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Catch a Cable Car and Hang at These Pup-Friendly San Francisco Spots

The home of the very fun, very queer Castro District, the Golden Gate Bridge, and...your happy pup.

by Kari Paul
June 15, 2023
san francisco dog friendly guide
Collage: Blake Cale

San Francisco: The foggy city by the Bay is known for its beautiful views, hilly streets, and a counterculture history that has been massively reshaped by tech in recent years. It is also a hub for dog people, with countless parks and year-round sunshine making it a great place for pups to thrive. 

Bay Area dog lovers have a growing number of spots where their pets are welcome — so much so that one recent study named San Francisco the most dog-friendly city in the U.S. Whether you want to take your pup to a gourmet dinner, to the park to meet their own friends, or simply on a good hike, here are some of the top spots in town.

Cafes, Bars, and Eateries

Situated in sunny California, where produce is often cheap and in season, San Francisco is a great food city. Luckily, many of its restaurants also allow dogs, so bring your pup and head out for a beer or a meal. More often than not, your pet’s own dog-friendly snacks will be provided.  

Duboce Dog Park Cafe, to dog outside
Courtesy of @isimmons

Duboce Park Cafe 

2 Sanchez St., San Francisco

This cafe serves delicious egg scrambles, sandwiches, and coffee. Situated adjacent to the popular dog park Duboce Park, it caters to its dog clientele by allowing pups inside and offering water bowls. This is a great spot to bring your pup after a raucous morning at the dog park.

Dogue cafe, a dog at a table

Dogue SF

988 Valencia St., San Francisco

This much-buzzed-about fine-dining eatery for dogs functions as an all-natural food shop throughout the week but on Sundays turns into Bone Appétit Cafe — a restaurant with a $75 tasting menu for pups. Reservations are preferred for the Dogue (rhymes with “vogue”) food experience, which includes a number of courses developed by co-owner Rahmi Massarweh, a classically trained chef who began cooking for dogs exclusively after he burned out working in fine-dining kitchens. Situated in the Mission neighborhood. 

a small white dog at Zazie cafe
Courtesy of @arcticfox__booboo


941 Cole St., San Francisco

This dog-friendly restaurant in Cole Valley allows you to bring your pup to eat outdoors any night of the week, but on Mondays dog dining is encouraged. At its weekly “Zazie Has Gone to the Dogs” event, the restaurant offers $10 off a bottle of wine for pup parents bringing a dog, plus unlimited dog treats for your pup. 

small dog on a pingpong table at El Rio
Courtesy of @elriosf

El Rio 

158 Mission St., San Francisco

This beloved gay bar in the Mission hosts happy hours, concerts, and dance parties on its back patio — where all are welcome, including your pup. While it does not encourage pets at some of its wilder parties (things can get pretty crowded), a weeknight is a safe bet to bring your dog companion. Check out its online calendar for events in advance. 

a small white dog in Bloodhound
Courtesy of @tootsiethetoy


1145 Folsom St., San Francisco

As the name may imply, Bloodhound is a bar that appreciates your pup. The hunting-themed spot also marks one of the fancier cocktail purveyors that allows dogs, so if you’re tired of the Bay Area sports bar scene, bring Fido here for a more refined setting. Located in Soma. 

a small black and white dog in an outdoor space in Benders
Courtesy of @bendersbarandgrill


806 S. Van Ness Ave., San Francisco

Another fun bar in the Mission, Bender’s has a dive-y vibe and a back patio that welcomes dogs. Order some greasy bar tacos for yourself and ask for their house-made dog treats for your pup.

a white dog in sunglasses at the Molotov's bar
Courtesy of @sfmolotovs


582 Haight St., San Francisco

Bring your canine pals to this Lower Haight dive bar. Known for its cheap drinks, low-key vibe, and punk energy, this is a fun place to post up with your pup and a beer. 

a dog sitting on a chair outdoors at Rose's Cafe
Courtesy of @theperchingpoodle

Rose’s Cafe SF

2298 Union St., San Francisco

Head to the Marina for a fancy little cafe experience, complete with gourmet treats for your pup. Who could resist an afternoon snacking on delicious entrees and small plates in an adorable French brasserie style environs? Baked goods can also be taken to go at any time. 

a small dog next to a coffee cup
Courtesy of @nami.the.yorkie

Devil’s Teeth Cafe

3876 Noriega St., San Francisco

This delicious cafe has yummy house-made treats for dogs and their humans. Although Fido may have to wait outside (they don’t let pups indoors) it’s worth a stop for a delicious snack. Locations in the Outer Sunset and Richmond.

