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Matching Tops for Dogs Who Dress Like Their Humans (or Vice Versa)

Don’t forget to wear pants.

by Rachel Davies
February 23, 2022
Person and dog matching in purple and white checkered clothing

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There’s no telling when the belief that dogs and their parents look alike began, but after years of studies, psychologists have proven that the adage is correct time and again. If we accept that it’s true, then what’s the cause? Theories vary, from those that place the onus on the owners — like the proposal from a 1999 study that people with long hair instinctually prefer dogs with lop ears to dogs with pricked ears and vice versa for people with short hair — to those that think it has more to do with the dogs themselves, as a 2011 study that found dogs have an “automatic imitation” impulse suggests. 

While there’s no clear consensus, looking like an adorable pooch doesn’t seem like such a cruel fate — and in any case, it’s undeniable that the bond between a dog and their parent is easy to recognize. With the plethora of dog clothes and accessories now on the market, it’s simpler than ever to share your sense of personal style with your pup. We’ve matched some of the cutest dog clothing brands with similar human brands so you and your pup can put your best foot and best paw forward, respectively. Here are 12 matching outfits you and your dog can both feel stylish in.

a woman in a pink turtleneck, a small white dog in a pink turtleneck
Courtesy of Max Bone & Alexander Wang

Maxbone x Christian Cowan + Alexander Wang

What’s more eye-grabbing than a dog strutting down the street in a bright pink feathery turtleneck? A dog and their owner walking down the street in bright pink turtlenecks! Made in collaboration with fashion designer Christian Cowan, Maxbone’s feathery pink sweater is probably the most imaginative piece of dog clothing on this list. Though Alexander Wang’s bright pink turtleneck isn’t feathery, it’s plenty fuzzy and its roomy fit matches its Maxbone counterpart quite well. 

Maxbone x Christian Cowan Feathered Jumper, $95

Alexander Wang Faux Fur Turtleneck, $425

lirika matoshi and little beast

Little Beast + Lirika Matoshi

Why not manifest a little optimism with these sweaters that’ll have onlookers thinking, “Blue skies ahead!” If you love bright colors, Lirika Matoshi and Little Beast are must own brands and these perfectly matching sweaters, which both feature puffy white clouds and grassy green trim, couldn’t be more suited for a crisp spring walk. 

Little Beast Silver Linings Sweater, $65

Lirika Matoshi Clouds Knit Sweater, $140

a woman in a loose, floral prairie dress; a small white dog in a loose, floral prairie dress
Courtesy of OPAAP & Batsheva

OPAAP + Batsheva 

The prairie-inspired brand Batsheva has earned praise from innumerable outlets over the past few years, including both the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, and even dressed Vice President Kamala Harris’s step-daughter Ella Emhoff for the inauguration of President Joe Biden. With OPAAP’s dramatically collared pleated dress and a little something from Batsheva, both you and your dog can play Little House dress up. 

OPAAP Blossom Dress, $45

Batsheva Claude Floral-Print Dress, $142

owner and dog matching flora sweaters; a small brown dog in a black floral top, a woman in a black floral top
Courtesy of Cote a Cote & Paloma Wool 

Cote a Cote + Paloma Wool 

There’s no better way of summoning springtime joy in the winter months than with flowers, and these matching flower sweaters are the perfect way of doing so. Both sweaters use black and white along with brighter colors, so they can easily match winter clothes that are more subdued in color, too. 

Cote a Cote Daisy Cardigan, $30

Paloma Wool Hana Sweater, $139

an orange fleece jacket, a tan fleece jacket with a red scarf
Courtesy of NK Pup & Outdoor Voices

NK Pup + Outdoor Voices

For the pair that’s perpetually planning their next trek, or for those who are just trying to keep warm and cozy through the wintertime, the Outdoor Voices MegaFleece pairs perfectly with NK Pup’s Fleece Sweater. For a perfect match, you can purchase both in white, or for merely complementary looks, you can opt for one of the many other colors offered.

