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Luxury Dog Airline BARK Air Adds 5 New Routes

Does this mean they will lower those hefty ticket prices?

by Sio Hornbuckle
June 13, 2024
Woman and her dog on BARK Air airplane.
Photo Courtesy of BARK Air

When BARK Air — the world’s first airline designed to pamper traveling dogs — was announced back in April, the dreamy concept came with a couple of caveats. First, the price: Tickets are thousands of dollars. Second, the route options: BARK Air only provided flights from New York to Los Angeles or London. The website claimed that they would add more routes down the line (which would allow them to eventually lower their cost), and now, that promise is coming to fruition.

BARK Air has announced five new flight routes for adventurous pups. Dogs can now fly in style between New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Miami/Fort Lauderdale. Specifically, flights are available between New York and San Francisco, London, Chicago, LA, and Paris; between Chicago and Miami, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco; and between LA and New York and London.

But to answer the most pressing follow-up question: No, the flights aren’t yet affordable for the average pet parent. Tickets currently range between $3,000 to $9,500, depending on which location and date you choose. And, hold your hat, those prices are for one-way tickets. Ouch.

That said, BARK Air is hopeful that they will eventually be able to lower their ticket prices, and expanding their route options is a step in the right direction. “Now to wait for the price to go down,” one Instagram user commented — to which BARK Air responded, promisingly, “We’re working on that!”

In the meantime, especially spoiled pups can travel around the U.S., or to Paris and London, on luxury flights especially designed for their comfort. Each BARK Air flight comes equipped with dog-focused amenities like calming treats and noise-canceling headphones; plus, flight attendants and vet techs are on board to keep an eye on each pup’s needs.

“The interest and enthusiasm around BARK Air to date have been overwhelming,” said Matt Meeker, co-founder and chief executive officer of BARK, in a press release. “We are excited to expand BARK Air’s service to new cities and through new routes, accommodating customer demand and bringing our unique, stress-free dog-centric travel experience to even more families.”

Sio Hornbuckle

Sio Hornbuckle is a writer living in New York City with their cat, Toni Collette.

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