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How pet parents keep their cool



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Our editors and experts created the ultimate guide to the best products in pet care. Check out the winners—and snag some discounts too.


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Got a new pet? Here’s what to do.

Let’s be real. Welcoming home a new dog or cat is a very cute but very crazy time. Thankfully, we’re here to help with a nifty new pet parent to-do list.

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Health & Nutrition

a dog waiting to eat Maev food
nutrition|Behind the Brand

How a Former MIT Engineer Became a Human-Grade Dog Food Mastermind

Katie Spies tells The Wildest how she’s changing the nutrition game with her human-grade raw pet food company.

Behavior & Training

Shiba inu dog sitting on kitchen counter in a trailer home
behavior|Ask a Trainer

How Do I Stop My Dog From Counter Surfing?

Celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell’s pro tips for keeping paws off your charcuterie platter this holiday season.

187 Must-Haves For New Pet Parents


Lorien Stern with her dog on a yellow couch
lifestyle|Wild Ones

Artist Lorien Stern on Finding the Perfect Hypoallergenic Pets (Ducks Included)

She couldnt let allergies get in the way of her love of animals.


Numbered circles and assorted pet treats and toys for an advent calendar set on a periwinkle blue snowy background

10 Whimsical Advent Calendars Just for Pets

For dogs and cats who deserve a treat on the daily during the holidays.

New Dog Training 101

Look, new dogs are cute. But they’re also little alien monsters who have descended to destroy our furniture and our sleep. Still, we love them. Luckily, this program covers all the basics, from potty training to proper socialization—all through positive reinforcement. Time to stock up on treats!

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