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Your new pet’s wellness is obviously your concern — but it’s our job to care. Shop products from the best fish oil supplement to a first aid kit for those just-in-case moments.

Angelica Yeleshwarapu & Brad
Photography: Felisha Tolentino

When it comes to caring about your pet, no one is more dedicated than you. Come on: You brought them home, gave them all their (literal) creature comforts, and made sure they knew they were a member of your family right away. But what happens when separation anxiety kicks in or your new rescue needs a little help calming down at night?

Our new Care section is what happens. We’ve got an immune support supplement, catnip, a calming harness, and even a toy with a heartbeat that will make your puppy feel like they’re still nestled in with their pals at the shelter. In fact, we’ve spent so much time caring that all you have to do is stock up. Bonus: Many of the brands are offering a discount.

Brad has been adopted but you can meet more adorable pups like him on Adopt a Pet.

Best Calming Dog Harness

Merci Collective Good Vibration Harness in black with pink crystal

Ensuring your pup’s physical and emotional comfort is the most important aspect of harness training. That’s why we couldn’t miss the opportunity to sneak Merci Collective’s woo-woo healing crystals into the mix. “Crystals create a vibrational healing that aids in the elimination of negative energies and establishes grounding that discourages inappropriately excessive stimulation from environmental triggers,” integrative veterinarian and The Wildest Collective member Dr. Lindsey Wendt says.

The good vibrations harness comes in five different crystal options — sodalite, rose quartz, black obsidian, chevron amethyst, and howlite — all of which provide different benefits. Aside from being a unique alternative to the classic leather harness (it’s made of eco-friendly genuine vegan cactus leather), it also features a dual leash attachment, adjustable shoulder straps, and an elevated peek-a-boo grommet. —Avery Felman

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Best Dog Immune Support Supplement

Super Snouts Super Shrooms Mushroom Immune Support

If there’s one fact that rings true for both humans and pups, it’s that mushrooms add a whole lot of nutritional value to a diet. “Mushrooms are huge,” says Dr. Robert Silver, an integrative veterinarian, consultant to the animal nutraceutical industry, and author. “I believe mushrooms, probiotics, antioxidants, and healthy oils should be a part of a daily wellness program for all two-leggeds and four-leggeds.” 

These Super Snouts Super Shrooms help your pup maintain a healthy immune system. They support healthy blood sugar levels, brain health, and energy using seven organic mushrooms grown in the Pacific Northwest. —Sio Hornbuckle

Best Pet All-Natural Flea/Tick Preventative

kin+kind lemon grass repel

Ugh, fleas and ticks. Why? These blood-sucking pests are a nuisance to both your pet and your household. To combat them, you have a choice between commercial chemical products and natural remedies. If you’re dealing with an infestation, you should probably turn to the hard stuff. But if you want to prevent fleas or ticks from hitching a ride on your dog or cat in the first place, this plant-powered spray by LGBTQ-owned brand kin+kind can get the job done. Made with certified organic lemongrass and peppermint essential oils, this lotion-like repellant is super effective when used consistently — use it before venturing out on tick-heavy activities. Formulated by veterinarian Dr. Marc Valitutto (a Wildlife Conservation Society, Cornell University, and Smithsonian alum), it’s also cruelty-free and made in the U.S., so you can use it confidently. —Rebecca Caplan

Best Pet Fish Oil Supplement

fera pets fish oil

Using sustainably sourced, wild-caught sardines, anchovies, herring, and mackerel from Iceland, Fera Pet Organics Fish Oil is unmatched in its purity. With the highest amount of EPA and DHA acids compared to other leading brands, it’s no wonder this omega-3 supplement packs a punch. Omega-3 fatty acids are especially crucial for cats because they have a positive impact on so many aspects of their health. “Omega-3s can act as anti-inflammatory agents in a large variety of clinical cases,” says veterinarian Dr. Annette Louviere

This helps manage chronic inflammatory disorders, such as colitis, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, joint pain due to arthritis, and allergic skin problems. It also supports normal neural and nervous system development, cardiovascular and immune systems, and healthy reproduction. They help with stress management and cognitive function — especially in senior cats — and support skin and coat health and relieve dry, itchy skin. —AF

Best Pet Digestive Supplement

kin+kind healthy poops supplement

Not only do probiotics keep your dog or cat’s gut microorganisms balanced, they also aid in their digestion, energy, and metabolism, as well as boost their natural immune defenses. These kin+kind high-fiber digestive supplements use a formula of pumpkin, flax seeds, and coconut to promote bowel regularity and strong gut health. Its cruelty-free and vegan ingredients are rich in prebiotic fibers that are ideal for pets who suffer from stomach issues, such as IBS. 

