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9 of the Best Food Trucks For Dogs in the US

From Tails Wagon in Charleston to Denver’s Bone Apétreat, there’s no shortage of pet-friendly options — or relevant puns.

by Daniela Lopez and Sean Zucker
Updated August 28, 2023
Four dogs at the window of a blue food truck for dogs and humans
Courtesy of The Seattle Barkery
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It’s not hard to see why legendary author Kurt Vonnegut once implied that if food trucks ever halted it would indicate the end of the world. They’re convenient, often unique, and usually affordable, offering the comfort of takeout with the communal exchange of dining out. It’s no wonder they’ve exploded to Beyoncé-like levels of popularity because not unlike Queen B herself, food trucks have something for everyone — even dogs.

Across the country, specialty dog-food trucks are popping up to sell health-conscious goodies and give pet parents a place they can meet up, let their dogs socialize, and take pictures for Instagram (presumably). From Chicago to Los Angeles, here are nine dog food trucks you and your pup should definitely chase down.

1. The Seattle Barkery (Seattle, Washington)

The Seattle Barkery launched their first dog food truck in 2014 with treats made from simple, natural, locally sourced ingredients. Now with two food trucks, a brick-and-mortar store, and a treat bar, the Barkery’s popular offerings include air-fried chicken hearts, cheezy donuts, and the Instagrammable Hound Dog Cake, which is a popular choice for a “gotcha day” party. Be sure to plan a visit with your dog to Marymoor Park — an incredible 40-acre off-leash park in Redmond where The Seattle Barkery’s original treat truck is — to indulge your pup with one of their enticing goodies.

2. WoofBowl (Los Angeles, California)

At WoofBowl, you’ll find food truck staples, like pizza, burgers, french fries, and beer, but with an unexpected twist — they’re all for dogs. At this Black-and veteran-owned dog food truck previously located in NYC, your dog can enjoy that authentic fast-food experience in a way that’s both dog-safe and nutritious. Their delightfully original treats, including grass-fed beef burgers and bone-broth “beer,” are made with sustainable, organic, humanely raised, human-grade ingredients. 

3. Fido to Go (Chicago, Illinois)

This one is for the cats, too (finally!). Fido to Go’s “gourmutt food truck” in Chicago offers natural, healthy dog treats, including hand-crafted canine cookies and ice cream. Launched in 2011 as the first-ever dog treat truck, Fido recently expanded to Huntington Beach, California. Their dog-friendly menu includes grain-and gluten-free baked cookies, whole-wheat biscuits, and other frozen treats. Fido even has a selection of treats, including beef liver bites and salmon steak niblets for curious cats.

4. Smart Cookie (Denver, Colorado)

Smart Cookie isn’t so much a treat truck as it is a tricycle, but the number of wheels won’t matter to your pup as much as the tasty treats inside. These treats are handmade in small batches without any fillers or additives. They sell everything from ethically raised, 100 percent USA rabbit jerky to soft and chewy trout treats. Smart Cookie’s treats are available nationwide, but you can only find their quirky ride in the Denver area.

5. Treat Waggin’ (Kansas City, Missouri)

Over in Kansas City, the Barkville Bakery’s treats are handmade with fresh, locally sourced ingredients through partnerships with local farms. You can find their cute sports-themed cookies, pupcakes, and cider donuts at the Treat Waggin’, which is roaming the Kansas City area, and in their brick-and-mortar store.

6. Homegrown Hounds (Dallas, Texas)

Spoil your dog and help a pup in need with Homegrown Hound through their Snackin’ Waggin’ truck. Homegrown’s healthy gourmet treats are made fresh daily with human-grade ingredients. The menu includes hot dogs for dogs, veggie balls, and specially formulated homemade dog food for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

7. Bone Apétreat (Denver, Colorado)

Denver’s first dog food truck launched in January 2021. Bone Apétreat’s menu includes all-natural human-grade treats, frozen yogurt, and a variety of dog chews made free of chemicals. They also source other delicious treats from local Colorado bakeries. Plus, did we mention that they give out free whipped cream pup cups?

8. Tails Wagon (Charleston, South Carolina)

Inspired by the simple concept of an ice cream truck, Tails Wagon is Charleston’s locally sourced and delivered dog-treat service. You can buy monthly treat packs in three different options: Sensitive Diet, Classic Combo, or Protein Power. Each pack is $25 a month for a year and is delivered directly to your door and biscuit flavors include Battery Bacon Bites, and Duck Pucks. “Peanut Butter Pawfection-flavored ice cream is also available. If you really want to be the favorite pup parent on the block, book Tails Wagon for a neighborhood visit or a private event.

9. Rebel Paw (Salt Lake City, Utah)

If you’re planning a dog birthday party or bark mitzvah (and honestly, why wouldn’t you be?), and you happen to be in the Salt Lake area, Rebel Paw has you covered. Reserve one of their food trucks for a selection of their homemade cakes and treats so the whole party can be rewarded for being very good dogs. And check out their shop in case you’re looking for some party favors in the form of some festive bandanas.

daniela lopez

Daniela Lopez

Daniela Lopez is a digital media specialist and long-time contributor to The Bark.

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker is a writer whose work has been featured in Points In Case, The Daily Drunk, Posty, and WellWell. He has an adopted Pit Bull named Banshee whose work has been featured on the kitchen floor and whose behavioral issues rival his own.

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