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9 Brands That Donate to Animal Rescues

Spend your hard-earned cash on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands that support worthy causes.

by Jinnie Lee
May 16, 2022
A woman making a kiss face next to a dog.
Photo: @fetcheyewear *

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Our pets may gift us a lot but we give them so much more — at least in the literal sense. While we love to say things like, “They actually rescued me,” the truth is what they really rescued us from is the need to confront our excessive shopping habits. By channeling our need for commerce into spoiling our animal children, we’ve effectively sacrificed any efforts to ever scale back. But not unlike Prince or The Incredible Hulk, we can use our animal impulses for good.

Luckily, there are plenty of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands that not only create high-quality items, but are also obsessed with the well-being of animals near and far. Whether it’s dogs in local shelters or endangered species around the world, they want to make sure your hard-earned cash goes towards a well-deserved cause. So the next time you’re in the mood to treat yourself to a bath bomb, an abstract rug, or even booze, consider supporting one of the brands below.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida, makers of stackable, DIY-style friendship bracelets, donate sales from their charity collections to various causes they care about. It means that every time you purchase a charming piece from Animal Awareness, five percent of proceeds are donated to organizations that work towards protecting vulnerable wildlife, like Rainforest Trust, Sea Turtle Conservancy, and The Elephant Sanctuary. 

Shop Pure Vida


With a name like n:philanthropy, it’s no secret that doing good is a foundational value of this vegan fashion brand. You can feel good about shopping their collection of essentials — casual tops, relaxed bottoms, chic sweats, day-to-night dresses and jumpsuits, and more — knowing that 10 percent of profits are donated to select orgs, including spcaLA, which cares for abused and abandoned pups, and other animal charities local to their Los Angeles HQ.

Shop n:philanthropy

* Fetch Eyewear donated 100% of their proceeds to The Pixie Project, an animal rescue in Portland, OR. Sadly, the brand recently closed doors, but you can still support the rescue.

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Jinnie Lee

Jinnie Lee is a Brooklyn-based culture writer who has written for Vogue, Refinery29, Vice, W, Elle, New York Magazine, and others.