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From pet travel tips to pet-friendly city guides, we’ve got all your flying, hiking, and biking needs covered.

Woman at a dog park outside with a bunch of dogs.

For social pups, these are the places to be.

Stray dog sleeping on the street

Fall in love abroad? Follow these simple steps to bring your new family member home.

Woman camping with her dog outside.

Everyone is welcome in the tent, but you’ll need these items on your packing list if your pup is tagging along.

Ask a Vet

Pet health question that’s not an emergency? Our vet team will answer over email within 48 hours. So, go ahead, ask us about weird poop, bad breath, and everything in between.

Two golden retrievers, white and gold, traveling together at the back of the small compact silver and orange car. Sitting in the trunk, looking outside through the opened window.

Bring your pet along for the ride with these pro tips from a dog trainer.

A dog with its head sticking out the window of a moving car.

They are your favorite person anyway—why not plan the perfect vacation with them?

Woman getting ready to travel with her small brown dog at the airport.

The restrictions create financial and logistical challenges for animal welfare organizations.

Woman and her dog on BARK Air airplane.

Does this mean they will lower those hefty ticket prices?

A garden that's a tribute for fallen pets in Del Mar, CA.

Inspired by one local man’s love for his late dog, Gwen’s Garden has grown into a valued community space.

Bark Air

Don’t worry: No dogs were harmed.

New Dog Training Program

Try these free training programs from our friends at Dogo to help with new dog life and basic obedience.

Start Training
Man backpacking with his Golden Retriever puppy in a state park

Where to go and what to do—from Alabama to Wyoming.

collage of NYC dog friendly places

Whether you’re brunching, barhopping, or looking for a place to crash in NYC, your dog deserves to come with you.

Woman on plane with her small black dog.

We broke down the details so you don’t have to.

Woman and her dog in a cafe.

Complete with beaches, trails, and dog-friendly accommodations galore.

a woman in sunglasses cuddling a dog surrounded by LA imagery: an LA sign, a skateboarder, a beach, a taco truck

From breweries with dog menus to pup-friendly music venues and beaches where your travel companion can run off-leash.

BARK Air is here to deliver a white paw experience. We built our flight experience for dogs first, from the ground up.

Your dog will get their own puppy concierge to make sure all their in-flight needs are met.