NK Pup Fleece Sweater, $30

Outdoor Voices MegaFleece Sweatshirt, $98

a small black dog in a tan sweater, a woman in a pink sweater
Courtesy of The Barkers & Vince 

The Barkers + Vince 

For the dog who graduated magna cum laude at obedience school and their proud parent, these 100% cashmere cable knit sweaters are an appropriately bookish look. With these sweaters, you two are sure to be ready for your next open-air museum trip. 

The Barkers Camel Turtleneck,$89

Vince Cashmere Cable Pullover, $150

dog and owner matching black puffer jackets
Very Important Puppies + Nike x Supreme

Very Important Puppies + Nike x Supreme

For the true hype beast hound, Very Important Puppies is where it’s at. Their Black Puffer Jacket, made in collaboration with SSENSE, matched with a Nike x Supreme puffer will show onlookers that both you and your dog are all about the drip. 

Very Important Puppies Puffer Jacket, $337

Nike x Supreme Reversible Puffy Jacket, $804

a woman in a yellow top, a small white dog in a yellow top
Courtesy of Dentists Appointment & Backyard Roses

Dentists Appointment + Backyard Roses

In these gingham tops, you and your dog will be adequately dressed for a springtime picnic or an Easter celebration. Just make sure Sparky doesn’t find all the eggs before anyone else gets a chance.

Dentists Appointment Gingham Puff Sleeve Tee, $26

Backyard Roses Carrie Gingham Top, $25

matching dog and owner tops - a white dog in a checkered green button up a woman in a checkered green button up
Courtesy of Trois Point & J Crew 

Trois Point + J Crew 

Impress colleagues on Zoom by matching your dog’s Trois Point tunic in this work-friendly J Crew button up.

Trois Point Witty Check Shirt, $30

J Crew Cotton Poplin Shirt, $35

a crochet sweater, a dog in a rainbow crochet sweater
Courtesy of Hey Jerry & Tach Clothing 

Hey Jerry + Lisa Says Gah

You and your pup will look like you came straight from grandma’s house in these darling crocheted sweaters. Hey Jerry’s multi-colored doggie cardigan features an inner lining so that the sweater can shine in all its glory without worrying about any fur poking through the holes between stitches. Plus, you’ve wanted one of designer Lisa Bühler’s “avant basics” since she became a cult favorite during the pandemic.

Hey Jerry Crochet Cardigan, $37

Lisa Says Gah / Tach Clothing Crochet Cardigan, $260

a woman in a pink floral vest, a fluffy white dog in a red floral vest
Courtesy of My Fluffy & Full Tilt

My Fluffy + Full Tilt

A vest is a great choice for a dog who may be less used to wearing clothes, and this My Fluffy number is sure to be even more comfortable thanks to its buttons that can be left open for more wiggle room. Full Tilt’s vest is a wonderful option to match your dog not only because of its shared shape, but because it too bears a flower pattern. 

My Fluffy Flower Vest, $42

Full Tilt Floral Sweater Vest, $20

matching outfits: a woman in a purple and white checkered outfit, a small white dog in a purple and white checkered sweater
Courtesy of Wray & Little Beast

Little Beast + Wray

For those who’ve completely drunk the checkerboard Kool-Aid, these intentionally matching looks from Wray and Little Beast’s collab are just the thing. With Wray’s classic purple checkerboard lounge set and Little Beast’s matching turtleneck sweater (and socks!), both you and your dog will both be ready for a restful and restorative Self Care Sunday. This set just sold out, but will be restocked in the fall — just in time for sweater weather.

Wray Lounge Set, $95

Little Beast Meet the Parents Sweater, $65

rachel davies

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies is a writer who has written for numerous publications including VoxWall Street Journal, and Architectural Digest and the parent of a beautiful Cocker Spaniel mix named Thea.