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Are You and Your Dog Astrologically Compatible?

Every pup parent loves a fun astrology moment.

by Alea Erika
July 3, 2024

Whether you are considering a new pal or are already devoted to a dog bestie, looking at your pup’s zodiac can be an illuminating and entertaining endeavor.  While all signs can come together in mutually fulfilling relationships, some astrological alignments can be more naturally compatible. Let’s explore some potential considerations between you and your canine counterpart. 

Below, find your Sun sign and see which sign dog you are the most compatible with — as well a few other signs ruled by compatible planets who could also be great cosmic matches for you.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Ruling planet: Mars

Your cosmically ordained match: Scorpio, the enigma

Both ruled by Mars, the planet of action, aggression, and vitality, you and your Scorpio hound share the competitive spirit of a friendly fight that can get serious, which fuels an ongoing battle to determine who has the real power in the relationship. Having found an equal opponent, there’s no doubt this relationship is built on love and respect, but this does not guarantee a peaceful accord — nor is that necessarily what either of you wants.

You likely take the prickly exterior of your Scorpio companion in your stride, and your natural humor and a tendency to get over things quickly may thwart your dog’s objective of maintaining a grudge for weeks. Sharing a similar intuition that the truest experience of being alive is found somewhere between excitement and terror, it follows that adrenaline-fueled physical activity, sparring, or chasing each other through the woods at night may be an important aspect of your bonding.

Challenges for an Aries-Scorpio match

Spontaneity and the thrill of the new are vitalizing forces for an Aries, whereas Scorpio canines can be suspicious of the unknown, territorial, and take a long time to trust others. More suited to a one-animal household, your incompatibility may be emphasized if you have a busy home with many visitors or want the kind of companion you can take everywhere.

Lacking the same level of energetic sensitivity as your dog, you may lack patience for their specific, inflexible needs, and emotional nature. 

Other potential matches: Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries

Sure, they may be your “pet,” but these fire-sign pooches operate with a self-determination that does not lend itself to docile domesticity. Like you, these strong-willed dogs don’t want to be cooped up inside all day, nor do they care for routine. What they do care for is Frisbee, playful rabble-rousing, and a tinge of recklessness — all of which you can likely get behind.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Ruling planet: Venus

Your cosmically ordained match: Virgo, the devotee 

As a Taurus, your elevated domestic standards and a down-to-earth connection to nature makes for a peaceful union, forged in the comfort of fine fabrics, food, and a garden plot or grassy knoll to frolic on. Both creatures of ritual, this canine may expect to be fed, walked, and groomed at the same time every day, and you are likely to be rebuked for any divergence from this routine.

Sharply intelligent and conversational, Virgo dogs are politely vocal about what they do and do not like, so much so that you may find the rhythms of your home life shifting to account for their specific tastes and standards. Committed to the preservation of peace in your household, and serious about their role as a rule-abiding and polite member of the family, the Virgo dog will occasionally break character with bouts of zany hyperactivity when they’re really comfortable with you. While they may have less tolerance for children, they are reported to have an affinity with cats and are one of the most adaptable signs of the zodiac.

Challenges for a Taurus-Virgo match

Highly self-possessed, a Virgo may be less cuddly and more judgy that you would prefer, particularly about perceived laziness and cleanliness. Because Virgo is productivity-oriented and mentally active, dogs without a clear purpose and engagement may tend toward restlessness and struggle to take that chill pill you so love. This could possibly disrupt your leisurely domestic pace. 

Other potential matches: Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra 

While fellow earth sign Capricorn may share your work hard, play hard philosophy, Cancer and Libra natives will delight in the spoils of your efforts and your high thread count sheets.

Whether you fall on the driven or cozy side of the equation at home, Cancer and Capricorn companions will take solace in your consistency and offer the same steadfast loyalty and love in return. Sharing your ruling planet, Venus, a Libran canine will possess a mutual dedication to beauty, artisanal treats, and self-care routines.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Your cosmically ordained match: Aquarius, the maverick

Not entirely certain about their identity as a dog, the peculiarities of this canine may offer you an endless wellspring of delight and curiosity. Sharing a mentally active air-sign intelligence, you genuinely enjoy each other’s company and conceptual frameworks and may even be quite verbally conversational. While neither of you require a high level of affection from one another, what you both require is social stimulation, and your Aquarian pet is likely to be an enthusiastic participant at any gathering.

A dog of the people, thanks to their fondness for off-leash roaming, this pooch may get more recognition than you on your neighborhood strolls. Known for a fondness for cats and other animals, this is a dog that loves to be part of a busy household and will strike up friendships with the same egalitarian approach that characterizes their friendly yet somewhat impersonal relationship with you. 