It turns out that all cats and dogs can benefit from supplements that aid their longevity, and taking preventative measures to protect your pet’s health could make all the difference down the line. When it comes to using probiotics, it’s best to take a preventative approach. “While there are different kinds of probiotics, which can be used for certain situations, generally speaking they promote a balanced gut environment, so it’s best to be proactive with probiotics,” veterinarian Dr. Annette Louviere says. In other words, this is something you should do for your pet yesterday. —AF

Best Pet Probiotic

the honest kitchen goat's milk

Ask anyone who’s hidden vegetables from a toddler by shrouding them in cheesy noodles: There are smart ways to make nutrients taste good. The Honest Kitchen’s human-grade probiotic formula for dogs is one of them. Made from dehydrated goat’s milk, it’s easy to add to any meal or can be served as a course of its own. Produced by free-range goats, it contains no byproducts, preservatives, or GMO ingredients. Plus, it’s made right here in the U.S., so you can feel good about reducing your carbon pawprint. 

Per Dr. Mary Ellen Sanders, an internationally recognized leader in probiotic microbiology, these live microorganisms work their magic by “piggybacking on the important relationship between the normal immune system and microbes.” When the immune system senses these microbes in the gut, it launches a response to protect the body. This is why probiotics are more than just something your doctor keeps bugging you to take. Your pup can benefit from them, too (without even knowing it). —AF

Best Dog Joint Supplement

super snouts joint power

Despite our best efforts, we all age. While all the hydrating creams and Rogaine help us prolong facing this truth, the physical effects of aging are inevitable. And joint issues are a huge part of it — which is true for our dogs as well. Veterinarian Dr. John Iovino puts it this way: “As dogs age, natural function of the joint starts to deteriorate. Cartilage and bone inside of the joints start to deteriorate, and this stimulates the body to create inflammation to help clean up the issue.”

Luckily, there is an easy relief option: Super Snouts. Their Joint Power has sustainable, cold-extracted, nutraceutical-grade green-lipped mussel, which are chock full of anti-inflammatory and joint-protecting omega-3 fatty acids. “We have a lot of evidence that joint supplementation can be helpful to rebuild components of the joints, and this will help them function better and in many cases can help to reduce pain,” Dr. Iovino says. —RC and Sean Zucker

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Best Vet-Recommended Dog Sneakers

rifruf caesar 1

Does the seasonal change already have you feeling salty? Unfortunately, without protection, your pet’s paws will also feel the sting. Even the cleanest of streets are full of bacteria and debris — especially during these icy months, when rescue vet Dr. Rachel Warnes of the Oregon Humane Society recommends that pet parents be on high-alert. “A major cause of injured paws is salt thrown on the ground after a snow,” Dr. Warnes says. 

Luckily for you and your pet, RIFRUF has a solution. Meet the Caesar 1, a dog sneaker engineered from the same high-quality materials as your favorite running shoes. This process results in a premium product that is not only more reliable but lightweight. Be warned: While this will make your dog more comfortable, it will also diminish the likelihood of a hilariously awkward stride. —SZ

Best Pet First Aid Kit

adventure medical first aid kit

One of the less fun things about being a pet parent is dealing with medical emergencies. Because our pets can’t talk to us (and even if they could, I doubt they’d tell us that they just ate a Tide Pod), we often need to be prepared to act as if any medical situation constitutes an emergency. To be able to do that safely, we recommend investing in a pet-specific first aid kit like this one by Adventure Medical. 

Thoughtfully designed and stocked, this first-aid kit has bandages, medicine, and tools that are made specifically for pets. “A pet first aid kit, along with clear instructions on its usage, can be a valuable resource when pet parents are far from veterinary facilities in an emergency,” veterinarian Dr. Alycia Washington says. “It’s important to remember that these kits are not a substitute for professional veterinary care, though.” —RC

Best Cat Calming Treats

vetriscience composure cat treats

If your cat’s the nervous type, this calming treat has them covered. The veterinarian formulated Vetriscience Composure chew uses naturally derived Colostrum, L-Theatine, and Thiamine to reduce your cat’s anxiety. It begins working within 20 to 30 minutes and lasts for up to four hours. 

