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The Found My Animal X Petco Collab Has Some Irresistibly Cute Swag

The partnership’s groovy items support animal advocacy and are only available through August 20.

by Sean Zucker
May 11, 2023
Black and white French Bulldog with a colorful harness and leash sitting in the grass.
Photo Courtesy of @foundmyanimal
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When Bethany Obrecht started Found My Animal in 2006 it was with a simple goal: Advocate for animal welfare through quality goods. Specifically, she was concerned about shelter dogs and cats. “What inspired the beginning of Found My Animal was the urgent need for animal adoption and being able to spread the word creatively through the sale of our beautiful handmade products,” Obrecht tells The Wildest. The brand’s recent partnership with Petco is a major step toward advancing that mission.

Nearly 17 years ago, as Obrecht was first launching Found My Animal, it was hardly the same market of today, when supporting animal welfare is essentially an unspoken prerequisite to starting a pet care brand. So, to have a company at the level of Petco backing Found My Animal and its message is not only a well-earned boost for the brand itself but indicative of positive changes in the industry overall. “We are just excited to be able to amplify our message through Petco…I’m just so happy that Petco is supporting a handcrafted business like mine,” Obrecht says.

What This Collab Has to Offer

The collaborative line is only available for a limited time and includes many products that have become staples of Found My Animal’s catalog. This starts with the brand’s cotton rope leashes, which were also its first-ever products. The options available now on Petco are nearly identical to the original leashes; they feature high-quality materials and are made by hand in New York. “It took 16 years for me to get here,” Obrecht says. “And it’s been really hard growing the business because I didn’t choose to do it the easy way. I remained stubborn in our production practices because people loved the way our leashes looked, and I didn’t want to change that.”

Other items in the line include collars, beds, bandanas, and toys that all feature the brand’s signature “FOUND” patch slapped on front. The idea behind this is to promote the unique connection between a rescue pet and the person who adopted them. It’s a reference to the common phrase of “who found whom” or “who rescued whom” among pet parents. Plus, it’s just a great way to advocate for adoption.

Plus, Tie-Dye and Fringe

Beyond those accessories, Petco is offering some of Found My Animal’s grooviest (tie-dye) pet hoodies to date, as well as a similarly ’70s-inspired faux leather tan fringe jacket — seemingly ripped straight from the set of Daisy Jones and The Six. This retro approach to dog apparel was an intentional choice by Obrecht and employs some of her go-to development strategies. “A lot of the products I design are something that’s a little bit abnormal and not expected or something that makes you laugh. It’s something that draws attention,” Obrecht says. 

Each product is available through August 20 on Petco’s website and in select stores across the United States. “We want to show that there is a market for high quality, beautifully made, thoughtful, conscious products,” Obrecht adds.

This desire to raise awareness for dogs and cats in need is an aspect of the Petco partnership Obrecht appreciates, especially given the retailer’s reach. “Petco was really excited to support a women-owned business with a mission to spread the word about the urgent need for animal adoption,” she adds. “I really commend them for doing that.”

Of course, Found My Animal has never moved from its original altruistic intent either. The brand has long donated and supported a slew of rescues, shelters, and other organizations that benefit the wellbeing of animals. Right now, they’re donating 15 percent of all proceeds to theUlster County SPCA in Kingston, New York. 

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker

Sean Zucker is a writer whose work has been featured in Points In Case, The Daily Drunk, Posty, and WellWell. He has an adopted Pit Bull named Banshee whose work has been featured on the kitchen floor and whose behavioral issues rival his own.

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