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Interior Designers Recommend These Chic Dog Beds to Their Clients

They’re super practical, too.

by Emma Loewe
October 26, 2022
Courtney McLeod wearing a colorful striped dress and a bright orange bag in a blue room with brightly colored and patterned furniture
Courtesy of Courtney McLeod

A lumpy, worn-out dog bed doesn’t exactly scream “design goals” — no matter how much your pup loves it. Luckily, the internet runs amok with cute beds that will appeal to even the most decor-discerning of pet parents (and their comfort-obsessed companions). The following four even win the stamp of approval of interior designers and decorators.

While each one touts a slightly different style — from minimalist sleek to coastal grandma — they all have a few things in common: They come in colorways and patterns that could be mistaken for human furniture, feature simple builds that are comfy but not clunky, and stay oh-so-practical with machine washable covers and waterproof fabrics. It all adds up to a bed that you’ll want to rescue from that dark corner and put out on full display.

Raili Clasen

Philip Mitchell

casper dog bed

The Casper Dog Bed has won the hearts and snuggles of interior designer Philip Mitchell’s two pups, Jacob and Wylo. The dogs love the bed’s comfortable, soft-yet-supportive memory foam, while Mitchell appreciates their simple, unobtrusive design. “They come in three neutral colors which make them easy to add to any interior space — either traditional or contemporary,” he tells The Wildest. “And the fact that the cover is removable and can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer on a gentle cycle for easy cleaning is a huge bonus.” —CT and JT

Courtney McLeod

rattan dog bed with white cushion

Rattan makes for the perfect blend of form, function, and nostalgia for our childhood bedrooms; the sustainable material is handwoven by expert craftsmen bringing a modern, whimsical feel to the traditional material. “I love how the Everett Rattan Pet Bed is handcrafted with sustainable rattan,” raves Courtney McLeod of Right Meets Left Interior Design. “The piece feels airy and light, while being a cozy space for your furry friend.” The brand also sells other rattan decor items — ottomans, chairs, even children’s toys — designed in the same coastal vibe, so you can keep your living space cohesive.

Kathy Kuo

blue dog bed

Finally, designer and boutique owner Kathy Kuo dreamed up this bed with the regal pet in mind. “If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but treat your dog like royalty,” she says of the inspiration behind the oak wood bed topped with luxe (yet washable and waterproof) velvet. “The ornate frame elevates this pet piece to the level of all of your furniture and decor,” Kuo notes. “It would be perfect in a French country-style or modern farmhouse space.”

emma loewe

Emma Loewe

Emma is a writer, editor, and environmentalist based in New York City. She is the senior sustainability editor at mindbodygreen, the author of Return To Nature: The New Science of How Natural Landscapes Restore Us (April 2022), and the co-author of The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self-Care. While she doesn’t have any pets of her own, she is a loving dog aunt to Pip the pup.

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