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Thanks to July Luggage, Your Pet’s Face Will Greet You at Baggage Claim

Gives a whole new meaning to where you lead, I will follow.

by Avery Felman
October 5, 2022
Portrait of a dog in a cowboy hat and handkerchief sitting atop a suitcase surrounded by other suitcases of army green and yellow set against a solid yellow background
Courtesy of July

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If you haven’t heard of July, the coolest luggage brand in Australia (and beyond), it’s about time you did. The brand that popularized upscale minimalist suitcases in sleek millennial-favorite colors has added another offering to their repertoire: personalized luggage. And no, this isn’t just bag tags monogrammed with initials — we mean custom portraits of your pet’s face. With this addition, it’ll be pretty difficult to mix up your checked bag with someone else's.

suitcases with pet portraits
Courtesy of July

Launching today, the personalizable options include July’s best-selling Carry On Trunk ($445) and Checked Trunk ($495), as well as the convenient Carry All Weekender ($195) and the stylish Drink Bottle ($55).

How does it work? You can customize your case by uploading a high-resolution image of your pet at checkout. From there, July’s creative team will create a mockup of the portrait for you to review before it’s finalized.

For $50, July will print the custom portrait on your item of choice — plus, customers get to keep the rendering, which we highly suggest using as a screensaver on every device you own.

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Avery, editor at The Wildest, and her cat, Chicken

Avery Felman

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