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Get tips on pet-proofing your digs, keeping them warm (or cool) through the seasons, and avoiding all the toxic stuff…like toys, plants, and everything else they try to eat.

Gray cat in a yellow pet carrier

Hurricane season is in full force. A vet breaks down what to include in an emergency go-bag for your pet.

Dog sitting behind a basket of Wondercide products on the grass outside

Enter: Wondercide, a plant-based, sustainable, pesticide-free mosquito-repellent set safe to use around your pet.

A kitten sniffing a ripe half of an avocado in a bowl

Just don’t get out the guacamole bowl.

Ask a Vet

Sudden scratching? Finicky food eater? Loose poop? Whatever pet health question is on your mind, our veterinary pros are here to help.

brown dog begging for food at table

Even if they ain’t too proud to beg…

Dog-friendly backyard, dog playing in the sprinkler

Kiddie pools aren’t just for kids!

Sad tan and white puppy laying on the floor in the living room

A key number to remember here: 21.

A cat rolling around in catnip on the floor.

Duuuude...where are the mosquitos?

Woman in athletic clothing jogging up stairs in a tropical city with her two dogs on leashes running with her

You — yes you! — can be one of those fun people who runs with your dog. Just be smart about it.

A frenchie dog waiting for food as a woman bends down to pour food into a dog bowl.

And according to a new study, it’s putting their health at risk.

Get your fix of The Wildest

We promise not to send you garbage that turns your inbox into a litter box. Just our latest tips and support for your pet.

Rottweiler puppy chewing on a white flower in a garden

It may protect your plants, but at what cost? A veterinarian explains how this toxin can bait may keep your garden safe — but it's extremely toxic to dogs. Here's everything you need to know.

A dog laying under a table outside while a woman cares for her plants.

A permaculture designer’s tips on how to keep your pets and veggies safe — naturally.

Woman in a coat soothing a rescued German Shepherd dog in a field outside

Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery founder Nicole Asher’s pro tips for getting your missing pup home safe.

A woman checking her dog for ticks outside in a grassy field.

It is peak tick season so we asked a veterinarian for tips on how to prevent this dreaded disease.

Celebrate your freedom, prevent your pet’s.

A woman lovingly petting a dog.

Yikes! A new strain of tick-borne disease Rickettsia could infect pets and their people.