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Here are the beds, hammocks, heated mats, and everything else your pet needs to curl up and catch a snooze. Or stare at you from their cozy perch while you fulfill their every need.

Liv Huffman, Captain K’Nuckles, and BMO
Photography: Felisha Tolentino
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Your pet looks like a literal angel when they sleep. Regardless of whether they stay that way in their waking hours, you want to give them the best, most comfortable places to lay their adorable little heads (and paws and soft, sweet tummies).

We’ve pulled together a list of the best beds, blankets, cat towers, and more — where your cat or dog can enjoy their dreams of chasing birds and squirrels...or world domination. Your pet deserves the best snooze possible, and you want to give them a cozy place to do it. This is a good start — and even better, many of the brands are offering discounts.

Captain K’Nuckles is still up for adoption at Stray Cat Alliance!

Best Cat Tower

tuft+paw grove tower

Tuft + Paw produces furniture so chic, sculptural, and Scandinavian-inspired that it doesn’t look like it was designed for cats — which is kind of the point. Striking and minimal, tuft + paw’s Grove tower doesn’t have every bell and whistle out there, but it sure is sleek. Not only will it harmonize with your decór, it might actually elevate it, too. At least that’s what founder Jackson Cunningham intended. When shopping for furniture for his own cat, Jiggity, Cunningham says “the furniture was…ugly, something you’d want to hide. It seemed strange to me that cat products were held to such a low standard, despite the love we have for our cats. I knew we could do better.” With the Grove tower, your cat can perch on the faux-shearling top level or curl up in the padded interior: It’s like a kitty dream house. What could be better than that? —Helin Jung

Best Dog Lounge Bed

Jax & Bones Bumble Terra Lounge Bed

Jax & Bones’s Bumble Terra Lounge Bed is designed like a sofa, allowing your pet to snuggle against whichever side they choose — perfect for dogs who like to curl up in corners. The filling is both eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, so you can feel proud that all creatures benefit from your pup’s stylish choice of nap pad.

It’s worth noting, too, that if you’re concerned about getting a sustainable option for your pet (of course you are), the company reimagines waste materials like plastic bottles and fabric scraps into functional works of art that discerning pet parents will appreciate. “I started Jax & Bones in 2004 because I couldn’t find products on the market for Jax that were safe and stylish,” founder Tina Nguyen tells The Wildest. —Cory and Jane Turner

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Best Luxe Cat Tree

mau pets

When it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing cat accessories, no company does it quite like Mau. “Our design philosophy has evolved throughout the years, but at its heart and soul, it stems from creating products that are appealing to the human eye while providing ultimate comfort and utility for cats,” says the company’s founder, Joel Dickstein. The Cento cat tree is the perfect example: it’s familiar and functional, yet organic and sort of gorgeous, especially compared to most cat trees. Like, it’s the kind of cat tree you could imagine sitting in the corner of some influencer’s vacation home in Joshua Tree.

The Centro features two tiers, each with a large, sturdy napping basket, and a cozy cat cave at the base for private chill time. It’s made using tree branches harvested from trees only after they have ceased to bear fruit, and for every purchase, the company plants a tree to help offset carbon emissions and make the world a greener place. “We feel a large responsibility to help protect the planet and its inhabitants,” says Dickstein. “Planting trees is one of the best ways to mitigate climate change.” —Charles Manning

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

casper dog bed

Where your dog chooses to slumber is very important. After all, they spend most of their days doing just that. When your dog is getting on in years, their choice of bed becomes not just important but crucial. “[An orthopedic bed] is a great way to provide comfort while they’re resting, especially for senior dogs,” veterinarian and The Wildest Collective member Dr. John Iovino says. 

