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Basic Obedience Program

Sometimes you’ve gotta go basic. This course will teach your dog to focus on you and listen for cues, all through positive reinforcement. (Time to stock up on treats.) All with 11 new skills in a week.

What the program covers


Teach the basic skills

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If you were a detention regular back in the day, “obedience” may not be your thing. But basic commands help keep your pup healthy and happy. And, trust us, they’re gonna make your life easier too.

This program from Dogo will teach your dog more than just the “sit” and “stay” basics. It’ll teach them 11 new skills in just a week, all of which will help with further training too.

Our Dogo Friends are giving us this one as a freebie (thanks guys!), but you can find more training on their site.

New Dog

Try the New Dog program

New pup? No problem. This course will help you handle this very cute but very crazy time. It covers 42 must-have skills in 4 weeks, from potty training to getting your dog to actually pay attention.

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