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Pets So Good Hits All the Right Angles

The New York– and Seoul-based brand designs modern, bespoke furniture for discerning pets.

by Rachel Davies
June 15, 2022
A dog sitting in a dog bed in a persons bedroom.
Courtesy of Pets So Good
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Few of us may ever get the chance to live in a home designed by the Eameses or Frank Lloyd Wrights of the world, but thanks to Pets So Good, we can give our pets the canine (and feline!) equivalent. Based out of New York and developed in collaboration with rising design houses in South Korea, Pets So Good creates modern, minimalist pet houses, beds, bowls, and accessories that are as luxurious as they are understated.

“We’ve always been passionate about the pet household and thoughtfully integrating it with the spirit of creative, easy design – without sacrificing quality. That’s why all the products we carry are imported from South Korea — a creative mecca we call our second home,” said Pets So Good co-founder Sally Choi. “South Korea’s pet industry has grown exponentially in the past decade and there are companies designing and producing amazing products that enhance the life of our loving pets and their owners.”

dog heading towards an angular doghouse near a body of water
Courtesy of Pets So Good

Take their Deauville Pet House: Made of powder-coated steel and a light plywood, the unusual slanted roof is quite unlike any other pet house on the market. Measuring in at roughly two feet long and deep, the Deauville pet house is scarcely larger than a typical bed or crate, yet it makes a much classier statement in the home. Plus, it’s not merely an indulgence to please pet parents: the interior cushion’s antibacterial microfiber fabric keeps pets cool during hot days and warm during cold nights. The angular design is especially pleasing to any pets that enjoy burrowing or have a penchant for small spaces. Cutouts in the steel on each side of the miniature building make it easy for parents to peek inside and allow for ample light to float in, too.

a cat in a paper bag house and some white cat bowls
Courtesy of Pets So Good

A sort of mix between the deliciously neutral world of Kim Kardashian’s Axel Vervoodt-designed home and the infamous fainting couches of the Victorian era, the Linden Dog Day Bed is similarly stylish. The addition of side and backrests to this bed makes it a perfect choice for any dog who loves scratching along the sides of or nuzzling into furniture, while a velcro bottom prevents pups from accidentally pulling the bed off of its frame when at their most rambunctious. Though the piece is certainly pricy, the wooden base and high-density foam of the cushion ensure its lasting quality.

mini poodle on a beige dog bed
Courtesy of Pets So Good

Their products even passed Ssense’s design smell test so you know it’s sure to impress even the most discerning pups. You can conveniently pick ‘em up on the fashion retailer’s site, or directly from the company itself. Either way, Pets So Good’s products are a chic investment piece for pets both old and young, canine and feline.

rachel davies

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies is a writer who has written for numerous publications including Vox, Wall Street Journal, and Architectural Digest and the parent of a beautiful Cocker Spaniel mix named Thea. 

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