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Go green with your pet. Read up on eco-friendly pet care trends to help minimize your pet’s carbon pawprint.

A dog laying under a table outside while a woman cares for her plants.

You need to be extra careful if your dog or cat is your gardening assistant.

dog parents using the Sutera Puppy Poop Power device

It’s a (literally) dirty business. Here’s how two cities found an eco-friendly way to control it.

Young couple feeding their dog with healthy green food from the farmers market at home

Use this as your spring farmers' market shopping list for you and your pub.

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A women disposing a doggy bag in a trashcan in the park

Gasp! “Compostable” poops bags are bad for the environment? Sustainability expert Dave Coast gets the scoop from CompostableLA founder Monique Figueiredo.

With the help of innovative waste-management company TerraCycle, it’s easier than you think.

Three eco-friendly pet grooming products displayed in a collage.

Package-free brushes, plant-based wipes, certified-organic shampoos, and more.

Man shopping in a pet store reading product information

Here are the sustainability buzzwords you should look out for on the packages of your fave products.

Hiker and dog overlooking the top of a mountain

Expert tips to help reduce your pet’s carbon footprint. (Pawprint? You get it.)

A woman digging a big hole in her flower bed

Without getting totally grossed out.

Lauren Singer sitting on street step hugging her tan dog named Rose

The founder of Package Free says there’s a low-waste alternative to every pet product sitting in your trash right now.

Woman and her dog mopping on the floor of a room during housework.

Because messes come with the territory.

woman holding beautiful cat

Cue Sarah McLachlan.

Woman And Dog Cleaning Coast From Trash.

Clean the earth and save on pet goodies. It’s a win-win.

A cat eating a plate of fish on a dining room table.

All those cartoons of cats staring longingly at fish bowls might not be so far off. A new study suggests seafood in your pets’ diet could help sustainably meet the world’s protein needs.

Indy, a woman with brown deadlocked hair, sitting next to a sunflower outside while holding a blind white dog named Okra

The star of the new Nat Geo series Farm Dreams feeds her pup fresh popsicles and foraged kelp.

project hive pet company dog toys

“Saving bees brings more beauty and joy into the world — just like dogs do.”

an orange dog in a kitchen beside Pulp Habits eco bites

Eco Bites has upcycled vegetable pulp, sustainable insect protein, and is packed with vitamins. Your vet is already thrilled.

Two women refill their Canada dog food at Petco.

A new Petco initiative aims to keep 50,000 dog food bags out of landfills each year.

A woman walking with her dog in a garden.

Wellness experts and animal trainers agree: a tuned-in spring outing can be restorative for both people and pets.

A young girl on a beautiful day in the park is holding her dog while collects its poop.

It’ll mess up a lot more than your pristine white sneakers.

illustration by Maria Contreras, dogs and cows on a big green grassy hill

The Because, Animals co-founder on the eco-friendly way we could feed our pets.