a small brown dog at an outdoor table with food
Courtesy of @kamatis.the.dachshund

Park Chalet Coastal Beer Garden

1000 Great Hwy, San Francisco, CA

Located conveniently between Golden Gate Park and dog-friendly Ocean Beach, Park Chalet is a great place to stop by for an outdoor meal or drink with your pup. It allows dogs all days of the week, but on the first Sunday of every month, it hosts a “Barks and Brew” event — with $2 beers and plenty of dogs for your pup to meet. Reservations in advance are recommended for that fun pooch party. 

a small dog at Kona's street market
Courtesy of @k0na808

Kona’s Street Market

32 3rd St., San Francisco

This craft cocktail bar is located near Union Square and features a menu inspired by worldwide markets. Kona is named after the owner’s Pit Bull, the bar’s ambassador who can often be seen hanging out inside. Your dog is more than welcome, too, of course.

two dogs cuddling at a table
Courtesy of @guaposf


741 Valencia St., San Francisco (and others)

This SF-founded local taco chain has four locations around the city, most of which offer dog-friendly outdoor seating. It also hosts a weekly doggie happy hour on Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m., with a special menu of tacos that dogs can eat — including a sweet potato-chicken bowl and “churro” chews. 

a dog on a table at Palm House
Courtesy of @palmhousesf

Palm House SF

2032 Union St., San Francisco

Grab yourself a punch bowl at this adorable and tropical Pacific Heights bar — doggies will be given their own flower lei to fit the theme, plus unlimited treats. This spot has frequently been voted one of the most dog-friendly restaurants in the Bay — what are you waiting for?

a dog posing with a glass of wine at Toronado
Courtesy of @toronadosf


547 Haight St., San Francisco

This SF dive bar in the Lower Haight offers a large range of brews on tap and loves dogs. No food served here, but bring your pet inside for a drink. 

a dog outside Xochi
Courtesy of @theworldaccordingtolou

Xochi the Dog, Cafe

1038 E 21st St., Oakland

If you think dogs in SF have all the fun, you should check out this sweet dog-friendly cafe in the Bella Vista neighborhood of Oakland. They use fresh, locally sourced ingredients for their human foods and welcome all kinds of dogs on their back patio. Check
their website for fun music and community events.

a dog yawning on a picnic table
Courtesy of @brewski_and_allie

Telegraph Beer Garden

2318 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

Another dog-friendly beer garden in the East Bay, Telegraph is located near Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood and has a variety of local beers on tap. Bring your pup to its outdoor patio and enjoy some of the human food, which includes sandwiches and locally made sausage. 

Parks and Trails

San Franciscans aren’t paying those exorbitant rent prices for nothing — the Bay Area is a veritable outdoor playground, surrounded at all turns by the beauty of the ocean and mountainous hills. Check out these dog parks and hiking trails for pups of every level of adventurousness.

two dogs outdoor at Duboce Dog Park
Courtesy of @sterling.sausage

Duboce Dog Park

At the intersections of Duboce Street and Scott Street, San Francisco

Duboce is a sunny San Francisco dog park that attracts pets from surrounding neighborhoods, including Noe Valley and the Castro. With both off-leash and on-leash areas, Duboce is a popular spot with local dog parents and professional dog walkers alike. 

four dogs outdoors
Courtesy of @ultimuttadventures_sf

Corona Heights

263 Roosevelt Way, San Francisco

Not too far from Duboce sits Corona Heights, a park with a dog-play area and stellar views of the city. The hike can be a bit steep, but is worth it for the gorgeous vistas and relaxed dog environment. 

a dog outside in Fort Funston
Courtesy of @millieinsf

Fort Funston

Fort Funston Rd., San Francisco

Most dog-lovers of the Bay will be familiar with Fort Funston, a delightful nature area that is always crowded with pups! Off-leash dogs (who are trained with voice cues) are welcome, and there are plenty of trails for dogs to walk about. As is the case for all SF-area parks, keep an eye out for coyote alerts during the Spring season before allowing your dogs off-leash. 

a dog on a trail at Ocean Beach
Courtesy of @blue_the_belgian_malinois

Ocean Beach

704 Great Hwy, San Francisco

This park is one of the most popular in San Francisco for humans and dogs. Pups are allowed off-leash throughout the beach, except for the areas from Sloat Boulevard to Stairwell 21 (keep an eye out for signs). 

