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pets & their people

Let’s talk humans. See what celebs have to say about pet parenthood. Find advice on handling your pet’s other people (e.g. your ex.) And get more tips for the people stuff.

Kaley Cuoco with dog

The Emmy-nominated actor and Oh Norman! founder on balancing parenthood—in all its forms—with a burgeoning new pet care business.

Logan Ryan with his large black and gray dog

The veteran safety, who’s headed to the Super Bowl this weekend, tells The Wildest all about being a dog dad and his org, The Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation.

Bea Koch and Leah Hodge with small dog.

The sisters talk adoring dogs and balancing being small business owners and pet parents.

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Arabelle Sicardi holds their dog, Titan

Titan was just their partner’s pup. Now, he’s the writer’s favorite excuse to take a mental-health break from late-night edits.

Lorien Stern with her dog on a yellow couch

She couldnt let allergies get in the way of her love of animals.

Katherine Heigl poses with her dog

Now, the Emmy-winning actress and animal activist is giving it back through her rescue foundation and pet wellness brand, Badlands Ranch. “There is a benefit to our spirits, our minds, and even our physical nature — anyone who has ever loved an animal knows that.”

Blondshell makes a kissy face at her dog, Chinchilla

The musician has had a huge year touring on the road, but to keep going, she learns by example from her endlessly energetic pup, Chinchilla.

Gracie McGraw on a red chair with her dog

The New York-based actress is forging her own path on the Great White Way with her killer pipes, a busy city life, and a pup who is “drama dot com.”

Ellen Dusen holding her dog Snips while seated at a colorful table

The designer on playing with patterns, punching up home decor for dogs, and that time Harry Styles sported a Dusen Dusen sweater on SNL.

an illustration of Lukita Maxwell with her cat

The Shrinking actress gets pep talks from Jason Segel, shares scenes with Harrison Ford, and comes home to Roscoe — who she says is more of a “cat-dog.”

Aparna Brielle poses with her cat, Oscar Wilde

The FUBAR actress became a first-time pet mom when she adopted Oscar Wilde. Now, he’s turned her formerly pet-averse family into cat people, too.

Indy, a woman with brown deadlocked hair, sitting next to a sunflower outside while holding a blind white dog named Okra

The star of the new Nat Geo series Farm Dreams feeds her pup fresh popsicles and foraged kelp.

Corook wears a black-and-white striped shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes, paired with a green frog hat while they pose with their dog, Cubby outside on the grass.

The TikTok sensation and singer-songwriter says their German Shepherd mix, Cubby, has taught them it’s OK not to be perfect.

Samantha Hanratty with her dog

At least when it comes to their personalities. Not, uh, the other thing.

Jazz Jennings illustration by Petra Eriksson

The activist and artist grew up in the spotlight but stays grounded with the help of her fam — both human and feline.

Erica Rose smiles and cuddles her dog, Patty, at Ginger’s Bar in Brooklyn.

The co-creator of the Lesbian Bar Project shares her hopes for the future of queer filmmaking and her dog’s star status.

painting of a women in the bath

“I think the relationship between a woman and her animal companion can build out a character a lot — they’re more like witches’ familiars than pets.” 

Singer Bully and her large dog named Mezzi.

How the Nashville-based artist forever captured the spirit of her best friend and “rock.”

Juno Dawson on a couch with her Chihuahua, Prince

The author of the ninth-most banned book in the US finds joy in creating queer art and basking in the unconditional love of her Chihuahua.

Kelsey Darragh with her dog Hippo

The filmmaker, comedian, and mental health advocate’s boyfriend didn’t want to adopt their foster pup. She ditched the guy and kept the dog.

Asha Leo walks with her psychiatric service dog, Pirate, on a trail

How the Pit Bull advocate is bolstered by her Instagram-famous psychiatric support dog.