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pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (e.g. your ex.) And get more tips for the people stuff.

cold picnic Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer

Meet Phillip and Daisy, the pups behind Cold Picnic’s colorful, trendy aesthetic.

Dani Miller with two dogs

How the Surfbort frontwoman and Gucci model’s rescue pups, Foxy and Pony, get her out of the house and out of her “feels.”

Paulina Alexis cover story

The rising star on saving stray animals on her reservation, her horse girl side hustle, and how her character connects with her roots in season 2.

Get your fix of The Wildest

We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

Backview of Tess Roby playing at her keyboard with her cat sitting on her desk next to a vase of flowers in the living room

Montreal-based musician Tess Roby shared the process of making her latest album, Ideas of Space — of which her cat, Lou, seems to approve.

A woman sitting on a couch with her cat.

The sartorial curator named her pet clothing line after one of her cats, Marshmallow, but their inspiration on her career hardly stops there...

Paul Wacker and his dog

The figurative artist on bringing his rescue pup along on his wild rides, from studio sessions to backpacking expeditions.

 Zoe Schlacter  with their dog

And did Cowboy and Alfie just inspire a pet product line?

Julian Shapiro-Barnum sitting outside and smiling at Maxine the Fluffy Corgi in his backpack.

They say never work with children or animals. The comedian behind the most joyful series on the internet disagrees.

A man and his dog sitting on a couch posing for a picture.

The artist, front man, and queer icon on his terrier, Stix: “She’s like a little stuffed animal that’s come to life and is oblivious to all the hate in the world and just wants to give you love.”

person and their dog

Founder Al Sandimirova on launching a body-positive brand, designing sustainable jewelry, and laboring under Luna’s watchful eye.

Pet parent and musician Zola Jesus and with her black dog Nadja standing in a dim forest wearing a long black dress

How the musician’s pets — present during the making of her new album — counterbalance the weightiness of her work.

Tree Thomas and his dog white and gray Pitbull dog, Chef, sitting on a blue couch in a living room

“He’s my support system when I’m making a beat. He’s kind of like my A&R — he listens to all my music and tells me if it’s good or not.”

A woman smiling while holding a cat close to her face.

The photographer, plant enthusiast and “crazy cat lady” shares her tips and tricks.

Shea Coulee in makeup and a white robe and hair towel wrap holding her Pomeranian dog Baby

The Drag Race All Star on astrology, mental health, and the importance of pets to people in the LGBTQ+ community:
Baby has no idea about my public persona. She literally just loves me exactly for who I am.” 

A woman sitting on a couch with three dogs.

How the author and founder of Pup Culture Rescue is fusing her experience in the entertainment industry with her passion for animal advocacy.

A woman sitting on a couch playing with a dog with her back to her partner.

Someone disliking a dog? Red flag. Someone asking their partner to give up their dog? Heartless!

A man sitting at a table with his laptop and cat.

The Insta-famous cat dad on fostering 40 kittens, changing stereotypes, and everything you need to know about adopting.

Tyler Gaca basking in the sun laying on concrete while holding his Chihuahua dog against a mountainous backdrop

Meeting all the fantastic beasts — real and imaginary — occupying TikTok star Tyler Gaca’s world.

Artist, Shantell Martin laying on the floor with her dog in her studio.

The artist on penning a manifesto that empowers artists, choreographing a ballet, and how her dog fits into her creative process.

Valentin Pujadas illustration

The science-backed ways our pets offer us emotional support, according to experts and real pet parents.

Jess Tran laying in a bed looking lovingly at her dog.

The creative guru on taking her dog to therapy, finding community at the dog park, and the “spiritual journey” of pet parenthood.