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animal advocacy

Learn about the people making a difference for animals and what you can do to lend a hand, too.

Photoshopped crop of a cat edited on top of actor Pedro Pascal’s body, next to actor Bella Ramsey in “The Last of Us”

How a rescue cat named Pedro Pspspscal went viral and found a new home.

A hand holding a kitten with a cat tattooed at the hand.

Hannah Shaw, a.k.a. Kitten Lady, on how you can help with the springtime arrival of orphaned kittens.

Kate Mara on the ground with three dogs in her lap

The dogs are graduates of Canine CellMates’ alternative sentencing program, which pairs dogs with people charged with felonies in Fulton County, Georgia.

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Jennifer Coolidge and her dog

And queen of our hearts forever.

The rescue’s founder, Gina Boehler, on her mission to help these pups start over.

anonymous woman pampering and taking care about a small ginger kitten

Adoption isn’t for everyone — here are other ways you can be there for animals in need.

Two small brown kittens next to plastic litter box.

In exchange for a $5 donation, this rescue org in Ohio wrote people’s ex’s names in a litter box.

Poster for the short film "Save Ralph" showing a puppet-like white rabbit with a red eye and a bandaged ear in front of an olive background with the actors names and sponsors names across the top

This Oscar season, make time for this shortlisted film — and to advocate against animal testing.

Here is a list of orgs sending resources, so you can help from where you are.

Black woman smiling and holding a Siamese cat which is looking into the camera

“We don’t consider what we are doing animal welfare work. We are taking a holistic approach to well-being for animals and humans.” 

The Wildest's January Cover Star, Rainey Qualley, wearing a bright orange fluffy jacket while holding her white and black cat and standing in a closet full of purses and coats

Talent (and an obsession with cats) runs in the family.

Four small puppies in filthy cages outdoors

From adopting to fostering to sponsoring on Patreon, there are many ways to give these rescue organizations the support they need.

illustration of moises zamora and cats

The award-winning writer-producer-filmmaker’s superpower is rescuing cats — and letting them inspire the virtual worlds he creates.

My Pit Bull is Family

The fair-housing org’s journey from bumper stickers to databases.

Kassidi Jones sitting on a green velvet couch with her curly hair in two big pom poms and wearing a coral spaghetti strap jumpsuit while her tan dog Gingers Naps licks her face.

The academic — an exciting, emerging voice in animal advocacy — comes wielding both cute Pit Bull pics and uncomfortable truths.

A woman in a bright yellow-orange sweater holding a striped kitten in one hand and a credit card in the other while using her laptop in front of her

When the bills rack up, these resources have your back.

Three doodles sitting outside in the grass.

Further proof that you can — and should — adopt rescued designer dogs.

A woman in a yellow sweater and jeans sitting and petting the head of her gray cat eating dry food from the floor in her kitchen

These community resources can help your pet get the food they need.

Portrait of six pure-bred Husky puppies sitting side by side on a table while their breeder tried to arrange them for a photo in the background

Look out for untrustworthy breeders — and report them.

A cat peeking down from a tree.

How one cat colony inspired their hundreds of thousands of social media followers to care about cat rescue — and became superstars in the process.

shelter kittens playing with a round blue plastic toy with balls

Animals without homes for the holidays have still been good boys and girls. Giving them toys will give you all the feels.