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From Clutches to Lighters, Edie Parker Wants You to Put a Pet on It

As Portlandia taught us, everything’s better with a bird on it. Or a cat. Or a dog.

by Elizabeth Tamkin
November 1, 2022
A still life photo of Edie Parker cat coasters, plates with small deserts, and a champagne glass.
Photo courtesy of Edie Parker

When I saw Legally Blonde at age nine, I became immediately convinced I needed a companion like the loyal, adorable, always well-accessorized Bruiser Woods. After you get past the fact that Legally Blonde was released 21 years ago (yes, we are all old), you’ll recall Bruiser’s important role in Elle’s life. Having a pet is having consistent acceptance, love, and companionship, no matter what is going on around you or where you are, be it poolside in Southern California or studying at Harvard. There is nothing in the world like a pet. 

So, there is nothing anyone could ever give me as amazing as my own dog, Bow, who has now been by my side for almost 12 years. That being said, something I love — that is also a tribute to her — would be an excellent gift. For pet owners as passionate about their pets as I am, Edie Parker’s one-of-a-kind custom acrylic pieces — clutches, coasters, vanity trays, and more — which you can customize as much as you want, are a symbol of your love for and a reminder of your pet.

custom portraits in the form of coasters and trays
Courtesy of Edie Parker

Edie Parker changed the accessories game upon its launch in 2011, most famously with its acrylic clutches that have a very distinct quirkiness and humor. Founder Brett Heyman wanted the pieces to “ make statements while remaining sophisticated.” In 2012, they started their bespoke program, which allows customers to personalize their bags and home items with anything, including the critical offering of pet portraits.

That means you can get clutches, coasters, lighters, trays, hand mirrors, and cooler boxes all customized with your best friend’s face. To walk around with a Bow clutch would complete any outfit. Welcoming people into my home with a platter of cookies on a personalized Bow tray would be the most exciting. A Bow coaster would make my morning coffee just that much more caffeinated. And a lighter in my purse with her little nose would be the best reminder of her even when she’s not sitting next to me.

hairless cat next to custom clutch
Courtesy of Edie Parker

To make the process fun and collaborative, Edie Parker’s design team works together with you to create the custom piece. After contacting customerservice@edie-parker.com with a photo of your pet, they present mockups and allow you to choose colors, fonts, and more — depending on the piece.

“Capturing the likeness of a person or a pet is extremely important,” Calley Benoit Belli, the president of Edie Parker, tells The Wildest. “There’s a little bit of back and forth, and we want our customers to be happy and feel like the acrylic interpretation of their pet feels representative, so we welcome that open dialogue."

pet portrait coasters and clutch
Courtesy of Edie Parker

Edie Parker incorporates tweaks and changes you need to make throughout the process in order for your pet to come to life in your piece. This is important: You want the essence of your best pal to be emulated perfectly. The lead time is about five to six weeks, so if you’re aiming to get the best holiday gift ever (cough, for me) there is no time like the present for this present.

Elizabeth Tamkin

Elizabeth Tamkin is a former market editor who now freelances as a stylist and writer, heads creative production at Kule, and takes personal styling appointments. She resides in New York City with her daughter, Bow (the French Bulldog).

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