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Why Cats Love Windows (And Need These Perches)

Some window perches that will make your cat meow, That view though…

by Elizabeth Geier
May 20, 2021
Cat sitting on a perch bathed in light from a window
anuwat / Adobe Stock

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“Cats are natural heat-seekers,” says cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennet. “A perch at a sunny window is appealing to just about any cat. Plus, it offers the added benefit of visual enrichment in the form of watching birds, squirrels, and other wildlife activity.”

Indeed, a window offers your cat a view of the world that’s, let’s be honest, a lot more interesting than whatever you’re doing inside. Think of a window perch as a recliner and your cat is preparing to veg out for a whole season of Shrill. “Cats also love to be up high,” Johnson-Bennet explains. “Since cats are both predator and prey, the ability to access elevated areas gives them more visual warning time to see approaching danger, as well as the ability to see more of their environment in case potential prey appears.”

If your windows don’t have window sills, a window perch is a worthy investment. A few factors to keep in mind: “Does your cat like to curl up on the towels in your closet?” Johnson-Bennet asks. “Then a cozy, padded perch would be the way to go for that cat.” Also consider your cat’s size and weight — you don’t want them hanging off the edge of a too-small perch. And multi-cat households may need multiple perches to prevent sibling rivalries over the prime viewing spot. “What’s important is safety, sturdiness, and comfort.”

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Elizabeth Geier

Elisabeth Geier is a writer, teacher, and animal advocate with extensive pet handling experience and a soft spot for bully breeds and big orange tabbies.