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Sandy Liang x Little Beast Is Such a Vibe

It’s mommy-and-me meets the Lower East Side, and the girlies will never be the same.

by Charles Manning
November 27, 2023
2 dogs in Sandy Liang x Little Beast pink matching outfits
Courtesy of Little Beast

Sandy Liang ’s designs are cool. Full stop. They’re nostalgic and girly, but also totally modern and kind of minimalist. They are the epitome of IYKYK downtown New York fashion and a favorite of editors and the Hadid sisters alike. “I think maybe Sandy Liang is like Supreme for a certain subset of women who wear ballet flats,” writes fashion journalist Tara Gonzalez for Harper’s Bazaar. “There’s an undeniable collectability to everything she makes, but there’s also a distinctive air of real New Yorker energy.” In other words, it’s one hell of a vibe. And now, thanks to Liang’s collaboration with Brooklyn-based dog brand Little Beast, it’s a vibe you and your pup can share. 

The collection, which dropped earlier this month, ranges in price from $88 to $149 and consists of six pieces inspired by items from Liang’s Fall 2023 collection. The Lil Bommy Puffer, for instance, is a canine-sized riff on the Bommy Puffer and matching pants that walked the runway at Liang’s NYFW show back in February. While the Lil Mulled Cardigan, available in carnation pink or hojicha, has its own human equivalents in the form of richly knit wool cropped cardigans and matching skirts, available right now on Liang’s website and in her store in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. 

a dog and person in a matching floral sweater; a dog and person in matching gray sweaters
Courtesy of Little Beast

Liang is a dog lover herself and occasionally features her own dog Tim (aka Timmy, aka Tam) on her brand’s Instagram page, so it makes sense that she would want to translate her designs for her customers’ canine companions. And who better to collaborate with on such an undertaking than Little Beast, known for their commitment to high style, sustainability, and small scale family-run manufacturing. 

“I was a big fan of Sandy and I noticed that she has the cutest dog,” says Little Beast founder Jisu Kim. “My goal was to dress her dog in Little Beast, so I reached out to her. She was incredibly sweet and even sent me some of her clothes. A couple of years later, we were talking and decided to meet up in person. We spent hours at her studio, discussing life and everything else except work. Towards the end of our conversation, I casually suggested, ‘We should do a collab!’ and she said ‘Yes, we should!’ I was thrilled because who wouldn't want to work with her? And that’s how this collaboration came to be.”

a dog and human in a matching red puffer; two dogs and a human in matching pink sweaters
Courtesy of Little Beast

Liang first made her mark on the New York fashion scene with her fleece jackets, so, of course, she had to include one in this collection. Inspired by the Grass Fleece, the Lil Grass Fleece features white floral patches, a reinforced hole at the back for easy leash attachment, and a small zipper pocket just the right size for a couple green plastic baggies.  

The collection also includes two accessories: the Lil Rivetto Collar, inspired by the Rivetto Belt and made of vegetable-tanned Italian leather and gold-plated iron studs and hardware; and the Fiji Tote, a heavy-duty canvas tote with a big, floppy bow on the side and a pink fleece-wrapped bottom insert for stability and coziness.

Now, if only the designers could find a way to translate Liang’s viral Mary Jane ballet slipper flats into something for dogs. Mary Jane rain booties perhaps — how cute would those be? Maybe next time.  

Charles Manning

Charles Manning is an actor, writer, and fashion/media consultant living in New York City with his two cats, Pumpkin and Bear. Follow him on Instagram @charlesemanning.

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