two dogs running in Chrissy Field
Courtesy of @diesel_by_the_bay

Chrissy Field

1199 E. Beach, San Francisco

A beautiful park with stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Chrissy Field is a great place to bring your pup to run and romp. Most areas of the shoreline are leash-optional (check signs to be sure) and a popular place to play. 

a dog outdoors at Buena Vista park
Courtesy of @_sebinthecity

Buena Vista Park

838 Buena Vista Ave W., San Francisco

This dog park located in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco has a large off-leash run that is popular with dog parents and dog walkers in the city. Let your pup romp around with friends in the fun play area, which has hilly spots fun to run around. 

two small dogs sitting in Point Isabel
Courtesy of @mini.onyx

Point Isabel 

2701 Isabel St., Richmond

On the other side of the bridge in Richmond is this gorgeous park with beautiful, sweeping views of the Bay. With more than 23 square acres of off-leash trails, it is considered the largest dog park in the United States. Point Isabel even has its own dog groomer and dog cafe to bring your pup for a little spritz-up after playing. 

a dog sitting beside a lake
Courtesy of @boutonthebernie

Lake Merritt

568 Bellevue Ave., Oakland

Although there are not many off-leash spots around this lake, it’s a popular spot for dogs to walk. The lake has paved paths around its entire circumference, which is around three miles to walk in full. Bring your pup for a fun walk through the heart of Oakland. 

a dog stands in a forest
Courtesy of @walter_of_temescal

Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

7867 Redwood Rd., Oakland

Part of the East Bay Regional Parks District, this expansive park contains the largest remaining natural stand of coast redwood trees found in the area and has many off-leash dog trails to enjoy. Dogs are allowed off-leash on Golden Spike and Bridle Trail but should be leashed on the Stream Trail. Keep an eye out for leash signs and enjoy.

Arts and Culture

a woman and a dog on a cable car
Pekic / Getty Images

Take a Cable Car

What is more San Francisco than riding a cable car? But what many may not know is that the world-famous vehicles allow dogs during certain hours. Leave your pup at home during peak hours (5 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 7 p.m. on weekdays). Otherwise, you are allowed one pet per vehicle if the dog is leashed and on the lap of a rider. 

a dog looking out onto the water
Courtesy of @pikadventure

Take a Dog-Friendly Cruise Around the Bay

Take your pup to the high seas with this 60-minute cruise tour of the Bay with Blue & Gold Fleet, a cruise service that allows dogs on board. Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, around Alcatraz Island, and past the Pier 39 sea lions — all while listening to an audio history tour of what you see. $37 tickets for adults.  

a small dog at the Palace of Fine Arts
Courtesy of @jellybearthedog

Wander the Palace of Fine Arts

3601 Lyon St, San Francisco

While non-service dogs aren’t allowed in most SF museums, you can still get your pup a little bit of culture by exploring the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, a beautiful Greco-Roman rotunda with a calm lagoon and plenty of birds to observe. Dogs must be leashed for this stroll.

three dog at a San Francisco Giants game
Courtesy of @sfgiants

Baseball Goes to the Dogs: a Game at Oracle Park

24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco

Take your pup out to the ballgame (that’s our preferred version of that song, anyway). Every summer, the San Francisco Giants have one day on which dogs are allowed at their stadium, so keep an eye on their calendar. Come early for a Dog Days parade around the stadium, with a pup costume contest, too. Dogs will get a free bandana with entry. Ticket sales partially benefit the local SPCA. 

a dog at the steps of Coit Tower
Courtesy of @ramonaterrier

Coit Tower Hike 

1 Telegraph Hill Blvd., San Francisco

Explore one of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks with your pal by hiking up to Coit Tower, which has been a staple in the city’s skyline since its construction in the 1930s. Journey up the long stairs of Telegraph Hill with your dog (on leash, please!) and enjoy a potential fly-over from the resident parrots there. 


a dog stretching toward a Mishka Gourmet treat
Courtesy of @mishka_dog_cakes

Mishka Gourmet Dog Treats

2124 Union St., San Francisco

Celebrate your pup’s birthday with a fancy cake from Mishka, which uses all-natural ingredients for healthy dog goodies. The store, which has a location in Pacific Heights as well as a treat stand at the San Francisco Ferry Building, sells birthday cakes for as much as $83, while treats and candies range from $14 to $32. 

a small dog looking at treats at Le Marcel
Courtesy of @ruff.its.rufio

Le Marcel Dog Bakery

2066 Union St., San Francisco

This doggie bakery and pet store in Pacific Heights has homemade goodies and a patio where you and your pooch can hang out. In addition to treats, it also sells dog beds, clothes, and other supplies. 