“This tasty supplement contains naturally sourced ingredients that may help reduce stress during temporary situations like preparing your cat for the arrival of unfamiliar friends and family, or helping your cat cope while you’re away on a holiday vacation,” s ays certified dog trainer Lindsay Hamrick. She cautions that calming treats aren’t cure-alls, though: “For situations that tend to elicit extreme fear or anxiety (if your cat is prone to getting or using their claws on more than just their scratching pad), ask your veterinarian for a recommended treatment.” —SH

Best Dog Calming Treats

honest paws calm cbd treats

Gone are the days of CBD being seen as America’s next top snake oil. Instead, it seems every few months more substantial evidence drops supporting at least a portion of its ostensibly endless favorable claims. In fact, a February 2023 study from the Waltham Petcare Science Institute finds that even a single dose of CBD can effectively reduce stress in dogs. The study notes: “Pet dogs are likely to experience a variety of stress-inducing scenarios over their lifetime, often due to the relationship they have with people. These are often unavoidable and are commonly related to events such as car travel and separation from caregivers or conspecifics.”

These Calm Soft Chews from Honest Paws have 40 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp oil, in addition to other calming agents such as L-Theanine, to help your dog achieve calm when the rest of the world feels anything but. —Hilary Weaver

Best Dog Skin and Coat Supplement

natural dog company skin and coat bites

Grooming is more than just the occasional bath or visit to the nail-clipping pro. For a holistic approach to your dog’s grooming needs, check out these skin and coat supplements by Natural Dog Company. With fish oil, salmon oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, and more, these supplements will help your dog’s skin and coat stay healthy. Made using entirely natural ingredients, the Natural Dog Company is also committed to sourcing products grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Veterinarian Dr. Debra Eldridge makes the point for why omega-3 fatty acids are a great addition to your dog’s diet, beyond enhancing their coat: “Fish is a great protein source for dogs and cats,” she says. “It’s easy to digest, and it’s rich in essential amino acids.” See? Everyone wins. —RC

Best Dog Multivitamin

dog is human multivitamin

Dog is Human’s daily multivitamin soft chews are an essential part of balancing your pup’s long-term health. DIH features hypoallergenic, non-GMO, and human-grade ingredients, such as Coq10, that provides additional cardiovascular support and Glucosamine Hydrochloride, which reduces common joint pain. The multivitamin also features wild Alaskan salmon oil, which is a definite boon for your pup’s health. Fish oils can also decrease triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, and omega-3 fatty acids for dogs have even been shown to slow the development and metastasis of certain cancers.

Developed for improved mobility and reduced joint stiffness, stronger immune function, and healthier digestion, DIH’s formula of probiotics and essential vitamins is the perfect remedy and preventative measure for dogs’ ailments. —Todd Runestad

Best Calming Vest


When I adopted my toothless Dachshund, Moose, I thought I was prepared for anything. I set up a pee pad on my balcony, got plenty of gum-friendly toys and treats, and already loved him unconditionally. But nothing could prepare me for my biggest hurdle upon adopting him: separation anxiety. We had to address the issue with training, and the Thundershirt was a game-changer during the process. It helped calm Moose down by using compression and pressure to simulate being held or hugged.

“Many dogs who experience anxiety get relief from being held tightly,” trainer Nicole Ellis tells The Wildest. “The weighted aspect added with the calming wrap for snuggling, giving a little extra pressure which helps a lot of dogs find comfort, similar to being held or hugged by their owner.” —RC

Best Cat Pheromone Diffuser

feliway cat diffuser

When it comes to chilling out anxious cats, Feliway is a pet parent favorite with the science to back it up. “Feliway products mimic a cat’s natural pheromones, either through an in-room diffuser or a spray that you can use on blankets, scratching posts, or near litter boxes,” explains Hamrick. “By placing a diffuser in a bathroom where you’ve placed the litter box or spraying a little Feliway on a comfy cat bed, you’re helping your cat relax into their environment.” 

Since nervous cats tend to act up, Feliway’s pheromone diffuser is useful for curbing unwanted behaviors during stressful situations — like a big move or a good vacuuming session. “These products can help a cat adjust to new environments and can be used as part of a behavior plan to address litter box issues, scratching, or general scaredy cat tendencies, which can be easily aggravated by fireworks and the like,” Hamrick says. —SH

Best Dog Pheromone Diffuser

adaptil calming dog diffuser

Adaptil’s pheromone diffusers have become a go-to remedy for pet parents with anxious dogs. Many praise the product for its quick-acting ability, as one reviewer detailed on Amazon: “After about 30 minutes of diffusing this, my dog was definitely more relaxed. He went from barking his head off at anyone who entered the room to walking over to sniff them then settling down on the couch.” 

