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GroovyToob Is the Upgraded Squeaker Toy of Your Puppy’s Dreams

It’s like a squeaker, but way less annoying. Sound good? Thought so.

by Sean Zucker
June 30, 2023
Brown dog with Super Ruff GroovyToob dog toy.
Courtesy of @happiestdood

There are plenty of useful tools that have seen very few modern updates since their original inception, like spoons or the iOS on my iPhone. Some concepts, such as a rounded utensil for soup, are so simple and timeless that little evolution is ever truly needed. In other cases, a combination of laziness and comfort with mediocracy is to blame for this inaction. Exhibit A: As long as my texts are still going through and I’m able to check the score of Celtics games, I see no reason to download new software. Unfortunately, dogs lack this autonomy to dictate when change is actually needed — though, I’m sure some can match my lethargy. But in the world of pet care, squeaker toys fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum of necessity.

Super Ruff’s attempt at renovating the canine favorite comes in the form of their GroovyToob, a new kind of squeaker toy. At first glance, the GroovyToob looks more like a cotton candy-flavored churro (gross?) than a squeaky toy. Its long light blue frame doesn’t exactly scream next-gen, but that’s part of its genius. This familiar design should help break the ice for pups like mine, who are generally skittish to anything new. But as quickly as my dog will panic at the sight of something unfamiliar, she’ll just as swiftly get bored and move on. GroovyToob’s innovation is especially handy in this regard.

Unlike traditional squeaker toys, GroovyToob makes nine distinct squeaks — eight more than most pups are used to. These aren’t the typical high-pitched squeals, either. Instead, Super Ruff recreated nine separate animal noises to encourage a more natural response in dogs. Specifically, the squeaker produces multiple rodent sounds in the hopes of tapping into your dog’s biological instincts. Plus, the sounds are released at a lower decimal level than most common squeakers, so it’ll hopefully be less annoying for pup parents.

To further maintain a dog’s attention and keep them on their toes, the toy is motion-activated. Rather than responding only to biting, these sounds are released following any toss, flip, or nudge — with its rotating catalog of rodent noises. GroovyToob could also prove useful for powerful chewers, as it’s made of 100 percent natural and durable rubber. Plus, the squeaker is embedded deep within the toy’s rubber, making it extremely difficult to puncture. This, in turn, minimizes any risk of choking or ingesting the device.

Ultimately, the GroovyToob will not hold your dog’s adoration or attention forever — nothing can do that other than maybe whatever you’re eating at any given moment. But there is a good chance they’ll still be playing with it by the time I finally update my phone which, to be frank, is not happening anytime soon.

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker is a writer whose work has been featured in Points In Case, The Daily Drunk, Posty, and WellWell. He has an adopted Pit Bull named Banshee whose work has been featured on the kitchen floor and whose behavioral issues rival his own.

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