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And Just Like Cat: 15 “SATC”-Inspired Names For Your New Pet

In addition to being iconic, this show is a glossary of good pet names.

by Kerensa Cadenas
September 5, 2023
Sarah Jessica Parker and her adopted cat from And Just Like That.
Photo Courtesy of Craig Blankenhorn/Max
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Season two of And Just Like That…ended with perhaps the most shocking thing that the Sex and the City reboot could have done. No, it’s not Aidan telling Carrie she has to wait five years for them to be together. It’s that Carrie, our eternal single gal, finally becomes a single gal with a cat. 

After Che’s sitcom fails and they can’t be bothered to do comedy for the time being, they end up going back to their old job working at a veterinarian’s office. When a box of kittens ends up at the vet, Che, for whatever inexplicable reason, brings an adorable kitten to Carrie — one of the least qualified pet parents I could imagine. But when the kitten falls asleep in one of Carrie’s shoes, she decides that Shoe (the cat) was obviously meant to be hers. 

In real life, Sarah Jessica Parker ended up adopting the cat (real name Lotus) who plays Shoe and who we can expect to hopefully take on a larger role in the already greenlit season three of AJLT. But, to quote Carrie, “I couldn’t help but wonder” what might have been some alternative names better than “Shoe.” And, since Carrie obviously didn’t use this list, you should go ahead and use it for the next new baby you bring home (regardless if home is a palatial apartment on Gramercy Park or something a little more realistic outside of the AJLT universe). 


If Carrie didn’t go for the name Shoe, naming her kitten after her beloved Manolo Blahniks seems to be the next best choice. 


While Amalita only shows up in one episode of SATC in the first season, her larger-than-life personality dripping in Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry, makes this a name for a pet with a big personality. 


Carrie would never be caught dead on the Hampton Jitney today, but back in season two of SATC, the gang had to take the jitney to get there. So, why not name a pet in honor of your past youthful mistakes?


“Ka…Ka…Katie,” Carrie laments after Big has invited her to his engagement party to the much younger Natasha at The Plaza in season two. It’s a reference to The Way We Were, the 1973 drama starring Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand, about a man who loves Streisand’s Katie, but she’s too complicated for him. Which leads Carrie to realize there are two types of women in this world, the “simple” ones and the “Katie” ones. 


For Carrie, Paris is almost as important to her as New York. It’s where she moved with Petrovsky. It’s where Big rescues Carrie from Petrovsky and where Carrie leaves his ashes. And it’s where we finally make contact with Samantha in AJLT


It’s Charlotte’s made-up baby name that the group’s former friend Laney steals for her future daughter. It’s safe to say Charlotte’s not using it now, so why not use it for a beloved new pet?


It wouldn’t be right not to have Fatty on this list as a tribute to the OG SATC pet, Miranda’s cat. So, maybe out of respect, you could go for Fatty II.

Elizabeth Taylor

Speaking of honoring past SATC pets, let’s give a shout-out to Elizabeth Taylor, Charlotte’s former King Charles Cavalier, who is now featured via an oil painting hanging on Charlotte’s hallway wall.

Annabelle Bronstein

Samantha’s “alter-ego” whose Soho House card she swipes to get into the now legendary members-only club’s pool is perfect for a pet who loves a life of luxury. 


It’s Carrie’s nickname for her beloved friend Stanford Blatch, portrayed by the late, great Willie Garson. 

Lexi Featherstone

When Lexi Featherstone falls out a window at a party, played with perfect comedic timing by Kristen Johnston, it’s almost more shocking when she declares that New York is over. 


Aside from the girls, Carrie’s biggest love of her life isn’t Big or Aidan, it’s New York City — even if it might be over. 

Richard Burton

There’s also always Charlotte’s current dog, the handsome Richard Burton (an appropriate follow-up to Elizabeth Taylor). Obviously, Carrie couldn’t have snagged this name, but you could!


Remember the roof chickens that briefly live next door to Carrie in season three? She might not appreciate their morning noise, but naming a furry friend after a feathered friend is very cute. 

Kim Cattrall

It might be too on the nose, but it’s perfect for a cat with a flair for the dramatic.

Kerensa Cadenas

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer based in New York. She’s previously worked at The Cut, Thrillist, Cosmopolitan, and Complex. Her work has been featured in Vulture, GQ, Vanity Fair, and others. 

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