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life with pets

Let’s talk about both the little things and big moments of life with pets. Like exercise routines, pet-sitter checklists, pet-safe plants…and how much it all costs.

Gray cat in a yellow pet carrier

Hurricane season is in full force. A vet breaks down what to include in an emergency go-bag for your pet.

Terrier dog jumping and flying high

Leap Venture Studio is a springboard for these companies designing “flexitarian” pet diets, state-of-the-art health tools, and more.

designer dog breed Labradoodle on a leash looking at the camera

Do your research. Know the facts.

Ask a Vet

Sudden scratching? Finicky food eater? Loose poop? Whatever pet health question is on your mind, our veterinary pros are here to help.

Illustration of a brunette woman in tan dress and black converse walking with her arms outstretched and on leg up in the middle of a midnight, moonlit, mountainous scene with two wolves running in front of her.

Libras are the undisputed favorite humans at the dog park.

Richard Rosenthal is protecting animals who have historically gone underrepresented in the criminal justice system. These are his stories.

How people can splurge on their pets — or adopt new ones!

Mock up of a white smartphone with an image on the screen of Tinder's new Rescue Match feature that reads "Adopt Chad" with a picture of a smiling man holding a brown dog

Shelter dogs want in on the cuffing season companionship rush. 

A very happy dog standing on its legs wearing a Birthday party hat in a decorated living room.

As Lizzo says, “Is it your birthday, [dog]? Let’s celebrate it.”

Dave Coast with his small white dog on a beach

The wellness expert shares his favorite spots for seaside strolls with his dog.

Get your fix of The Wildest

We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

Woman with tight curly black hair wearing a tan linen shirt and jeans sitting on a cream couch petting her tan and white cat who is laying on a blanket on the couch int he living room

Cristin Tamburo, a.k.a. The Cat Counselor, gives essential advice on keeping your cats chill while you’re away.

Still image from a stray cat video game showing a stray cat on the ground in a clustered and dimly lit city street filled with wires and neon lights

Take the cat off your lap and get into it.

Two young boys hugging a comfort dog on the pavement outside

How Golden Retrievers are helping Uvalde, TX, students return to class after the May 2022 tragedy.

A woman performing in front of people and dogs.

At this comedy event, you might hear some barks among the giggles.

A woman in a black swimsuit in the pool offering a star shaped pool toy to one of two dogs on a rainbow pool raft

Party pics from LA’s hottest (coolest?) event.

Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) holding one of her corgis in her arms and another corgi stands at her feet.

Just a queen and her Corgis — an everlasting courtship.