This orthopedic choice from Casper is a great option for your snoozing senior.  “[The Casper beds] come in three neutral colors, which make them easy to add to any interior space — either traditional or contemporary,” interior designer Philip Mitchell tells The Wildest. “And the fact that the cover is removable and can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer on a gentle cycle for easy cleaning is a huge bonus.” —Hilary Weaver

Best Sustainable Dog Bed

John Legend Laylo geometric bed

Gabriela Baiter co-founded Lay Lo four years ago. It began on Etsy as a home-grown solution for pet parents who wanted more design-forward offerings. Since then, the company has created capsule collections that are locally made (sometimes with upcycled, low-waste, or recycled materials), including collaborations with textile designer Warren Aldrich, French fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra, and this year, with musician John Legend

“I found that choosing from many of the best pet products meant sacrificing on the style of my small apartment,” founder Gabriela Baiter says. “With that as my spark, I started with a mission to make products for my pets that I’d be proud to display in my home.” We love Lay Lo for many aesthetic reasons, but also that each bed comes with orthopedic mattresses. —Sean Zucker and CM

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Best Cat Play Station

cat haus spellbound

Cat Haus was born out of the frustrations of one sustainability-focused, design-obsessed artist. “I’m a super conscious shopper,” founder Lora Lombardi tells The Wildest. “I always choose vintage pieces over buying things new.” When she was searching for options that satisfied her artist’s eye, her commitment to reducing waste, and her cat’s need to scratch, she came up empty. “Because I couldn’t find anything I liked, I was like, ‘I should just make one myself,’” Lombardi says. The piece was so warmly received by her studio mates that she decided to make more — and Cat Haus was born. 

All Cat Haus products are built from scratch by Lombardi, who upcycles local warehouse and showroom scraps. She designs the pieces to be replaceable, hoping to reduce the waste that occurs when traditional scratchers are inevitably destroyed by playful kitties. Not to mention, each hand-crafted play station makes a stunning addition to a home. “I view these as pieces of art, wholeheartedly,” Lombardi says. —Sio Hornbuckle

Best Donut Pet Bed

modernbeast pod dog bed

Modernbeast’s Pod beds are the softest surface your dog can get their paws on, wrapped around a form-fitting core that’ll give them the feeling they’re hopping into quicksand made of clouds. Of course, orthopedic beds can also help relieve joint pain and arthritis, especially for senior pups. “As they age, most — if not all — will eventually develop some form of arthritis, and this can help decrease any pressure on hips, knees, and elbows, versus a firmer type bedding, veterinarian and The Wildest Collective member Dr. John Iovino says.  

Beyond that, having an extra comfy bed like the MD Pod can help ease separation anxiety by acting as a safe space for your dog while you’re out. It can even help when you’re around, as well. “Teaching your dog to ‘go to bed’ — a reliable retreat full of high-value rewards — gives you a tool you can count on in a range of potentially stressful situations, such as when guests come over, you’re on work calls, or during tempting family meals,” dog trainer Melissa Dallier explains to The Wildest. Plus, the bed’s inner fabric is comprised of 100 percent recycled high-loft fiber, each pound of which diverts roughly seven plastic bottles from lingering at landfills. —SZ

Best Cat Cave

mau pets mau horizon cat cave

The Horizon Cat Cave from Mau is a round, egg-like cave made of cozy wool — a soft material cats love — with a modern design and neutral color scheme that will look sleek in any apartment. It is suitable for cats up to 24 pounds or multiple animals if you have sibling cats who love to cuddle! 

As many pet parents may know, cats love to hide — and experts say it is important to give your feline friends a safe space of their own in the home. “If you have a busy home…where kids or other animals are constantly seeking out the cat for interaction, cats will find a few places to hide to have some alone time,” Dr. Marci L. Koski, certified feline behavior and training consultant at Feline Behavior Solutions, says. “It puts them out of sight, out of mind.” Even if your home is mostly calm, most cats appreciate a little nook of their own to snooze. The Mau cave can even be flattened and used as a bed if your cat prefers to hang out on top of it. —Kari Paul

Best Affordable Cat Tree

yaheetech condo

Nothing beats a good cat condo, but damn can they be expensive! Not this one, though. It’s an absolute steal at just under $30. And according to the reviews on Amazon, it is actually well made. “I love this cat tower!” wrote one reviewer. “At the price, I [suspected] it would be bad quality, but it isn’t at all. I am very happy with the purchase.”

