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Leo Season 2023 Will Bring Out the Loyal Pet Parent in You

Leos are lion-hearted, bold, and they are incredibly devoted to those they love — including the furry ones.

by Alea Erika
Updated July 21, 2023
Chris Hemsworth; Dua Lipa; Jennifer Lopez with their dogs behind an orange and red background with a lion
Collage: Kinship Creative
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The Sun has returned to its home sign of Leo, marking the start of your annual month-long main character moment, and no one can play you like you can. Until August 23, you have the celestial license to get swept up in the drama of life, serve at the dog park, wake a nocturnal animal up for a selfie, and pamper yourself and your pooch — you definitely deserve it.

Unlike the other bodies in our solar system, the sun is also a star, and it’s shining 24/7. Such is the relentless cosmic assignment of the Leo: that of the eternal slay; to radiate, to showboat, to celebrate, and to creatively express one’s unique spark, all day, every day. This is what Jennifer Lopez was referring to when she said, “I have the stardom glow,” back in 1998. 

The J.Lo Effect in Full Effect

Incidentally, Leo is also the sign of the glow-up by proxy, a phenomenon that has had experts weighing in on the “J.Lo effect” and the Bennifer saga, whereby the perceived desirability of a man (Ben Affleck in this case) is increased via his association with an attractive and successful woman. Glamorous self-care is, however, the birthright of the sign of the lion. This philosophy is typically extended to their nearest and dearest, aka J.Lo’s five dogs, with their appreciation of the finer things in life.

Lopez angered patrons of a Hamptons dog groomer by booking out the entire spa so that her entourage of diva dogs, including her Labradors Lady and Buddy; Boxers Roxy and Bear; and Mastiff, Champ could receive treatments in privacy. More recently, J.Lo’s crew has expanded to include Tyson, a Goldendoodle who most likely has more Instagram followers than you, and a Devon Rex cat Hendrix, whom she reports was lobbied for enthusiastically by her child Emme and Affleck.

This maximalist approach to canine family members is also shared by fellow Leo Kylie Jenner, who recently revealed she had expanded her pack of Italian Greyhounds to seven, adding to her household of 11 dogs, a rabbit, and a kitten.

The Stamp of Royalty

While Dua Lipa also has her own “animal kingdom” of two pygmy goats, a horse, and a rescue Labrador mix named Dexter, in a highly literal interpretation of the royal associations of this sign, Meghan Markle went ahead and became a member of the British royal family. Here, we see Leo’s authenticity and strength of character (and ability to put on a show, intentionally or not) in full display through Markle’s inability to subsume her individuality into the lineage and culture of the British Royal Family.

Markle’s impulse to question customs steeped in centuries of tradition influenced Prince Harry to take a step back from hunting. The former Duke and Duchess of Sussex are both animal adoption advocates, speaking about the emotional support provided by their three dogs: Pula, a black Labrador, and Guy and Mia, both rescue Beagles.

Leos are the cheerleaders of the zodiac — they understand the power of a compliment and will never withhold from sharing what they love about you, loudly and with enthusiasm and a heartfelt social media post. This might also include a tribute tattoo, such as Demi Lovato’s memorial of her late beloved dog Buddy, or in J.Lo’s case, her upcoming album, which is said to pay homage to her and Affleck’s enduring love story. The fact that the two are both Leos might explain the fact that they renewed their romance after decades, illustrating the loyalty that is characteristic of all fixed signs.

A Loyal Friend For Life

Treat a Leo well, and they will remain faithful and fun-loving friends, partners, pets, or characters in Marvel movies à la Chris Hemsworth. Be that sharing the cover of GQ Australia with his Golden Retriever / Poodle mix, Sunny (note that Leo solar reference) or the latest holiday pics of Hemsworth with his kids and wife of over 10 years, Elsa Pataky, Hemsworth exemplifies the natural Leo inclination to be hot and fabulous with their loved ones.

The Hemsworth/Pataky family is known for their menagerie of animal members, including a pig, Tina; chickens; parrots; guinea pigs; horses; a mini alligator; a rabbit; and a bearded dragon, who has been spotted accompanying the family on deli runs. Hemsworth and his wife also extend their love of animals to conservation efforts in Australia, helping to repopulate endangered Tasmanian devils and participating in an ambitious attempt to resurrect an extinct Australian marsupial called the thylacine.

In the words of the Leo author and cat devotee Charles Bukowski, “Your life is your life; know it while you have it.” This sign reminds us that celebrating what makes you unique does not negate the specialness of others; rather, it affirms and encourages others to do the same. Harness the Leo generosity of the heart this month to revel in the joys of life and share what you love about the people and pets that populate it.

alea erika

Alea Erika

Alea is an astrologer, DJ, and writer from New Zealand who is currently based in Portland, OR. Her music shows and interviews can be found on NTS Radio at Lucifer Over Los Angeles, and her writing is featured in Butch is Not a Dirty Word and The Spinoff among others.

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