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Antoni and JVN Launched a Pet Food Brand With a Very Cute (Very Them) Prank

You can’t even be mad.

by Rebecca Caplan
September 15, 2022
Co-owners, Antoni and JVN of yummers pets in the kitchen laughing with two dogs.
Photo Courtesy of Yummers Pets

On Wednesday, Queer Eye fans opened their Instagram to some shocking news: After years of will they/won’t they , Antoni Porowski and Jothan Van Ness (JVN) had finally gotten together. Fans that follow either on social media would have immediately raised an eyebrow; JVN and their husband, Mark Peacock, have been married for more than two years. Porowski has also publicly opened up about his serious relationship with his boyfriend, Kevin Harrington, who was featured on his Instagram grid as recently as August 25.

The folks who didn’t do a shallow dive (truly, it’s not hard to figure out) on Insta to find the truth, finally got their answer from the pals on Thursday. The Fab Five members clarified for fans that they were indeed partners — in their new business, Yummers, a new pet food brand.

antoni porowski and dog on the floor
Courtesy of Yummers

While pet parents may be reeling from the emotional rollercoaster JVN and Porowski made them ride for 24 hours, cats and pups everywhere can now enjoy Yummers’s delicious new offerings — with much more to come. Currently, the brand seems to be focusing on meal toppers and supplements, each formulated to provide an equally healthy and gourmet experience for pampered pets.

Available directly from the Yummers website and in Petco stores, pet parents can pick up “gourmet mix-ins,” to elevate their pet’s meal, as well as “functional mix-ins” intended to target specific issues, including heart and digestive health.

Jonthan Van Ness poses with a dog
Courtesy of Yummers

It makes sense that the resident food and wine and wellness experts of the Queer Eye crowd would collab on an idea like this. But true fans know that the (business) partners’ love for animals goes deeper than their roles on the show. JVN has been a proud pet parent for over a decade and currently has five cats: Larry, Liza, Tildy, Lady G, and Baggy, along with pups Elton and Pablo.

And while Porowski is new-ish to the world of pet parenthood (he adopted his pup , Neon, after fostering him while production was shut down in early 2020), he has wasted no time getting into the swing of things. Both JVN and Porowski adopted their pups from Austin Pets Alive, a rescue organization featured on their Texas season of Queer Eye.

Together it appears the “couple” is literally cooking up great things for our pets. And who knows; maybe working together on this venture will lead to something more than just puppy love.

rebecca caplan

Rebecca Caplan

Rebecca Caplan is a writer based in Brooklyn whose work has been featured in The New Yorker, Reductress, and Vulture. She lives in Brooklyn with her perfect, toothless dog Moose.

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