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The Procrastinating Dog Parent’s Guide To Halloween

14 frighteningly cute Halloween costumes for your dog to rock this year.

by Sean Zucker
October 21, 2021
italian greyhound in witch halloween costume
Melissa Ross / Stocksy

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We’ve come a long way since All Hallow’s Eve. Celtic bonfires to ward off ghosts have been replaced with an homage to pumpkins and trick-or-treaters. But the holiday’s greatest evolution has nothing to do with children, at least not human ones. With Halloween just over a week away, it’s time to revisit the beloved ritual of making our pets miserable by dressing them in ridiculously cute costumes. Whether it be through reimagined holiday classics, killer pop-culture references, or just generally spooky getups — there’s no shortage of options.

First thing’s first, make sure the costume is comfortable, doesn’t pinch in sensitive areas, and isn’t super itchy, either. Also, never attach your pup’s leash to the costume itself — always their collar or harness worn underneath. Now, I can’t promise that your dog will be on board with the whole ordeal or that your back won’t be strained helping them wiggle into their garment. But I can nearly guarantee strangers will swoon as they pass by. Be warned — this tradition is not for the vain of heart, as your dog will soon replace you as the center of attention. It’s true, nothing says “notice me” like a dog in a cutesy Halloween costume.

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Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker is a writer whose work has been featured in Points In Case, The Daily Drunk, Posty, and WellWell. He has an adopted Pit Bull named Banshee whose work has been featured on the kitchen floor and whose behavioral issues rival his own.