Challenges for a Gemini-Aquarius match

Aquarius is a fixed sign that is known for its steadfastness. Your flexible nature may be no match for your pup’s extremely stubborn streak and indifference to authority, compounded by the fact that they are smart for their own good. The truth is, almost everything this dog does will be entirely on their own terms, and you will have to work around that.

Other potential matches: Leo and Sagittarius

Craving as much stimulation and variety as you — and possibly more attention — these gregarious fire signs are the type you can take into any situation and know it will be a good time. While both may have a lot of physical energy to expend, their extroverted natures mean they make friends easily and are more than happy to head off with whoever wants to play.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Ruling planet: the moon

Your cosmically ordained match: Pisces, the dreamer

Is this your emotional support dog, or are you their emotional support human? You and your pet share a need for deep bonding of the soul-centered variety. Highly attuned to the ebb and flow of each other's (many) moods, this type of connection requires no less than the intimacy of knowing each other’s heartbeats, past life experiences, and big spoon-little, spoon-preferences.

You will naturally want to bathe, swim, and take part in any water-based activities together. Your nurturing instinct and hermit crab tendencies will soothe your dog’s more anxious and sensitive side; sometimes, this Piscean pup doesn’t know whether they want to go out, come in, be on your lap, or gaze off into the ether of some other world. A gentle, intuitive type, this dog will always know when you need comfort and when to expect visitors ten minutes before they arrive.

Challenges for a Cancer-Pisces match

These sensitive souls can be overwhelmed by life in the material world, which may lead to dependency or separation anxiety when you’re not around. Without enough grounding or structure, your shared empathic qualities could also create a feedback loop of emotional stress. 

Other potential matches: Scorpio and Taurus

Intensely loyal, once these fixed signs have bonded with you, they will remain attached for life. While a snuggly Taurus dog will share your nap-oriented and snack-focused outlook, a Scorpio may be one of the only dogs who will stand in the rain, gazing out at the wild sea, with the level of raw feeling the occasion demands.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Ruling planet: the Sun

Your cosmically ordained match: Libra, the socialite 

The celebrity coupling of the zodiac, this dog knows they are good-looking, will always look at the camera when you take a photo, and has a license to showboat and is not afraid to use it. You have the standards that meet the elevated tastes of the Libran hound, who will behave more like a human BFF than a canine one and will certainly not go outside to pee in the rain.

Extremely social, their genteel manner and desire to please make them a delightful companion to take almost anywhere. Provided these dogs have their own peaceful space to retreat to, they tend to be amiable household members and welcoming hosts to humans and animals alike. An enthusiastic participant in any pampering activities, if a Libra’s graceful demeanor wavers, it can be easily restored with some good old-fashioned bribery involving treats and gifts.

Challenges for a Leo-Libra match:

While close relationships are essential to this canine’s happiness, you may detect a certain air-sign aloofness that falls short of the warmth and affirmation you need. A harmonious environment is also essential to a Libra, who may become stressed by some of your more boisterous and dramatic qualities as a Leo.

Other potential matches: Gemini and Sagittarius

Sharing your playfulness and charisma, both signs need a similar quota of fun as you do to make it through the day. These dogs tend to love being petted by strangers as much as you love to make an impression — though as some of the most verbal and self-expressive signs, it’s likely the two of you will be heard long before you are seen. 

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Ruling planet: Mercury

Your cosmically ordained match: Capricorn, the G.O.A.T.

Your dog’s mature and serious countenance, likely since birth, conceals the sardonic wit you both delight in. With one knowing, wordless glance, this dog can communicate its approval or disdain for a new person, situation, or playmate. And yes, they do know that Prada is fake.

Similarly, a Capricorn canine will recognize and respect your diligent approach to their care. Sharing a conscientious approach to The Work and a love of routine, you and your Capricorn dog have found in each other a steadfast and detail-oriented companion with whom you can traverse those elusive peaks of perfection. Approaching the role of  “pet” with gravitas, this is a polite and obedient pup who loves praise, rewards, and maintaining stringent levels of home security.

Challenges for a Virgo-Capricorn match

While your systems ensure seamless operations, sometimes y’all may need to let loose. Saturn-ruled Capricorn can tend toward melancholy or bouts of cold and distant behavior. A bit of spontaneity every now and then may help draw your dog out of an overly cautious mindset and allow their freak flag to fly high — given the opportunity, Capricorns can also get pretty serious about having a good time.

