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pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (e.g. your ex.) And get more tips for the people stuff.

Juno Dawson on a couch with her Chihuahua, Prince

The author of the ninth-most banned book in the US finds joy in creating queer art and basking in the unconditional love of her Chihuahua.

Kelsey Darragh with her dog Hippo

The filmmaker, comedian, and mental health advocate’s boyfriend didn’t want to adopt their foster pup. She ditched the guy and kept the dog.

Asha Leo walks with her psychiatric service dog, Pirate, on a trail

How the Pit Bull advocate is bolstered by her Instagram-famous psychiatric support dog.

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Woman and her small black and white dog stand against a yellow wall.

The founder of Gentle Thrills was a child of Tumblr who grew up to love pet portraiture and her “dusty queen” of a pup.

grace miceli and tony

“I was like, ‘How can I draw myself without drawing my actual self?’ We have this sort of symbiotic relationship — he’s become this character that I’m able to explore things through...”

Leah Thomas with her white cat

The Intersectional Environmentalist founder finds big joy in the tiny lap cat who enjoys staring blankly at the Zoom screen.

Sasha Spielberg sits with her small orange dog

The musician, actress, artist, and podcaster paints to honor her great past loves: the pups in her life.

Amrit Tietz poses with her dog, Soy.

She’s DJed for Dua Lipa and Lauryn Hill, but these days, nothing beats nesting with her rescue pup and new baby.

The multi-hyphenate Cruel Summer star is making big moves. Roger just wants pets.

Chad Clark and his dog, Stanley, cuddling on the couch, facing the camera

After mutual health scares, the musician and his pup are healing — together.

Dayna Isom Johnson with her small white and orange dog on a picnic blanket

And her pup, Mojo, is her stylish right-hand dude.

Especially when the eco-forward fashion designer has red carpet nerves.

Sen. John Fetterman’s “TikTok whisperer” works hard, but Bella helps her chill.

Your For You page has never been cuter.

Jessica Koslow sitting on a beige couch with her black wire-haired dog sitting in her lap with a bookshelf in the background

OK, this is too pure: His favorite words are “love” and “friend.”

The Wildest's January Cover Star, Rainey Qualley, wearing a bright orange fluffy jacket while holding her white and black cat and standing in a closet full of purses and coats

Talent (and an obsession with cats) runs in the family.

illustration of moises zamora and cats

The award-winning writer-producer-filmmaker’s superpower is rescuing cats — and letting them inspire the virtual worlds he creates.

Kassidi Jones sitting on a green velvet couch with her curly hair in two big pom poms and wearing a coral spaghetti strap jumpsuit while her tan dog Gingers Naps licks her face.

The academic — an exciting, emerging voice in animal advocacy — comes wielding both cute Pit Bull pics and uncomfortable truths.

A black white and yellow ink drawing of a woman reading in front of a cityscape

But, in the end, they are the necessary force behind her art.

sudan archives collage

With a special nod to Barack Obama, too.

Emma Allen wearing glasses and blue jacket standing in front of her desk with full bookshelves above it

The New Yorker cartoon editor’s assistant is a massive, blood-thirsty, perfect furball.