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7 Automatic Pet Feeders That Will Make Every Meal an Event

Go ahead, make your morning routine a little easier.

by Heven Haile
Updated March 14, 2023
white cat having dry food added to its feeder
Photo Courtesy of Groomy

We know: You love your pet, but waking up on their schedule to feed them breakfast isn’t exactly your favorite part of the day. Lucky for you, technology has a solution: the automatic pet feeder. “It won’t just make checking off your to-do list easier; it can also help manage your pet’s weight and help establish healthy eating habits, too,” Dr. Justine Lee says. “Smaller meals delivered more often can be especially helpful for pets that tend to ‘scarf and barf.’”

But with all the sleek, nearly identical feeding robots out there, how do we know which one to choose? Dr. Lee says it’s essential to look for “a reliable feeder with features like anti-jam technology, a built-in backup battery, and a saved feeding schedule, so even if the unit goes offline (in the event of a power outage) your pet never misses a feeding.” Other honorable mentions include customizable feeding schedules, chew-resistant power cords, BPA-free plastics, and a gravity-mode feature that detects when the bowl has run dry.

While Dr. Lee swears by auto-feeders and uses them for her own pets, she does heed several warnings to ensure they’re being used to aid pet care, rather than acting as a stand-in for active pet parenthood. It’s important to note that feeders should never be used as a replacement to leave your beloved pets alone for an extended period of time.

Ready to make one small aspect of your life a lot easier? Here are the best automatic pet feeders on the market.

Btw, our editors (and their pets) picked out these products. They’re always in stock at the time we publish, but there’s a chance they’ll sell out. If you do buy through our links, we may earn a commission. (We’ve got a lot of toys to buy over here, you know?)

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Heven Haile

Heven Haile is a writer living in New York City with their cat Patches.

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