Other potential matches: Taurus and Pisces 

Sharing your earthy nature, a Taurus dog will value your devotion and reliability, reciprocating with unwavering loyalty and a calming, cuddly presence. On the other hand, a Pisces pooch will be more concerned with the needs of your soul, offering an affectionate, emotionally attuned companionship that balances your practical style of nurturing.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Ruling planet: Venus

Your cosmically ordained match: Gemini, the chatterbox

If you think you are ever leaving the house or going on a car ride alone again, your Gemini twin has some news for you. Extremely verbal, this dog will be your spirited and charming companion who will act like an angel in public and save the mischief and chaos for their nearest and dearest at home.

Sharing a similar social intelligence, it’s unlikely you will take offense at the more impersonal qualities of your Gemini pooch, who is inconsistent in their affections and more than happy to head off with a friend for a few days without a backward glance. Quick, both in movement and in mind, this dog is sharp enough to master an arsenal of tricks, mastermind impossible-seeming escapes, and may undermine your social butterfly status by somehow knowing more people, animals, and news from around the neighborhood than you do.

Challenges for a Libra-Gemini match

Without adequate stimulation, your peaceful home environment may be disrupted by restless barking and mayhem of a hyperactive Gemini dog. While both of you may avoid rigidity and structure, a lack of routine may bring out the more indecisive and nervous aspects of your personalities.

Other potential matches: Aquarius and Leo

Aligned in your love of beauty and insistence that the picture be taken until it is flattering, a Leo canine’s affection and diva antics will make for a lively connection. Less high- octane, fellow air sign Aquarius has a different type of rizz — social activities and mentally stimulating play are this dog's domain.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Ruling planets: Mars and Pluto

Your cosmically ordained match: Cancer, the homebody  

Ruled by the moon, governing the realms of feeling, dreams, and intuition, this dog may move from states of profound joy, despair, urgent hunger, and whatever your mood is — all before breakfast. Unfazed by emotional extremes and the nocturnal realms, you likely hold space for this process as it does for yours.

Sharing an instinctual bond that borders on the psychic, this may be the one living creature that truly does know all your secrets. The home is this dog’s domain and provided you do not become overwhelmed with their attachment to you or want a companion to explore the big wide world with, you will have an incredibly loving companion for life. Like the mother who lifts a car to save her child, their sleepy or shy exterior hides a fiercely protective warrior who will lay their life on the line to protect you and others it loves — nor would you expect anything less.

Challenges for a Scorpio-Cancer match

Cancer canines may be the most affected by their home environment and the stress of being left alone. This can be the differentiating factor between a loving and empathic companion and a clingy or fearful one. These dogs may fare better as members of a home-loving family; a single pet parent may struggle to fulfill these needs.

Other potential matches: Pisces, Aries, and Capricorn

If any signs are as brave in the dark or as ready to go as far as you — for love or hate—it is a Capricorn or Aries, except the Aries will likely lose sight of the objective at the first sign of anything they can chase.

While a fellow Scorpio may be the only sign to match your depth of perception and passion, a Pisces shares your sensitivity to the ethereal world of vibes and always knows when you need a hug

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Your cosmically ordained match: Leo, the queen 

Magnanimous and playful qualities loom large in Leo dogs, who possess the kind of big-hearted bravery and flair for the dramatic that will send them into burning buildings to rescue those in their care. A generally sunny disposition and zest for life unites you as a fun-loving, charismatic duo, endearing you to all ages and species.

Radiating affection, this canine will wake you up with a beaming face and the odd “gift” that was likely pilfered from your neighbor’s yard. A mutual penchant for holding court and mischievously engaging others make this pairing one of the most likely to have those days that starts with a stroll to the dog park and ends in a different state, the two of you having spontaneously agreed to help renovate an aging poet’s farmhouse. All in a day’s work for this whimsical pair.

Challenges for a Sagittarius-Leo match

Large and in charge, a battle of wills may ensue if you challenge this fixed-sign hound’s assumption that they are the ones calling the shots. Leo dogs tend to crave attention and can be a little relentless in pursuing it or are over-sensitive to perceived slights if they feel ignored.

Other potential matches: Aries and Aquarius 

 Sharing your free-spirited nature and disinterest in conventionality or routine, canines of both these signs will gladly seek out new horizons alongside you. While an Aquarian's eccentric approach to life and social savvy keeps things interesting, the boundless enthusiasm of an Aries—and the mutual need to stretch your legs—means there is at least some chance that one of you will eventually tire the other out.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Ruling planet: Saturn

Your cosmically ordained match: Aries, the top dog 

Admittedly, many things can go wrong with this combination of the horn and the hoof. If you’re a vigorous, sporting Capricorn with your sights set on the literal top of the mountain, you have in Aries a fearless sidekick who also approaches challenges with gusto. Their tremendous energy and playfulness may force you to abandon the most effective course for the most adventurous and accept your companion as an exasperating but entertaining force in your life.