a wet dog being groomed at Little Ark
Courtesy of Little Ark

Little Ark SF

748 14th St., San Francisco

Give your pup the spa treatment at Little Ark grooming in the Castro. Full baths and grooming costs depend on the size and type of dog you have, but individual services like nail trims start at $20. The shop does not use kennels for pups between grooms but instead allows them to mingle together in a more friendly environment, while also offering quieter spaces for dogs who need some alone time. 

an orange dog outside of Pawtrero
Courtesy of @jabbajaw


199 Mississippi St., San Francisco

A pet store in Potrero Hill that offers a range of healthy dog food, pet supplies, and self-service baths to get your pooch looking their best.

a small white dog sitting on a barrel
Courtesy of @bow_wow_meow_sf

Bow Wow Meow 

2150 Polk St., San Francisco

A pet store supported by Bay Area royalty Steph Curry? Sign us up. Bow Wow Meow has locations in Menlo Park, San Carlos, and San Francisco in Russian Hill — with tons of pet supplies, including cute hats and outfits for your dog, as well as healthy foods and treats. The stores also have pet services like grooming, nail trimming, and even a vet clinic. 

a group of 8 dogs stand on leashes outside Bernal Beast
Courtesy of @bernalbeast

Bernal Beast

509 Cortland Ave., San Francisco

This Bernal Heights store offers a range of natural, raw, and organic pet foods as well as supplies like leashes and other accessories for your pup. It has previously been voted “best in the Bay” for pet stores and also offers puppy-training classes. 

two dogs at Top Dog
Courtesy of @topdog_sanfrancisco

Top Dog Boutique & Grooming

5050 Geary Blvd., San Francisco

Top Dog is a grooming boutique located in the Richmond District that specializes in Asian-style fusion grooming — giving your pup the fanciest of ‘dos. To reduce stress on your dog, they only allow one pet in at a time, giving the groomer a chance to focus all their attention on your pampered pup.


two dogs outside Ocean Park Motel
Choychoy P. / Yelp

Ocean Park Motel

2690 46th Ave., San Francisco

Built in 1937, Ocean Park bills itself as “San Francisco’s First Motel” and is just steps from the dog-haven that is Ocean Beach — perfect for a getaway with your active pup. It allows dogs for an extra fee of $10 to $20 per night and asks that you don’t leave your pup unattended in the room. Enjoy the cute accommodations and salty ocean air in this coastal neighborhood. 

a small dog on a bed at Laurel Inn
Courtesy of The Laurel Inn

The Laurel Inn

444 Presidio Ave., San Francisco

This charming boutique hotel in Pacific Heights, San Francisco offers pet-friendly accommodations and is located near the Presidio, a beautiful sprawling park that leads up to the Golden Gate Bridge and has a number of off-leash trails for your pup. Planning to stay in the Bay for a bit? The Laurel Inn also has long-stay packages. 

a dog resting their head on books at Inn San Francisco
Courtesy of @innsanfrancisco

Inn San Francisco

943 S. Van Ness Ave., San Francisco

This pet-friendly bed and breakfast in the Mission is in a gorgeous Victorian mansion that was built before the 1906 earthquake. Amenities — besides the ability to bring your fuzzy friend — include a roof deck, garden, and hot tub. Rooms are $200 to $300 per night.

an orange dog at The W
Courtesy of @notorious_ktp

W San Francisco

181 3rd St., San Francisco

Give your pup a luxury hotel experience at the W in San Francisco, near the SOMA neighborhood. W hotels offer a “PAW” program, in which your pet is given goodies, including a W hotels pet bed, food and water bowl with floor mat, pet-in-room door sign, and W Hotels pet tag, upon arrival. Rates from $200 per night.

a small dog and a person on a couch at Kabuki
Courtesy of Hotel Kabuki

Hotel Kabuki

1625 Post St., San Francisco

Take your pup to Japan Town for a pet-friendly experience at Hotel Kabuki. The boutique hotel features hip interiors and is the location of highly-acclaimed Thai restaurant Nari. Dogs under 30 pounds are allowed for a one-time fee of $75. Rates for human rooms start at $250 per night.

Kari Paul holding two kittens

Kari Paul

Kari Paul is a writer whose work has been published in the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, and New York Magazine. She has had an endless march of more than 20 foster kittens, cats, and dogs over the last few years and always cries when they leave. 

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