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Virgo Season Is For Pet Parents Who Never Forget to Bring Poop Bags

And have to learn it’s OK to trip over the leash every once in a while.

by Alea Erika
Updated August 23, 2023
Zendaya and her dog, Beyoncé and her dog, and Jennifer Coolidge and her dog in front of a green background with the earth and a fox
Collage: Kinship Creative

As summer gives way to autumn and the girl boss era gives way to the Big Boss era, Virgo season arrives, and you know it will be right on time (five minutes early). Ruled by Mercury, the messenger god of the crossroads, Virgos reside at the intersection of hard work and talent. Yes, they are “too classy for this world.” But even archetypal Virgo overachiever Beyoncé did not arrive fully formed as one of the world’s greatest living entertainers astride her disco ball horse, Reneigh. She worked for it.

Virgo’s know both the devil and the divine are in the details and are imbued with an earthy intelligence rooted in practicality and resourcefulness. Nothing shrinks from the discerning gaze and high standards of the Virgo. They see it. They get it, and as member of the Virgo horse girl music mogul community Shania Twain explains, it “don’t impress [them] much.”

Virgos Will Change the World (No Big Deal)

While their critical eye can be perceived as judgmental, just as they can pull something apart, they also care deeply about putting it back together — only better. This makes them natural helpers, healers, and philanthropists. Like PETA’s 2023 Vegan Queen Jennifer Coolidge, who was recognized for her enduring love of animals and commitment to their welfare earlier this year, which you can read all about here

Trading Beyoncé’s Renaissance for the Jenaissance, Coolidge also demonstrates the tenacious dedication of this sign. Gracing the cover of British GQ’s latest Heroes issue with her distinctive bombshell pout and a canine companion, Coolidge described her experience finally gaining it-girl status after working for decades in Hollywood, something she didn’t think was possible at 61. Her adopted dogs, Bagpipes and Chewbacca, rose to fame this year after the actress photoshopped them into her Golden Globes and White Lotus season two premiere shots.

Expressing a similar detailed-oriented devotion, Nick Jonas announced the adoption of their Husky / Australian Shepherd, Panda, in a family portrait with his wife, Priyanka Chopra. on Instagram, photoshopping their absent Chihuahua, Diana, into the picture.

The Old Souls of the Zodiac

Another fairly active animal Instagrammer is Zendaya’s “beloved son,” Noon Coleman, a miniature Schnauzer. Just as Virgo celebs tend to keep it real no matter how famous they get, animals like Noon have a similar way of keeping us grounded, particularly if they do not share in the Virgo orientation toward manners and discretion. Zendaya shared one such experience last year when her attempts to buy a pillow at Muji (a Virgo sacred space) went sideways when he got in a rumble with a much larger German Shepard. 

In the characteristically helpful (and occasionally unsolicited) suggestion style of this sign, both Zendaya and Keke Palmer wrote advice books to inspire and support young people navigating their teen years much earlier in their careers. Like Beyoncé, Palmer is another self-identified Virgo who “love[s] having a schedule, even on vacation ” and shares her life with dogs, Rocky and Rydell, and cat, Jackie Brown. Just like Jonas, Zendaya, and Beyoncé, Palmer started her showbiz career as a child. Of course, Coolidge has her own take on the sign’s industrious and mature qualities, sharing, “I’ve always looked old for my age. I bought a case of beer when I was 11 with my neighbor’s wig.” 

Get Your Life in Order in Virgo Season

The White Lotus star embodies the commonly-overlooked comedic genius of Virgos, which lies in their frank honesty and ability to articulate the mundane absurdities and tragedies of the human experience. This quality is also expressed in the sardonic wit of Bill Murray, who has spoken about his emotional connection with his dog Tim Murray, explaining, “Dogs are here for the purpose of enlightening the humans that are their caretakers.

Cultivating healthy self-esteem outside of productivity, external success, or usefulness is often part of the Virgo journey. Like Coolidge’s Legally Blonde character, Paulette, who transforms her self-doubt into confidence, the “I’m taking the dog...dumbass!” trajectory is shared by many Virgo celebrities, including Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Coolidge, who have all discussed their struggles with shyness and self-doubt at some point in their careers.

Virgo season is the time to clean up a part of your life, for “ Baby Dolphin Skin,” a storage solution, a list, and a new journal. It’s also time to remember the gifts of imperfection: We don’t need to be straight-A students in every part of our lives. Let this compilation of Beyoncé tripping and falling remind us that life is a trial-and-error process. Everyone, even the Queen herself, stumbles and falls occasionally. Virgo teaches us the gift of styling it out, the tenacity of going hard, readjusting in real-time, and being humble enough to laugh about it.

alea erika

Alea Erika

Alea is an astrologer, DJ, and writer from New Zealand who is currently based in Portland, OR. Her music shows and interviews can be found on NTS Radio at Lucifer Over Los Angeles, and her writing is featured in Butch is Not a Dirty Word and The Spinoff among others.

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