While these dogs reactive will always be a little wild at heart, you possess the patience and fortitude to carry out the kind of training that may make a significant difference between an excitable dog and one who is written off as having behavioral problems. This structure and commitment will foster a bond that deepens and improves with time. 

Challenges for a Capricorn-Aries match: 

The sheer excess of physical energy that some Aries dogs have to expend daily may be unmanageable without the appropriate level of space and input from others. Left inside all day, these dogs have the potential to be loud and prolific barkers that may leave a trail of destruction and disruption in their wake. And that’s fair; they need their exercise. You just need to have the energy to give them what they need.

Other potential matches: Taurus and Virgo

Your fellow earth signs share your appreciation for stability, respect, and the finer things in life. Highly intelligent and receptive to training, a Virgo will be an industrious member of the household. A Taurus, however, may rival your ability to hold a grudge and set a pace that is so slow on walks that you are, in fact, forced to stop and smell the roses. 

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Ruling planets: Saturn and Uranus

Your cosmically ordained match: Sagittarius, the wanderer

Founded on mutual respect for one another’s quest for meaning and mutual needs for a broad range of experience and information, a Saggitarian pooch will be your cheerful companion on this thrilling voyage called life. Whether this takes the form of an amble to the coffee shop or an intrepid journey further afoot (these dogs love the car and can walk forever), nothing can stop this tail from wagging, and all will be met with an enthusiastic  “yes.”

Possessing a friendliness and independence that rivals your own, Sagittarians are dogs of the people, and the extent of their fondness for adventure become apparent by just how many members of the animal and human community stop to specifically address them on your walks. Both non-conformists at heart, your dynamic is a magnet for unexpected situations, silliness, and unconventional connections that satisfy your inquisitive minds and adventurous souls.

Challenges for an Aquarius-Sagittarius match: 

Symbolized by the centaur, Sagittarians take the half-horse part quite literally, meaning the call of the great outdoors is strong for these dogs. Their need to roam may be challenging to fulfill without an appropriate amount of space and fellow roughhousing companions.

Loud, bumbling, and a little accident-prone, these pups may not be suitable for a house-proud pet parent or apartment dweller, particularly if their excitement is bottled up for too long and explodes. 

Other potential matches: Gemini and Libra

Your air sign compadres have a similar love of social stimulation, discourse, and learning new things that foster highly communicative companionships. Whether you welcome a little divine chaos of the capricious Gemini variety or take to the benign (if occasionally a tad haughty) influence of the Libran, both are adaptable and intelligent, sharing your curiosity in connecting with a wide range of humans and animals alike.  

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Ruling planets: Jupiter and Neptune

Your cosmically ordained match: Taurus, the stalwart

Affectionate, gentle, and happy to stroll at the slowest pace through life (ideally, a drive through the countryside with the window down), a Taurus canine’s love of human companionship makes this a comforting and close-knit connection. Presented with regular meals, a soft blanket, and a thorough pat, their profound contentment and serene repose offer a grounding respite from the chaos of the world.

Known to love music, children, and most of all, the familiar, once a Taurus has a cozy spot, they prefer to return to it for the rest of their lives. Lazy souls by nature, they are surprisingly quick to temper if their food source, Tempurpedic dog bed, or other items taken into their possession are threatened — this includes you. Your Taurus dog will be a staunch and loyal protector of anyone they have bonded deeply with.

Challenges for a Pisces-Taurus match: 

Of all signs, Taurus canines are set in their ways. As they do not share your fluidity, your tendency to align with the energy rather than the hands of the clock may not go down well with the stubborn bull who likes routine and may resist adapting to new environments or schedules.  

Regardless of the pup who ends up becoming a part of your family, you can find compatible qualities in them. What it comes down to is that you love each other and are each other’s ride or dies. After all, your pup probably isn’t going to sit still long enough to listen to you recite their whole chart to them. They have treats to eat and snuggles to give!

Other potential matches: Cancer and Scorpio

The water sign trinity gets it — Cancer and Scorpio dogs share your attunement to those fundamental building blocks of any relationship, for example, communicating in dreams on the astral plane.

Both fiercely protective and empathic, a Cancer pooch’s expertise lies in cuddle culture. On the other hand, a Scorpio brings a little intensity and a fondness for roaming the premises in the dead of night and barking at unseen intruders. 

alea erika

Alea Erika

Alea is an astrologer, DJ, and writer from New Zealand who is currently based in Portland, OR. Her music shows and interviews can be found on NTS Radio at Lucifer Over Los Angeles, and her writing is featured in Butch is Not a Dirty Word and The Spinoff among others.

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