need a little more energy on the way.”

Of course, leave it to an MIT engineer to formulate the best version. Katie Spies, founder and CEO of Maev, designed the brand’s supplement bars to includes only eight simple ingredients, each serving a specific purpose to round out a nourishing diet. They come in four variations that attack specific issues: anxiety, hip and joint issues, skin problems, and digestion. Spies explains that this commitment to pet wellbeing is a reflection of her own happiness and success. “If their life is not thoughtfully designed, there’s no chance that mine will be,” she tells The Wildest. —SZ

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Best Tilted Pet Bowl

vetreska tilted cat bowl

A tilted cat bowl is a great way to keep mealtime comfy for your cat. “From an anatomic and physiologic perspective, it’s entirely possible for overstimulation of a cat’s whiskers to cause problems,” says Dr. Gary Weitzman, CEO of the San Diego Humane Society. That’s why some vets recommend a tilted bowl for cats, which can help them avoid brushing their whiskers against it while they eat. 

This choice by Vetreska combines style with comfort. “[Co-founder] Nico and I came from fashion, so doing something consumer-centric and well-designed was always the first choice,” Vetreska co-founder Donald Kng tells The Wildest. This ceramic bowl is one of a kind and sure to add a pop of style to your pet’s dining area. The non-stick mat holds the bowl in place while the wide, ergonomic shape keeps your pet from craning their neck or scraping their whiskers. —SH

Best Cat Shallow Bowl

cat person shallow bowl

If you’re still doling out your cat’s daily portions into the bowl you brought them home with, it may be time to consider a more aesthetically pleasing alternative. Another reason to consider getting a bowl for your cat? There are health benefits to using dishes that suit your cat’s specific needs. Older cats tend to prefer elevated bowls that prevent them from straining to eat, while a more shallow bowl can help prevent whisker fatigue.

Veterinarian Dr. Annette Louviere weighs in: “Eating or drinking from raised bowls may benefit some of our arthritic cats...maintaining a crouched pose can be uncomfortable, and the raised bowl helps alleviate the need to hold this posture.” This elevated bowl from Vogue-featured brand Cat Person promotes better neck health, and its art deco appearance will be a happy addition to your home’s arty aesthetic. The Mesa Bowl comes in four colorways, including a limited edition matte black bowl, stand, and tray released in collaboration with designer Jason Wu. —AF

Best Designer Dog Bowl

mr. dog glass bowl

Matthew Morris co-founded Mr. Dog after a long and successful career in fashion, interiors, and, eventually, pet products. This handcrafted glass bowl comes courtesy of a Mr. Dog and Nick Cotterman collab and features a clear design that’ll make your pup feel as pampered as they deserve. It’s a gift to yourself, too: veterinarian Dr. Lindsay Bullen notes that — similar to ceramic — food is less likely to stick to glass bowls, making them less likely to, well, smell. 

To set Mr. Dog apart, Morris chose to work exclusively with American manufacturers and collaborated extensively with artists and craftspeople in and around New York. We won’t play coy; it’s also a definite bonus that the gorgeous bowls wow guests. “A lot of interior designers buy these bowls as gifts for their clients at the end of large jobs,” Morris tells The Wildest. So, if you’ve been scouting for a dog bowl that looks like it came straight from Architectural Digest, this is it. —CM

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Best Pet Microbiome Test

animalbiome doggybiome

Every pet parent has likely faced some variation of confusion and concern regarding their cat or dog’s digestive system at some point. Whether it’s diarrhea, vomiting, or constipation, gut issues are equally alarming and confounding. Given we don’t always know what’s causing the issue and our pets can’t exactly give us a heads up to the problem, Animal Biome offers a chance at clarity by using science to unlock the mysteries of the pet gut microbiome. Its at-home test can detect bacterial imbalances within your pet to speed up the discovery process. The kit’s Gut Health Test report will detail the likely cause of your pet’s stomach issues and provide personalized solutions, such as diet adjustments, supplements, or lifestyle changes. —Dr. Lindsey Wendt

Best Dog Food Subscription

nomnom delivery service

Nom Nom is the coolest new brand on the market for pets and their parents, and they’ve developed a killer full-spectrum probiotic formula for pets. As Dr. Audrey Cook tells The Wildest, our pet’s microbiome has a huge say in their overall wellness and weight management. “The sheer number of organisms in a healthy gut is tremendous; any one of us has more organisms living in our GI tract than there are people on the face of the earth,“ she says. “Although we used to think that those bacteria were just along for the ride, we now know that they play a key role in maintaining health.” Nom Nom’s supplements were formulated with this information in mind.

Nom Nom pre-portions each vet-formulated meal down to the calorie, so you can serve them straight from their recyclable packs without worrying about figuring out how to spoon out the correct amount. After you take a quiz about your dog’s specific needs, you can choose between their four recipes — beef mash, chicken cuisine, pork potluck, or turkey fare — and Nom Nom will hook you up with a personalized meal plan. If your dog loves it, Nom Nom also offers meal kits for cats. —Madeleine Aggeler

Best Cat Food Subscription

smalls cat food

Are cats naturally born with their good looks? Well, it’s certainly not Maybelline, so maybe it’s their balanced diet rich in omegas. Smalls’ human-grade food for cats aims to get back to the nutritional basics that are integral to your cat’s health without any of the additives. In their meal plans, Smalls offers human-grade fresh food made with protein-rich cow, turkey, and chicken available in pâté, diced, and shredded textures. While they firmly endorse a fresh food diet for cats, they also provide freeze-dried raw food available in duck, turkey, and chicken proteins. With a discount of $10 for your starter pack ($35 for a four week meal plan), Smalls averages about $1.25 per meal, which totals to about $17.50 per week. —AF

Best Pet Veterinary Diet

royal canin

Royal Canin has been studying the health needs of dogs and cats since their start in 1968. Since then, the brand has created unique diets designed to bring out the best traits in your individual dog (like a Jack Russell’s incredible jumping ability) while simultaneously catering to tricky genetic predispositions (like a German Shepherd’s sensitive stomach). 

The meals are formulated by veterinarians with your dog’s specific needs in mind — from age to conditions such as allergies to ailments such as diabetes. Royal Canin makes choosing the best food for your dog’s health easy by breaking down options into categories like age, breed, food sensitivities, and skin sensitivities. And not only are the ingredients carefully tailored to individual pet needs, but the shape and structure of the kibble is decided according to the unique eating behaviors and jaw shapes of different dog breeds. —Helin Jung

Best Basic Pet Food Storage Container

gamma2 container

OK, so you’ve gone to the pet store or put in your Chewy order: Now you’ve got a giant bag of kibble, and your dog is very interested. It’s time to put this stuff in a literal vault. The Gamma2 Vittles Vault is a great choice for keeping that dog food secured until it’s actually dinner time. The Gamma2 has a locking system that keeps maximum moisture in and keeps out household pests, such as ants or other bugs. It’s also stackable and doesn’t take up all the space on your kitchen counter — or the other out-of-reach spaces you store your curious dog’s favorite thing in the world. —Hilary Weaver

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

Photography: Felisha Tolentino
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