According to certified dog trainer Lindsay Hamrick, these diffusers are effective because they replicate the pheromones that a mother dog secretes from her sebaceous glands while nursing. This release has a calming effect on puppies and adult dogs by essentially reminding them of that state. If you’re expecting company or any stimuli that may cause your pup angst, Hamrick recommends spraying it on their bed or in other areas where they might hide. “Do they hide under your bed when those Fourth of July fireworks go off? Spray Adaptil near that area to help support them. Headed out for a dog-friendly road trip? Spray a little in their travel kennel,” she adds. —SZ

Best Pet Soothing Heartbeat Toy

smartpetlove snuggle puppy

This sleepy stuffie isn’t just adorable — it’s also a tried-and-true method for calming nervous pups. Dr. Valli Parthasarathy, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist and co-founder of Synergy Behavior Solutions, says separation anxiety is “a situation where a dog is experiencing significant and repeated emotional distress. They’re not trying to ‘get back’ at their people, and they’re not acting out. They have been separated from their social group, and they’re anxious or stressed about it.” 

If you have tried all the treat toys and puzzles under the sun, and your pup still can’t find their center, consider going a different route with the Snuggle Puppy. The stuffed animal uses low heat and a heartbeat function to mimic a companion for your anxious dog. Many users rave about this toy being a game changer for separation anxiety and crate training, which can be some of the most stressful situations for pups. —RC

Best Dog CBD Tincture

super snouts phyto 300 cbd

Super Snouts’ founders, Christy and Dawn Love, are on a mission to provide an “elevated and more effective CBD product for pet owners.” And they’ve succeeded. Inspired by their last dog’s battle with cancer, they have developed hemp-derived CBD tinctures, chews, water-soluble gel caps, topicals, and peanut butter specially formulated for pets. All their products are organically farmed, GMO free, and collaboratively formulated by a pharmaceutical engineer with a PhD and pet CBD authority Dr. Robert Silver. 

“These days, CBD is king,” Dr. Silver says. “Arthritis, anxiety, epilepsy, and cancer are the top four uses; then end-of-life issues.” He goes on, further endorsing your choice to give your pup a chance at some peace when the world remains noisy and distracting: “CBD can help with behavior modification and can be helpful for mild anxiety, such as for kennel stays, when company comes over, and, yes, fireworks.” —TR and HW

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Best Calming Dog Supplement

bach rescue remedy

For many pet parents who haven’t found success with traditional medicine, aren’t keen on an influx of side effects, or straight up don’t have pet health insurance, holistic options are often the best route for pets struggling with stubborn problems, such as allergies or anxiety. This makes for a more organic solution without creating additional side effects. 

Made with a variety of flower essences, Rescue Remedy is a great holistic solution for your pup’s stress. It’s perfect for thunderstorms, vet visits, new visitors, and all the things that might get your pup’s tiny legs shaking.  “I have a very nervous pooch who suffers with anxiety really bad,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “He shakes in winter because of the rain and thunderstorms. He shakes continuously if I have workers come to the house and if there are people working outside mowing lawns etc. Since having purchased Rescue Remedy, I find that he is more subdued and happy to lay in his bed after I have given him some.” —HW and SZ

Best Prescription Dog Heartworm, Flea and Tick Preventative

simparica trio

As a dog parent, some of the biggest concerns on your mind are fleas, ticks, and heartworm. But what if there were a preventative that protects your pup from all of them at the same time? Uh, there is. Simparica Trio is a simple chewable that your dog will totally think is a treat but contains sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel to protects against heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, plus roundworms and hookworms. This treatment is FDA-approved to block infections from ticks that could cause lyme disease and is approved for puppies as young as eight weeks and at least 2.8 pounds. 

So, there’s really no excuse to get started on this easy treatment that will keep all those spooky new dog parent thoughts out of your head so you can focus on making your dog’s life perfect. —HW

Best Veterinarian-Recommended Cat Flea and Tick Preventative

revolution plus topical solution

While we may not be quite as jazzed about all-inclusive hotel packages (who needs that much shrimp?), there’s no better bang for your buck than a full-spectrum protectant. Revolution Plus is veterinarian Dr. Annette Louviere’s recommended flea/tick preventative for outdoor cats (or cats in multi-species households) because of its “great spectrum of parasite control: flea, tick, ear mites, certain intestinal parasites, and heartworms.” Topicals are typically better received by cats than tablets, so veterinarians agree that it’s a great place to start when it comes to preventatives — with one watch-out by v eterinarian Dr. John Iovino: “Cats are really good groomers, and they’re pretty flexible, so apply the topical towards the back of their neck — they can’t really lick the back of their head.” Revolution Plus requires a prescription so you should only purchase it directly from your veterinarian or via a legitimate pharmacy. —AF

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

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