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Does my cat really need a big, fancy cat condo? And the short answer is...yes. Cat-only elevated spaces help cats feel safe and secure, which, in turn, makes them more social. “Elevated areas offer cats the opportunity to escape from anyone who is upsetting them,” cat behaviorist Karen B. London says. “That most frequently means dogs and children, but can also apply to adults, especially unfamiliar ones. Escaping vertically is the first choice for many cats if they have the option, and some cats who hide under the bed or in a closet would spend more time in the rooms where the rest of the family congregate if elevated escapes were present.” —CM

Best Cat Hammock

tuft+paw cloud nine hammock

If we could ask cats what they want in a home, they would nearly all mention places to perch up high. Luckily for them, tuft + paw launched an easy to install, felt window hammock for cats. You might suspect this cat hammock will be yet another in a long line of gifts your cat rejects, but cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennet says that’s not likely. “Cats are natural heat-seekers. A perch at a sunny window is appealing to just about any cat. Plus, it offers the added benefit of visual enrichment in the form of watching birds, squirrels, and other wildlife activity.”

Indeed, a window offers your cat a view of the world that’s, let’s be honest, a lot more interesting than whatever you’re doing inside. “Cats also love to be up high,” Johnson-Bennet explains. “Since cats are both predator and prey, the ability to access elevated areas gives them more visual warning time to see approaching danger, as well as the ability to see more of their environment in case potential prey appears.” The hammock’s matte black metal frame is understated and elegant, and the clear plastic suction cups will practically disappear against the window it’s stuck to. —Elizabeth Geier

Best Cooling, Elevated Pet Bed

coolaroo elevated pet bed

This elevated dog bed is perfect for keeping your dog cool and comfortable in the warmer months. The woven synthetic fabric allows air to circulate under, as well as around and over your dog, so they aren’t just sweating away atop an increasingly muggy and overheating cushion. It’s high enough that you don’t have to worry about resonant ground heat — especially relevant at the beach — but low enough that it’s easy for even small or less mobile dogs to access.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “It’s November! I don’t need this!” but we have it on good authority that summer is coming back again next year (and hotter than ever!) so you might as well prepare. And don’t just assume your dog loves the heat. “If you’re uncomfortable in the sun, your dog probably is, too,” veterinarian Dr. Carla Lerum says. —CM

Best Heated Cat Mat

k&h thermo kitty mat

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Sheryl Crow’s 2002 hit “Soak Up The Sun” was written by a cat. Sorry, Sheryl, no one loves the sun, or general warmth, more than cats. For chilly, gray winter days when there is no option to bask in some rays, we recommend this K&H Thermo-Kitty Mat. It’s especially great for senior or geriatric cats whose arthritis might flare during the cooler months. 

“My cat has osteomyelitis in her paw, plus awful arthritis in the cold weather. It swells something fierce and causes awful pain...but aside from expensive vet visits, what can fur-mama do?” Reads one of over 5000 five-star Amazon reviews. “My cat loved laying on my heating pad, but that's a danger and a fire hazard. I bought this for her to lay on and it helps her tremendously! I won't call it a miracle cure (it isn't), but it does ease her pain significantly in the cold, whether the dead of winter or the AC is set too low...The only problem is getting her off of it!” —Rebecca Caplan

Best Pet Blanket

funny fuzzy blanket

Nothing is funnier than when your pet claims something of yours as their own. The downside, if it happens to be a blanket, it will now be forever covered in pet hair. So why not get them a blanket of their very own? Funny Fuzzy has pet-specific blankets for dogs and cats in a fun checkered pattern. Aside from being stylish, they're durably made with high-quality materials resistant to fading and shedding. 

We all love something warm and cozy, but for pets, there’s a bit more to it. “It’s your dog’s job to keep an eye on everything going on in and around the house so she can make sure her family is safe,” veterinarian Dr. Jo Myers says. “When your dog is buried under the blankets in your bed, they can turn off that vigilance and take a break.” For cats, it’s the perfect surface for kneading. Kneading can mean many things from treating their parents like a mother figure to marking their territory through the scent glands on their paws. But ultimately, it just helps them get some R&R. —Kerensa Cadenas

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

Photography: Felisha Tolentino
Styling: Lindsey Hartman
Hair: Phoebe Seligman
Makeup: Jessie Bishop
Art Direction: Hannah Huffman
Production: Hyperion LA
Producer: Adam Cohen
Models: Liv Huffman, Captain K’Nuckles, and BMO
Special thanks to Stray Cat Alliance

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